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  1. They’d stuff her and kegan would do a ventriloquist act to cite an aclu amicus brief
  2. Now for the truth. The information comes from the census bureau and the fbi ucr, keep in mind the first half of the table counts Hispanics as “white” because Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. Hispanics are about 18 percent of the population, African Americans about 13 and whites about 70. On average, white arrests are at 70% of the total arrests, and African Americans at 27%. Totaling crimes by ethnicity, hispanic v non-Hispanic, Hispanics/ latino are at 18%, not Hispanic or Latino, 81%. If we are to say 27% of the 81% is African American, that would mean there are about 22% black and 59% white. One could say the rate of crime committed by Hispanics is proportional to the percentage of Hispanics in society, disproportional for African Americans bing close to double, and disproportional whites non-Hispanics less than a 1/4.
  3. Are PG warning points redeemable at the BST? Can we trade them with other members? Just curious.
  4. I am using an Okuma SST graphite with an Abu 6500 both the chrome rocket and the pro rocket. I think its the 8'6 model. The rating for the SST I believe is MGH, I would have to check at home, but I think the max rating is either 4 or 6 oz. It sounds like it should be a stiff rod, but it's not. The rod has a good amount of flex making it ideal to throw out metals, and I would guess that from 1/2 to 2 oz should be a good range for you. I've had a lot of luck with this combo, especially with blues and spotted trout. A lot of guys here say good things about Omoto. I haven't bought one. Jerry Foran has, or had two, Omoto reels equivalent to the Abu 6500's for bargain basement blow out prices. He has been very good to do business with and his address is hookless. Now, I do use the levelwind models in the surf. There are some drawbacks, first is the fact if you aren't careful, sand grains can wreck your worm gear. For spinning for these types of fish with metals, I go with the 9' Penn prevail rod or Okuma Cedros CSX, and currently a Penn Slammer 460, or the extremely budget friendly Okuma Avenger in the 40 size. Don't count on the Avenger being a survivor long term, but if you were ever worried about theft or sloppy maintenance then this reel is for you. For these fish, I've had much more luck with bloody fresh bait, meaning a bait fish being cut up for bait and used minutes after it was sacrificed, and a shiny metal flasher. Cast out, let sit, jig up and retrieve, let sit, repeat, until "bang" rod tip jerks down hard.
  5. They are called Houdong class boats, “small”, fast, Missile boats.
  6. I’m not so sure about China. Their largest firms, like Sinopec, that normally acquire about 500 million barrels of Iranian oil a year, are not purchasing any for the month of May. China had been given a waiver from the Iranian sanctions, but when the US said no more waivers, China said ok, we will buy our oil elsewhere. That was a major change from a week ago when China said “screw you guys” we are buying Iranian oil. So, far no Chinese Navy or marines on the way. China already supplies Missile ships and fighter jets to Iran. Russia supplies Iran with fighter jets too. Almost all of Iran’s Air Force was purchased from Russia and China.
  7. I just got home from work, deal
  8. They watched the video a few times too.
  9. You mean "Hooker," line and sinker. Don't forget about the 12 Russian asian midgets in gimp suits who peed on the bed.
  10. It’s not guns we need to worry about. Before 98, we didn’t have this stuff but we had guns. Just about ever single one my friends dads had a rifle or shotgun visible in their houses, guns weren’t even locked up, just left alone and respected. Now comes the internet, and its monkey see monkey do. We had a security class, the point the instructor said is once they post it on the internet, they are committed, the fan base will drive them forward, they become reality tv stars - so they think. It’s pretty screwed up. We have communities of these freaks online driving each other to these crimes. Could Iran, Russia, or China have people infiltrate and drive kids Tomas’s shootings, the same way Isis could convince normal middle class midwestern kids to join? Maybe the internet needs to be privatized so we can limit forums where people can communicate. At least that way the freak shows couldn’t unite into action.
  11. Ok let me know if anything changes.
  12. Consider a trade for a Shimano Spheros 6000 with 8000 spool?
  13. I probably could with some practice. That is a good skill.
  14. As kids my sister and I had to help with out parents resort, bailing boats, mowing loans, cleaning cottages, fishing guide, putting the pier and boats in an out, etc. When I turned 15 I took a job at an antique store for $12.00 an hour.
  15. Better than none if your hard is shaking, put an extra figureeight on he tag end