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    Been fishing for years, from North Shore of Boston to LIS. Still haven't figured iit out yet
  1. We still have 2 males and 3 females on our feeders here in central CT. We put these bee traps up around the perimeter of the hummingbird feeders and they have kept the bees off the feeders. First couple of days, I had to empty the traps twice a day. Now, it takes 3 days to fill. They haven't kept the bees off the jelly in the Oriole feeders.
  2. So, I took an early retirement from a local grocery store late last year. I thought I would try my hand at working for the DEEP. They list on their website many jobs. I applied for 3 different jobs earlier this year, and, didn't even get a response. I wonder if the short staff is self inflicted. I am more than qualified to perform any job with DEEP except Game Warden and Biologist. Although, I was on the list for Police in Massachusetts a few years back, but, didn't want to leave the job I had for 10 years.
  3. Bayberry is better to reach The Race and the western side of Fishers. The only drawback is a smaller parking area. I have used both and they are both good. Bayberry Lane Boat Launch (
  4. I use Barn Island in Stonington. Gets real busy on weekends. Barn Island Boat Launch (
  5. saw that
  6. So, I worked for Stop & Shop in CT and would sometimes work in a few different stores throughout the course of the week. I would see the same people with homeless signs at 3 different locations during the week. At one store, I saw a brand-new passenger van pull behind a restaurant full of "homeless people", and, let a couple out, then move to the next spot. There was a man in his 50s I guess, who would sit outside with some of us workers during our break. He would ask for cigarettes and would talk with us. One of my coworkers asked him to come work for us and he laughed and said no way! He then stated that he owns his home, has 2 kids in college, and probably makes as much, if not more money than any of us, Tax free no less. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true. I never give them anything. My daughter rolled her window down to give a guy a dollar, and he asked her if she wanted to go someplace else a little more quiet.
  7. First of the year late afternoon yesterday. We had at least 2 males and 1 female. The males are already claiming their turf, sitting on the wires. Pictures were terrible. No orioles yet
  8. Wow, this looks almost exactly like my secret deer spot in Sheffield, MA Now I am jonesing to get out there.
  9. Here in central CT our feeders are up but, for the past 5 seasons, the first sighting has been May 1. Also, I get the cheap plastic feeders and try to remove any yellow flowers to not attract yellow jackets.
  10. I remember those days, my Dad would take me to the B&T in Falmouth, don't remember the name and you'd have to wait outside in line. There was one in Revere, at the rotary, was packed on the weekends too. Sometimes you'd have to call ahead and order a flat of seaworms. Then go to Point of Pines all night.
  11. ouch, thank God that wasn't my brother!
  12. Couple of years ago my brother slipped on the rocks at the canal. No big deal went down on one knee and got up and kept going. He got a small scrape on his leg just below his knee. Two days later, his leg turned bright red and swelled up. He spent 3 days in the hospital with an infection. Caused, they think by barnacles.
  13. I've been wondering too. We've had constant activity at our feeders up until about 5 days ago and suddenly, nothing. Are they sitting on the nest? I've read that they won't travel far from the nest to feed so maybe the feeders are too far away from the nests. There have been at least 5 different ones visiting since spring and now I saw 2 yesterday at 5:30 AM and nothing all day yesterday or today. Will they nest in a lilac bush?
  14. I drive by the CT on my way to and from work now and was wondering if the best shad fishing is where the current is swift or more slowly. I will be stopping at a couple spots I can access the shore. Where I am the current is fairly slow. Years ago, I caught shad in Mass in heavy current.
  15. We have to realize the demand for retail meat has almost doubled in a short amount of time. People were eating basically two ways, at home and out at restaurants, work, or school. The latter has pretty much been eliminated for now, so, people eat almost exclusively at home. I have definitely noticed a significant increase in wholesale costs for most meats. Chuck and round cuts are up about 50% wholesale. Where I work, we haven't passed along these increases. The middle meats, loins and rib, have pretty much stayed the same cost for the past couple months. This is due to the lack of sales to restaurants. There was an amazing tenderloin sale a couple of weeks ago and there is a rib sale going on right now. I didn't see a shortage of either of these to the stores, so far. I have noticed, we are buying from many different packing houses, not just the big 3, lately. Poultry shortages are due in part to people waaaaaay over buying/ hoarding when the sh*t hit the fan. That is one of the reasons for the limits. I have seen individuals completely fill a carriage with chicken to purchase. In this day and age of production line processing, one blip in the process throws it completely out of whack at these giant facilities. As a plant is temporarily closed, or trucks are unable to deliver the animals to the "stockyard", The animals keep growing. The equipment used in processing is so specialized that the pig can no longer be used as it doesn't fit into the equipment, it's too big. I'm seeing huge pork loins coming into the stores. A box containing 4 loins is typically 85 to 90 pounds. Today they were 104 and 105. Barely fit into the boxes.