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  1. I have a H-I Beaverkill Tonkin cane fly rod and auto fly reel. The rod is ok, but the ferrule from section 2 to 3 is broke and needs replacing and the cork is wearing off. The reel is in need of servicing. It’s missing an eye. It could be restored by a hobbyist. For both, in this condition, I am asking $45 shipped. A new Tonkin cane fly rod these days might cost you a bit more.
  2. It was straight up Qanon.
  3. You mean like the one the guy who shot all those black people in Buffalo New York? He got that from the MAGA and Qanon guys.
  4. I bet bet Desantis still keeps a pair of her panties, the actual target of the raid, in his desk drawer at work and sniffs them from time to time.
  5. Think outside if the box. Take your Burger King Salary and buy meth from Mexico, your $10.00 an hour is now $60.00. Save whatever minimum the dealer needs to buy a a couple ounces, or invest with friends in a pound, and there you are, 6k. Either that or he was robbing his grandma. Too many of these doped up loonies wind up with guns, add teenage male hormones on top of it, and no parents or friends, and this is what you get. Not to mention an internet to indoctrinate them into this fantasy.
  6. Thanks for the chat. I’ll be back tomorrow.
  7. They did, that’s why the Boss arrived.
  8. The Jewish leader was Jesus, their God, El Elyon.
  9. I think it is, Jesus just told us what is acceptable to do on the Sabbath as far as “work” goes. What acts that we call “work” are acts of faith, that promote the spirit of the laws and the prophets? Could you keep the laws, if you let a child drown in a well on the Sabbath?
  10. Besides, Jesus is God, the Guy who gave the Pharisees the laws, I think He had a right to tell them how it is and going to be.
  11. That’s why Jesus came, the first covenant needed a reboot. The Pharisees were no longer properly applying the laws of the first covenant.
  12. Nope. Keep the Sabbath holy means just that, it’s still a commandment. However, doing Christian acts, isn’t “work.”
  13. Well, you mean Torah and Talamud.
  14. So would a nurse giving the child CPR: still, isn’t that an act of faith?