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  1. All sales will be done in accordance to the law and through an FFL, unless you are an FFL yourself. NO EXCEPTIONS! Reasonable offer considered. Long Island, New York. Springfield 12 Gauge Break Action $225 Eastern Arms 12 Gauge Break Action $200 Ithica .22 Martini Action $275 - This gun is a lot of fun. Very fun to shoot, classic cowboy saddlegun. KAR 98 K-98 $700 - Bought this off a vet who passed away a number of years back. He had the rifle sporterized, drilled and tapped for a scope. I believe this is an all original K-98!
  2. Not sure, I suppose it would depend on the state. You are welcome to get an estimate. The length is 9 foot, and I am on Long Island.
  3. What is the price of this now?
  4. I checked out some of your listings. Noticed you were from DC. Do you ever make it to Long Island?
  5. I am interested. Please post specs and a price. I have a few honey lami 3m's set up for spinning and conventional. Also have what I believe to be a GSB 136 2MH All above capable of throwing 6-12 and all in perfect condition. If you'd like to stop by and take a look I'm sure you could find something you like. I'm trying to thin out my collection. Check your PM for my number. What do you mean by believe to be a 136-2MH? Is this rod a 136-2MH? PM'ed
  6. TTT
  7. Ever make it down closer to new york?
  8. Assuming this is new and sealed I would like to offer $125 picked up from your location. -706
  9. I have a harnell 9 foot custom for sale. Let me know.
  10. Looking for two chunking rods. Spinning or conventional. I like to throw 6-12 ounces.
  11. Bump $140
  12. TTT
  13. Going to re bump this in case anyone is deciding to upgrade this spring.
  14. Spring BUMP
  15. TTT