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  1. I can get a picture out tonight.
  2. I have a Shimano Spheris with a 6000 and 8000 spool
  3. So far, it’s still under investigation. That is why Pai sat on the request, there were many robo accounts, it looks like the FCC was aware.
  4. Anybody who loves a good conspiracy theory should follow this story. When considering a net neutrality repeal, FCC commissioner Ajit Pai cited millions of favorable comments supporting an end to net neutrality. Several FOIA requests were made by watch dog groups and journalists to obtain the sources of those favorable comments. Pai stonewalled, and was sued. The FCC ultimately paid $43,000 in the plaintiff’s legal fees and turned over some, but not all requested documents. An analysis of the FCC documentation revealed about 9.5 million comments came from fraudulent sources. [insert your own conclusion here]
  5. Is cod fishing regulated in Korea to hook and line?
  6. On the brighter side, after all the fish are gone, there will be one heck of a sale on boats and tackle.
  7. Left her for dead Ted is too deserving of it
  8. You probably know this, but FDR did the same thing to water down a pro-capitalist court.
  9. Is MSM biased, or do they really not have anything good to say about the guy. After two days of Trump assaulting McCain, I have nothing good to say about our president.
  10. I used these. The 550 is a good reel but parts are hard to come by. I sold mine here in about 2015. I would say they are probably 1950's to 1970's era. The gears are indestructible, but the bail spring is not.
  11. Wow, think about the implications of what you are saying. It mean that anti Semitism is completely irrational, because their is no Jewish race, and that the international Zionist cabal conspiracy is just as irrational because anybody could become a member in the cabal, like joining Boy Scouts. So, it really wouldn’t be a cabalistic conspiracy at all.
  12. Thanks I’ll check it out.
  13. Except for the seen in Borat, and a book we had to read in high school about a man who turned into a cockroach written by a Jewish author, I am not sure how cockroach is anti -Semitic. I’ve heard the expression “the only thing to survive a nuclear war are cockroaches and twinkies.” It is possible, I guess, that cockroaches is an anti-Semitic slur in some regions of the US. Second, I am not sure if Ivanka is considered Jewish by all Jews. This is a genetics issue, the question being does she have enough Jewish DNA to qualify. You can’t become African American by marrying a black person. Ivanka did not become Jewish by injection. That is why taking non-Jewish wives is prohibited under Mosaic law.
  14. Did NC ban striped bass fishing for commercial and recreational fishermen yesterday?
  15. I sure hope there is an SOL thread on this.