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  1. I had Red Cross training in the 90’s.
  2. Hold on here. If Prince Charming didn’t kiss Snow White she would have died, like people do in comas, probably from pneumonia from not being moved. If you found a woman drowning, pulled her out unconscious, and gave her mouth to mouth isn’t that also non-consensual; or are all life saving measures consensual? Also, who was cleaning her poop- the dwarves?
  3. I’m not certain what the point of the thread is. Are we discussing Christian faith leaders weaponizing Christianity for personal gain? We can do better than turning the clock back to the 60’s in some underprivileged black neighborhood to find victims of predatory faith leaders. What about Paula White and Joel Olsteen?
  4. Meanwhile, breaking news in Qanon world as Alien Lizard men descend on Memphis
  5. The chics dig it.
  6. I’ve got the card in my wallet.
  7. Too incompetent to even steal an election.
  8. It’s high time the Republicans took action against voter fraud and assemble in the states’ legislatures to pass laws preventing white folks from voting for their dead wives or mothers, especially if the same white folks are guilty of murdering them. Nice to know Republicans can still work on serious legislation to protect the integrity of our elections.
  9. For around $110 you can get the original Penn Slammer, still manufactured for the Australian market. I use them for fresh and saltwater.
  10. That was going to be the name of their pro soccer team.
  11. I think you just used racism as a political weapon.
  12. Thats the stuff, keep it coming!
  13. It’s like if there was a candy bar with nuts, and the manufacturer came out with a version having extra nuts.
  14. When global warming gets nasty, and Mexico runs out of drinking water and food, that wall will save the US from becoming the next Mexico.
  15. At least there is a global market for it. I don’t blame them for trying, if it was done in good faith to protect the people of Oklahoma. Some decisions, under the gun, don’t look good in retrospect. I would judge then by what was going on, and what they were thinking, st the time of purchase.