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  1. I have the 11 3-6 in conventional and love it. Throws the whole rating really well and excellent distance.
  2. "I am in" and my family friends and everyone here at SOL who's helped me over the years!!!!
  3. $150 shipped to 19701 and I'll take it!
  4. WTS like new Akios 757 CTM. Used for 2 days last month just doesn't feel comfortable for the fishing I'm doing, but is basically new in box. Comes with box, paper work, wrench, reel clamp and bearing oil. Asking $165.00 plus shipping, PP preferred. Good luck and tight lines!
  5. Great pm me your info and FD and I'll get her sent out asap
  6. Ok still available, early cams present for your self or someone you know!
  7. Ok still available, early cams present for your self or someone you know!
  8. I've got an Akiis 757 CTM that is basically new?
  9. Last bump before I move!!!
  10. Bump bump
  11. No worries Steve. Good luck this fall !
  12. Sorry Steve I could do $165 shipped?
  13. Fish id take a new or close to new 656ctm, or Abu blue yonder on trade, have to many rods already! I'm located in north DE
  14. May be a stupid question but does anyone know where or if you can get a replacement handle section for a at croix mojo surf? I looked on there website and saw top sections but no handles? Any info helps, thanks and tight lines this fall!
  15. Thanks guys I emailed them today if I don't hear anything back I'll call Tuesday
  16. Appreciate the feed back MTD AND Plk problem Is I pulled out my bigger bait rods getting ready for fall and I seem to have lost the bottom half to my 12ft mojo. Wish it was warranty
  17. Hammy, on 21 Jul 2015 - 08:14 AM, said: Seems to me that shark fishing in DE is just not worth it. I am sure that your definition of "shark releases while in the water" is different than theirs. Nope and a few are gonna end up ruining it for everybody else. Exactly right and it's getting worse, enforcement is good for a change but most that I've seen on the beach attempting have no idea what there doing.
  18. Just saw this funny as hell!
  19. I'm going to save the link and run the current info against when I am catching or not? If that makes sense hopefully find a trend
  20. Interesting
  21. Awesome thread idea as I have been debating a new bait stick in the $200 dollar range! I keep going back between the tics Dolphins, used st croixs or dates saltiga if I can find them
  22. No worries pics look good. Could you do $130 shipped to 19701
  23. B5 is this 50/50 split? Do you have any pics & what kind of shape is the rod in? I couldn't find anything in daiwas website are they discontinued?
  24. So I just received my new fathom 15 star drag in the mail today, after much researching and input from everyone here. I pooped the side plate with the braking system off and now am really confused. I can see how fast it is out of the box and want to pop out two blocks. How do you tell if the blocks are out or not? The few pictures I've seen don't look like what I'm seeing with the reel in my hands. Any help is appreciated