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    Been fishing for years, from North Shore of Boston to LIS. Still haven't figured iit out yet
  1. river is crazy high right now. Great River Park in East Hartford is completely under water. Can't even get to the parking lot. Will probably be at least 2 weeks before it is fishable. If the rain ever stops. How much snow is left upstream? Last week there was a place in Vermont where 100 inches was measured.
  2. Here in central CT the forsythias have begun to bloom. That means the shad are in the river. Now we have to wait for the river to get back into it's banks. Might be 2 weeks depending on the rain and snow melt up north. I like to use light tackle, same I use for trout. 6 1/2' light rod shimano reel and 8# braid. Use shad darts, white and red or yellow and red or small willow leaf
  3. thanks for the help. Sounds like this will be my home for those 2 weeks. Might drive up there next month to check it out. Let's hope the striper bite and tuna bite is good. I don't mind getting there early at all, especially for that.
  4. Live in Connecticut and planning a trip to Truro this coming summer. Taking my trailered 20' boat. Looking up local boat launches I found Pamet River and Wellfleet Harbor. I've been out of Wellfleet. I was wondering how is the ramp at Pamet River? Parking, fees, docks and access to Cape Cod Bay. Any information would be appreciated.
  5. I went on the DEEP website and don't see the new guide for this year. Looking for opening day of trout and official seasons and regulations. Anyone know where I might find the guide
  6. Most don't know they are addicted until they are without the drug when it is out of their system. That's when the withdrawals kick in. That pain is worse than the pain that you started taking the PM for, and, you can't stop that pain unless you take an opioid.
  7. If you been taking oxy for years, even in a low dose, you ARE addicted. I have a very close friend who has been taking Oxy for 2 years 5mg every 4 hours so a total of 30 mg a day. He has never acted as you would believe is an addict. Last week, his doctor decided to no longer prescribe the painkillers. He has been going though extreme withdrawals since Monday. He spent all day yesterday in the ER trying to stop the withdrawals. Want to know if you are addicted, try to stop them!!!!!
  8. Only USDA Inspected facilities are graded. Grading is paid for by the meat processors. It is a big expense most small farms do not need to incur. I have been in the meat industry since 1972 and can honestly say, most supermarkets get their beef and pork from pretty much the same places. If you are looking for a great deal, then, watch the ads. Like the $4.97lb Rib Roasts at S&S and buy your meat on sale. Freeze it properly yourself. Beef prices are currently extremely low right now as is the price of pork. We have our president and the tariffs placed on grain exported to thank for that. IMO, buying a "side of beef" isn't worth what they charge, although, I am all for shopping local businesses
  9. No definitely not the same guy. Dan was telling me about the plugs he had and was showing me a "guppy" in crazy mackerel and several others he got at Canal Bait and Tackle that someone makes at home. He did say he still has a lamiglas 9' he bought f rom Al Cappy. I still have a pfluegger fly reel he gave me for a song, although the rod is no longer with me.
  10. I just spent a couple of days throwing plugs in the canal. I admittedly haven't a clue what I'm doing. I know how to fish, am able to cast, have the proper equipment, but, don't know enough about the canal to be an good. I did lose 1 striper just short of landing it, and landed my first albie. Late this afternoon I was throwing a plug at MMA where I haven't fished since the mid 70's. When I was leaving and loading the gear into the car a gentlemen walked up to me and struck up a conversation that lasted about an hour. He gave me some tips and told me of a couple of other places to try. He showed me his plug bag and I do have a good representation of plugs.(although, some I didn't know the names of them). I appreciated the help as I am always willing to help others I meet fishing as much as I can. His name was Dan and he says he's retired and fishes every day. Found out we are both originally from greater Boston and used to get all of our fishing stuff from Al Cappy's in Everett. Thanks Dan for your time.
  11. So, my Dad was not able to go fishing as I had planned. I did get to see him this past weekend at a family function in Saugus, which was good too. I did get to spend a while at the canal with my wife, who uses a wheel chair for long periods of walking. We ended up going to Fisherman's view area, which was perfect for the wheel chair.We did check out a few other spots along the canal. Crazy weather today, sunny and cloudless at the east end and foggy and cool at MMA. Thanks again for guiding me in the right direction. Special thanks to Angler#1 for offering to accompany us and assist us. Thanks Carl. Had a great time! Did have a striper on, but lost it close to shore. Did land my first ever false albie on a 6" plug.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I kind of forgot I posted this. I did tip the captain, $20, which was all the cash I had on me. It was a fairly short tow of about 5 miles. The captain did a great job of helping to get my anchor unstuck. In about 40 feet of water with the current ripping, I couldn't get the anchor up. She had me tie it off and pulled us until it released. It did take 3 good tries. She deserved the tip. I would have gladly tipped her more if I had he $$$$
  13. I ran into an issue last week out on Long Island Sound between Fisher's and Orient Point.. Boat died as we were moving towards Mystic and I wasn't able to get it started again. I had to call for a tow back to Groton. I was wondering if I am supposed to tip the Sea Tow Captain, if so, how much tip is acceptable? Saved a butt load of $$$ by being a subscriber
  14. I saw this on google maps and thought it looked the most promising. Looks like there is plenty of parking too. Thanks for all the help. Let's hope that fish are still around the first week in October now.
  15. Looking to take my wheelchair bound father to the canal for some striper action. He is the one who taught me how to fish many moons ago. I remember my first 30lber caught at midnight in Falmouth when I was 13 years old back in the 70s He hasn't been fishing in quite some time and after having suffering a heart attack earlier this year, I would like to take him out for a day or two. Even if he doesn't put a line in the water it will be amazing just to get him out there. Not looking for a spot burn, just want to get him as close to the water as I can.