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  1. My sincere condolences for the loss of your wife, may God be with you both and your family.
  2. Congratulations making it sober, I hope you find the rod.
  3. $20 in a card?
  4. At least you know what they’re biting on. How did the popper work out?
  5. I use the dollar store stuff on plastic, lead, and wood for touch up and sometimes entire repaints. My wife would not be happy if she had her good nail polish used on lures. My nail polish touch ups are followed with a couple coats of clear coat.
  6. Thank you, I will take it.
  7. For bait, my most success has been with fresh cut whiting (as in catch and cut) and throw out a 2/0 hook with the lightest sinker that will hold bottom, and a red or neon green foam float.
  8. I was the guy who everyone on this site knew as the guy who was afraid to go into the ocean to fish . . . . Then you guys who fish up North got the big sharks to worry about, including a surfer who was killed. Over the outbreak lockdown I saw some John Skinner videos. In one video up North he pulls in a shark maybe 3 or 4 feet long and expresses some apprehension about handling his catch. Down south that is an everyday at the beach occurrence, sharks are every where all time. In another video in Florida he learns sharks, probably in the range of 6-8 feet and 200+ pounds, can chase prey down in 2’ of water. Can a great white do that? I bet a hungry one could. Being concerned about sharks is ok.
  9. And carry a chum bag
  10. I honestly like your posts. I am a business man too, and I appreciate your passion for fishing, product evolution, fishing stories, and videos and photos. For many people what they sell is not part of their happiness, only the sale is happiness, but for you the entire marketing process is happiness. How you sell should be a business school case study. I have not purchased a Black Hole rod because I am only at the ocean about 0 to 4 or 6 weeks a year, depending on business and my family. The nearest fishing to me is a few blocks away on an inland lake in Wisconsin. Have up you ever considered making educational YouTube videos about choosing rods? I think your passion would come through.
  11. If I sent you $12.00 cash in a card for the LI fishing VT popper would you take it, even though it violates your take two or more rule?
  12. For $12.00, what the heck. It looks lucky, I’ll do it.
  13. God Bless you and Mary and your child, you have done everything in your ability, trust in God now. I pray that you have courage to endure and find hope.
  14. I seldom walk into a b&t anymore. Most of my orders are online, unless I need live bait or if I am in a pinch. Canal Bait & Tackle is a friendly and reliable shop with an order online service. Shipping is fast and the staff is available to answer questions. They also have a clearance section with useful lures such as Hogy, Gibbs, and Super Strike on sale for nearly half off. I will likely make more purchases at Canal Bait & Tackle in the future.