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  1. So today I went to an inlet to fish the outgoing as the current became slack I switched to a Bob Popovics green "Jersey long-legged crab". I figured I would use Chr1s's advice that he mentioned before. It was a slow day before with a couple of sea robins on a clouser. Well using a crab fly does produce at slack. Hooked into a sea robin and fluke and one Cownose ray that took off like a rocket. All I saw was the tip of the wing break the surface and it took off at an incredible speed. Of all things while reeling in some line I had a loop knot bind into a guide and the tippet broke probably for the best in retrospect. First time catching fish on a crab pattern. Plan on using them more especially at slack tide.
  2. I joined the flyrodders a couple of years ago so this would be great to have. I'll pm you my info.
  3. I'll take it.
  4. Tailwalker, Have you tried the Diablo amigo? Seems like a rugged kayak and cheaper than the Adios. This thread has interested me in looking into a fly fishing only platform. I have seen Diablo kayaks online in the past and they seem stable enought for double hauling. Even fly fishing guru Ed Mitchell loves his Adios. Although most of what you find online about this kayak is mostly for quiter waters and rivers which is fine but like Mightytime I'm interested in the bay, harbor or sound fishing around Long Island. I wouldn't think a Diablo kayak would be suitable in the ocean but I could be wrong. My plan will be to take some kayak beginner classes and see if this is for me. I'll see if there are any local shops that I can try a Diablo to see how its like. I like the ability to float across flats and sightfish. I would also like to be out in open water as well and it seems that you believe this kayak is good for a place like the Long Island sound and its harbors and bays. I have thought of other options like a Porta-Bote as well to fly fish off of. But I thought about the setup time which isn't a huge negative in may book but its nice to just grab a kayak and go. Plus with the Porta Bote I could bring someone along. The Solo Skiff looks great but I'm looking for a car top option. Plus even if I put it in a pick up bed this boat will kick out quite a bit and that no good where I live. Also how is the larry chair and paddling long distances? Did you try just sitting on with a normal kayak seat or try the cooler seat option? I also have been looking at the Pelican Catch kayak because you can stand up and also the seat can be raised and lowered without needing a different seat. I thought the Pelican Catch was a nice option as well but I wonder how it would compare to the Diablo as far as hull design and paddling effort. I understand that these kayaks won't be the fastest on the water but I wouldn't want to make things unnecessarily harder than it is. Overall the Diablo Adios looks like an awsome option for someone who loves fly fishing and wants to stand up. But could the amigo be just as good?
  5. I have heard and seen triggerfish in the LI ss inlets for years but it does seems the numbers have been increasing. Mightytime, I have also heard of a baby tarpon caught in j-bay a few years ago by the DEC by their nets. Anyway I'm thinking a small crab fly like a merkin and fishing it close to the bottom. Maybe a short strip or two with a long pause. This motion could imitate how a crab will hold its ground when it sees a threat. I've seen crabs do this when I'm wading and they have an issue with my boot. They get in a claws up posture. I've also seen them flee quickly as well like the fiddler crabs when walking through a marsh. Just thinking of some ideas. Triggerfish do seem difficult to catch on a fly but like I said before it's been done and why can't it be done on Long Island or other places they appear in the NE. Looking at some videos they have humbled even professional guides but some were able to figure it out.
  6. Great now there are two of us. Someone I'm sure has done this before. The only fly tactics I can find come from websites targeting triggerfish in Hawaii or the tropics. Perhaps some of that can transfer to the NE. This has been on my mind the last couple of days. All I can find regarding NE triggerfishing is to use bait like strips of squid or clam. But I want to do it on the fly.
  7. I was wondering if anyone ever caught triggerfish regularly on the fly in the Long Island area or anywhere else in the NE. Seems like it can be done in tropical destinations and I don't see why it would not be possible here. I'm thinking crab, shrimp flies or small clousers work and finding rock structure like jetties. I don't see that this topic has been covered much and would like to learn as much as I can so I can try targeting them this summer.
  8. Bob was having an affair with his best friends wife. One day when his best friend left town he spent the night over the house and the next morning the phone rings and the wife picked up the phone. After hearing only one side of the conversation Bob asked who were you talking too. She told him it was her husband and he said "I'm having such a great fishing trip with my friend Bob and I'll be back home tomorrow".
  9. Yes got it in the mail last week.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with the new Penn bullnose pliers? Since they are new on the market I don't see much discussion as to wether these pliers are any good. They seem reasonably priced.
  11. I use it a couple of times a year for tying wapsi poppers and really like the system. I ended up buying an inexpensive compressor from Harbor Freight instead of buying more compressed air can's. If you end up using it often I recommend doing the same. The results are fantastic with the air brushed look and an epoxy coat. The colors will not last without something over it to protect it like epoxy. I think it's a fantastic tool for fresh and saltwater poppers. You can check out the video by Tightlines productions which shows tying the wapsi bodies if you haven't already. The markers are pricey but if you do an Internet search you can find alternatives but I haven't used anything but Copic.
  12. Mebe007 and Afterhours, I actually bought the altas vise about two weeks ago and have put alot of time on it. I went to Somerset and looked at all the available vises and enjoyed handling them. I contemplated on actually going for a dyna king or even a jvise but felt that it was not worth $350 or so more than an atlas. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that dyna king vises are equal or less. I just felt it was not worth the premium. I looked at regal and liked the quality and the ability to not have to adjust for different hook sizes. But as mentioned in the above post I hated the wobble effect as I do alot of tying with epoxy. I have had already an indian regal copy and felt that the actual regal vise would be the same when rotated but that is were the similarities ended. The Regal quality is above and beyond its asian copies. The Renzetti's were nice but again I felt I would get more vise with the Atlas. Since purchasing the Atlas I have been tying more than ever before. To me that is what matters. To me that is a sign of a good purchase but for me and perhaps not others. Everyone has their requirements and opinions and that is a good thing to have many options to cater to ones needs. I have used a griffin odyessy vise for many years and wanted a rotary because that is what I was used to. I wanted better jaws and therefore Dyna King and Regal were considered. But I also looked and what features and quality you would get for your dollar. To be honest I feel the Atlas and the Anvil vises to be underrated. Yes there has been a break in period on my Atlas and buying a Dyna KIng or Renzzeti would about eliminate that but I think its not worth the mark up. The hook holding power is there on the Atlas and that in the end is what it is all about. I like grooves designed on the jaws. When I spun hair on a hook I would at times get slippage on the Griffin but not with the Atlas so far. Plus I get that great stainless steel look and everything on it has smoothed out to feel like some of the higher end vises. Again it's preference just like guns, cars or women. Whatever puts a smile on your face. I was looking to spend around $400 for a vise and ended up spending $130 and couldn't be happier. I'm going to tie some more after this post.
  13. Less then 150 left as of Sunday afternoon. As mentioned above bring your equipment or its a no go. First time in the last 3 years that they have checked for my gear. I'm glad their back to enforcing it again.
  14. I have this rod as well and like that you can practice the double haul and shoot line. I also have the Echo rod and like it as well. Nothing beats a full size rod though.
  15. Has anyone tied on the Wolff Atlas rotary vise? Seems like a nice vice for the price and it's well reviewed. What I've noticed is that the jaws seem to be positioned more vertically than most vises. I wonder if anyone who has tied on the Atlas ever felt that the jaws got in the way. I'm considering this vise and hope to see it in person at Somerset. Seems like a poor mans Dyna King.