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  1. Bad already. Surprised people here thought it was a nothing burger
  2. Bunch of dumb Yankees up in this forum I tell ya what
  3. Had a sausage egg and cheese with pimento cheese spread on it. **** was fire. Slid right down and right out baby
  4. You guys are joking about it being a nothing burger I hope otherwise go get checked for autism
  5. Talked to my buddy back in NJ today and he let me know fall has arrived up there both temperature wise and officially calendar wise so I can't help but come read reports here. I know it never gets going until later in fall but I miss the early, albeit mostly fruitless, efforts once the weather swings. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. I don't want to trade in our extended summer for an early fall and I could do without seeing snow again for the rest of my life, but I miss the challenge of November/December striper fishing. Takes a real man to wake up and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and willingly lug their ass onto a 38 degree barren beach at 6 am on a Saturday with all the hope in the world that today's the day for a trophy striper. I never got my trophy, but I made serious progress last fall, and I might just have to come back to NJ for Thanksgiving to settle that unfinished business. Tight lines friends.
  6. I am ULTRA MAGA. Feds can suck it
  7. Lower Alabama past week or two....roll tide
  8. Fort Morgan specifically at the point. Spot burn but I don't think anyone will be out there still lol. You boys would love to surf cast out there I hope everyone makes a trip at some point in their time. No one's out there and cell service is spotty at best. There was one guy who took the pic and maybe 4-6 sunbathers at the very beginning where you walk on the beach and that was basically it. I hadn't talked to him yet but he saw me book it like a maniac down the beach when I saw the bait exploding and he took off running too lol.
  9. If you folks ever come down south to fish bring your striper lures specifically mag darters. Cobia reds and jacks love em and no one here has any idea what the hell a mag darter is. I got no doubts an sp minnow would tear up the scene too.
  10. Trump 4 EVA
  11. I won't vote for anyone but Trump. Jobs were plentiful, inflation was low, unemployment was low, stocks were high, and yet the media and every career politician is so against him it's rediculous. ****ing swamp it's so obvious they are all in cahoots and scumbags. I hope Trump wins and just throws every liberal in jail
  12. Here you go I have one rigged up already.
  13. I wanna add to the gulp thing. I was in SC last month catch BSB at the reef using gulp stumps and had a really nice keeper (unfortunately barracuda ate half of it) using gulp stumps on a bottom sweeper. I never really went BSB fishing in NJ and I have no idea if anyone using gulp for them or what but seemed to do the trick down there. Maybe worth doing
  14. So I did some Spanish fishing down here in bama twice but coming back to pay a visit and maybe give some boys in NJ and idea or two. Some of you may have used this before but I've never heard of it and it seems regional to this general area but everyone uses bubble (aka straw) rigs for spanish when fishing from land or pier. All you need really is some (a lot) of leader, plastic bubbles you fill with water, some colored tube and a treble hook and boom you're Spanish fishing apparently. I really only bring it up since it's a cheaper way to lose rigs than losing expoxies and metals, if anyone tries it up in NJ I'd be curious if it works. Attached is today's haul but all the big Spanish that peel some drag got taken by the tax men aka sharks and it's a royal pain in the ass since only the smaller ones you can burn in quick enough usually to avoid it. I never had these before til I moved down here but they are tasty just a little tricky to skin. Tight Lines folks
  15. Reward the irresponsible and punish those who are responsible. FJB