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  1. You can now kiss fluke and stripers goodbye.
  2. If I had one, and only one Abu, for lake, beach, boat, pier, it would probably be the C3. There are Abu's that can cast a lot further, but for a jack of all trades the C3 fills a lot of niches. I went the route of Abu's for all situations, one for distance at the beach, 7000s for throwing bigger stuff, one for the pier and boat, and some because they are just pretty. Its a bad habit to get into.
  3. Sure. Keep the C3s and stop there. I should have. The chrome rocket is one of the best rockets, after that just pick based on your favorite color. Where do yo fish at? Beach, lake, or boat?
  4. If you are thinking of JB weld, QBond is a better product.
  5. I had to do some research a couple weeks ago on insurance policies, and I got a little off topic on the policies for slaves. These were issued by the predecessors of some of our modern insurance industry giants. In some cases, a dead slave could at least be worth an insurance check. The diseased slaves on the Zong were tossed into the Atlantic for policy money, better than contaminating the rest of the cargo - so the thinking of the day went. I kind of see these federal workers like sick slaves on the Zong. Our politicians should be fined, individually, for every day the government is shut down. Im not a fan of eminent domain, since it seems like a commie regime tactic, but on the other hand, illegal border crossing has been a problem ever since I can remember. We don’t have that problem from Canada because they have a stable government. Mexico does not. Teddy Roosevelt refused to take over Mexico because he didn’t think that country would ever have it together, and would just drag the US down. That was over 100 years ago and not much has changed. Mexico needs to fix its government, it’s not going to happen any time soon, and until it does, there should be a physical barrier between the countries erected. I say just give the guy the 20 billion and get it done. If it proves to be unpopular, let the President deal with the fallout.
  6. When I was a kid, we had a small resort on a lake in Wisconsin. We had dozens of old Pfluegger reels on metal rods in the boathouse. Nobody would touch them. We rented boats and gear. Inexperienced people from Chicago used the zebco models. This was the 1970s. I remember as a boy fishing with Pflueggers with black nylon line and concluding they were not as good as the Zebco. Definitely nowhere near the Abu round reels, which back then was like pro grade gear. There are one or two of the Pfluegers left at my office. I think there are still quite a few out there, since they are well built.
  7. I worked in the steel industry for years, this included architectural and structural uses of aluminum. I can’t say I was dealing with aluminum submerged in salt water and oxidizing, but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as steel rusting, it’s more akin to copper turning green. Maybe leave it be? My suspicion is once this gets going it will just go through the paint you put over it, the only solution might be to sand it to bare metal and powder coat it.
  8. Closing.
  9. What useful thing will that rage produce, other than giving your sister in law the satisfaction of watching you play her game? If you give her a piece of your mind will she be a better person? Leave punishment and judgment in Gods hands, trust him. Bless her, and like it says in proverbs, such a blessing will rain on her like hot coals.
  10. I’m digging up this old thread for a couple reasons. First, I still use Abus, mainly 6500 and 7000 models for surf fishing. I have not had a major malfunction, although I have had to replace drags, bearings, worm gears, pawls, and every blue moon an IAR. Parts are easy to come by. Second, it seems the current trend is going toward spinning gear. How many people switched in the last few years from conventional to spinning reels?
  11. Or a Macedonian goat. Keltan really got the hate on this site. If I remember he was boasting how Russia was going to anhilate Europe. Does this now mean he is traitor, since his third world country has joined the civilized toilet using Western world?
  12. My top favorites in order are Sufix 832, Sufix Performance, and Academy Sports Korean Made H20 Express X8, Academy Sports Pro Cat, and finally power pro. If I was new to braid, I would start with either of the Academy Sports brand lines, they are cheap, and just as good as Sufix Performance. The pro cat is about $20 for 500 yards of line.
  13. I would be willing to bet after I am dead and gone, my grand children could fish those old Penns, while some of my $250 baitcasters will be landfill.
  14. For 25 shipped, or so, maybe $30, I got an Okuma avenger from Tackle Direct. I put it on my ugly cat rod I found in the dumpster on vacation. I think a very large fish could twist the reel stem permanently, but for the small fish, maybe 3lbs, it’s a great set up. Kids could fish all day with it. My philosophy on going budget is going super budget. If it breaks in two season what am I out?