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  1. Usually around Father’s Day.
  2. Maybe I’ll get out in July.
  3. 7’ med heavy rod. 20-30# braid or mono.
  4. Last year was horrible lol
  5. So how’s this year gonna be? Just like last year?
  6. I always enjoyed your reports crozzbow even though I’ve never trolled a tube n worm from a kayak. wishing you the best man…
  7. “Usual haunts” would always be printed in his report lol.
  8. Same report every week lmao
  9. Lmao I know what u mean. I caught a decent brown in a local stream the other day. Decent fish. I’m thinking 20” easy so I mark the fish length to my rod and measure my rod when I get home. Sure enough only 18” lol.
  10. Those oysters must be delicious raw.
  11. Was a time prob back in the early 90s when I was a kid, late July august. My family and I would be down at the square in OOB. My parents would take us to the end of the pier to look out over the ocean. There were many a times when my dad saw busting schools of bluefish chasing pogies along the shore. We’d race home to our cottage on OOB so he could intercept those bluefish, throw his Big Mac plugs out from shore and catch as many fish til his arms couldn’t take it anymore. Those were the days. I was never old enough to experience those bluefish for myself but those memories of my father n grandfather catching fish off the beach will never be forgotten.
  12. I fished every morning and some nights for 2 weeks straight back in July in OOB. Total count was 10 fish and biggest fish was 22”. AWFUL.
  13. I guess you’re an optimist and I’m not haha. I cleaned both me and my buddy’s reels the other day and I was like what’s the point of even going next year?
  14. I agree. My worst year ever. Pretty hard to look forward to next year.