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  1. Depth and speed. If I've covered them all then the fish ain't there... yet.
  2. Hey guys. Been a while since i stopped by. Are there any 3000 or 4000 sized reels that are built like the larger distance reels? I'm looking for good line lay and spool design for as much distance as possible with a lighter smaller reel for 8' rods. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Checking these and other options out. Will let you know what I decide.
  4. Are cts or century blanks available in the US?
  5. Not sure on budget. Not sure what I need to spend to get what I want. Don't want to spend more than needed but also understand that we are talking about a high preformance tool Brand is not really important to me. As far as action, will be throwing metal, jigs, and topwater. We often use a technique where we throw weighted popping corks with a teaser.
  6. Looking for a spinning blank for fishing a tail race. I want to reach 120 yards with the minimum amount of lure weight. Would like to stay around 1 or 2 oz lure weight. The water is shallow and fast so a longer rod helps keep the line out of the fast cross currents. Need a minimum of 11' of rod to control line. Longer would be better as long as it feels light in the hand. My favorite rods are unpainted with single foot guides to keep the top as light and responsive as possible. I fish braid so concept or kr layout. I really like light rods and reels. Considering an ultegra 5500 to keep it light. Suggestions?
  7. Thank you to all who offered info. ZAFisher, what rod is the 11' 1-3 Oz? Sound like what I am looking for. Frazerp, who is this rod builder you speak of? This sound like the exact rig I have be searching for. I would say that 11% increase is significant! For a 3/4 Oz weight firing out to and over 100 YARDS all I can say is WOW!!!
  8. How much difference is there in distance between a spinning reel made for distance and one made for just fishing? Assuming they are the same size and line capacity, how much added distance have YOU seem when using distance reels?
  9. Check with your local rod builders. They well often have trade in or consignment rods that can be had for cheep dollars. I have bought a few that way and saved several hundred bucks. Worth a try.
  10. Hit the field again this afternoon. After a several cast to figure out the new mag I started letting it rip. I was able to cast into the wind better than ever. I was able to hit 103-105 yards into the teeth of a 14 mph wind with no overruns. Going with the quartering wind the last 4 cast were 127, 130, 123, 122. The wind was quartering in the direction I was casting and there was a huge belly in the line going into and also with the wind. Not sure I can get much more out of this setup. Guess I will have to move on to the next project.
  11. After reading this thread ( http://www.stripersonline.com/t/514614/i-knobby-mag-my-avet ) I decided to give my Abu a try. I had to make a mod as the side plate on Abu's are too thin to tap so this is what I came up with. It seems to work very well and is sealed as the rubber washer seals the inside and the rubber threaded bushing with locktite on the threads and grease on the rubber bushing seal from the outside. I used a 5/16" bit to drill the hole for the stainless 1/4" T-nut to go through. I used this same bit to drill the seal out of a lock washer which made the magnet fit perfectly inside the cup left from the bit. A drop of locktite on the lock nut and bolt are all very secure with the magnet setting perfectly in the center. The bolt is 1/4" X 1 1/4". I left the threads in the bushing and used locktite to secure it to the bolt that way it is sealed and the whole thing turns easily when greased but stays put because of the tight fit. Here are a few pics. In the third pic you can see the mag sitting inside the nut. The three washers in the third pic are form where I had it static magged.