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  1. Does anybody have pictures of his chaotic surf fishing trucks from over the years? I remember seeing a few pictures awhile back. Thanks.
  2. I have the same exact rod. Two actually. They are very fast action.
  3. jeros tackle is no longer in business/
  4. did you mean right column? tattoo yellow darter, so forth? thanks so much!
  5. I got this rod roof rack off an old timer years ago. Its is actually a really ingenious design. It is designed to lock into the rain channels of any car that does not have existing cross bars or a rack. The lock locks that in place so you can't steal the roof rack or rods when in the clamps. The clips are mounted on top for when you are just cruising the beach or theft is a non issue. Does anyone know what company made these? Are they still in business? The gentleman I got them from claimed he bought them from a tackl shop on Long Island. He couldn't remember exactly what year or what shop.
  6. Going through some plugs. Unsure of what these are. Trying to determine which are rare and valuable to go into my collection, and what to feed to the fish. I also like to label each plug in my collection or in my displays. Right to left, and down the line; 1 being the yellow metal lip swimmer on the top left, and 2 being the dark green yellow lip swimmer. The last picture is another group of plugs. That is another 1-7. Thanks so much guys! Always appreciated. 706
  7. Just checked it out. Thank you.
  8. Last Bump I am allowed. Looking for a camper that can fit in a 6.5' foot box. Thanks.
  9. This seemed to go a little off track. Back to your rack. Bill, my father could use a rack for his tacoma. He would be interested in a font rack for no more than $50. If this works for you, let me know and I'll pick it up for him. Thanks.
  10. What you did was hijack my thread. Just for future reference. Not the end of the world. Tight lines.
  11. BUMP
  12. This would be the definition of hijacking. You private messaging another member from my WTB thread. Oh well.
  13. Not sure where to buy just the wrench. Couldn't find that part. They want to sell the whole kit.
  14. Sorry, just bought a cooler rack off another member on their thread. Let me see if I know anyone who could use a short rack like yours and get back to you.
  15. Looking for a Van Staal wrench, quad seal tools, and possibly some seals if you have any laying around. The seals I can get seperately from my buddy, so that is not vital. Thanks fellas. Van Staal VS275