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  1. What's it like to own a reel like that? I always use penn fierce/battles and I like them but I never really considered anything else.
  2. Maybe we need to fish north jersey!!!
  3. Northern mentality. Anyways, I've never had a fish I didn't like. Bluefish though? I'll eat it but it's not quality stuff. Keep a few small ones at most. I mean look at the color of that crap, who wants 10 pounds of that in their freezer lol
  4. Oh and today wasn't really about fishing. Girlfriend wanted to crab, we usually do on Easter. Just 7 keepers in two hours. Maybe twice as many throw backs. Not bad I suppose for this earlier. Have done better on Easter though but water wasn't as warm this year.
  5. I'll spend too much on that and still sucks so no. Only capable of catching fluke and LMB apparently. I remember sitting down the creek with a can of corn, this was like three tries after trying other baits for carp since I've never caught a proper big one. Catfish every cast. On corn. Sometimes things just ain't meant to be!
  6. I think I finally decided I'm not good at this today. Maybe it's not me and the amount of bad days is supposed to grossly outweigh the good days but I soaked bait in the bay and managed one perch before switching to bait balls, then nothing. Conditions today sucked but honestly they've sucked the vast majority of days over the past three weeks and that hasn't stopped other dudes from catching. I'm not going to give up and I knew plugs would be a lot of work and learning, but I thought a dude could throw a fish finder rig and some bait and catch something more often than not LOL. Rant over. One perch out of the bay, not exciting. Yoohoo water obviously
  7. I'm trying to find the article but haven't yet. This one is a few years old by now but here's the text (I'll keep looking for what I'm actually referring to though, it seemed unlikely to me as well but I've read it) "Economic data for the past few years is not yet available, but federal fishing data shows people are taking fewer trips every year in New Jersey, with a 27 percent decrease in saltwater excursions from 2006 to 2011, a loss of about 1.9 million trips. The decline in the number of anglers is slightly less steep, indicating people are still fishing but taking fewer trips, said Brandon Muffley, chief of the Bureau of Marine Fisheries in New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Sciences. Other activities such as hunting and freshwater fishing have suffered as well, he said. "General outdoor activities like that have declined over the past five to 10 years." There has been about a 26 percent decrease in the number of anglers from out of state who are fishing in New Jersey’s coastal waters. These anglers most often come from Pennsylvania or New York and have made up more than 40 percent of all the anglers fishing here in the past, according to federal fisheries estimates." Here's an article talking about decline in party boats which is obvious. I do believe less people are fishing than before honestly. Party boats are obviously way down. Delaware bay never has boats in it except for drum really. I'd imagine a lot of those boats that use to fish what we now refer to as non productive areas have relocated to so called hot spots and maybe made the total boat count and amount of people fishing go up in spots but still down overall.
  8. I'm young and I don't know much, but I'm not sharp and don't get to fish as much as others. Older folks tell me about all kinds of different fisheries and how easy it used to be. Kind of makes me want to say that just because someone can do pretty well doesn't mean the fishing is any good or the fishery is healthy, they just might be a little bit sharper than others. Didn't have to be sharp before though. I've read there's less boats and less people fishing today than in the earlier 2000s. I don't know how true it is but it seems believable. If that's the case it's really hard for me to blame people posting catches. It makes sense, the fishing sucks today compared to 2000. Why would more people be doing it? Posting catches might lead to your spot being blown up but it's not going to cause the population to be not existent, I wouldn't think. I'm not sharp like I said, but I usually never have an issue catching a decent number of fluke in the back with a keeper added in. It's far from great fishing but can you imagine going out and not catching any fluke? Would guys like Skinner who are sharp and still able to catch mean the fishing is fine, most people just suck at it? I talked to a guy at the Tampa airport two weeks ago. He gets it. Said we're greedy northerners. He's one hundred percent right. Most of us have a greedy mentality. Guys will charter a boat and all catch and keep their limit, even if they don't like bass. I don't blame them or anything like that but that are just not so much like that down south. My brother lives there and reports the same thing. Maybe it's not true but I buy in
  9. I haven't even caught a schoolie in the river yet. I'm a member of a ton of pages and I'll ask dudes that post a monster if they've been hot and it's always the same thing - no. It takes 2-3 weeks of bs to land something worth while in the river and that can't be good.
  10. Rained like hell here
  11. Slot limit.
  12. My new bait rod just came in. Tica tc2 2-8 oz seems good
  13. Big tidal...bait and perch. Switched to cut bait and nothing
  14. I haven't really looked at this bill, but I was down in Florida recently again and public Access to their beaches is pretty lacking.
  15. It's been windy as hell and often not good wind direction.