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  1. Rains every day so I mean, just lol.
  2. It seems like lighter lures don't really have this issue. Nothing odd in the guides, seems like a scratch in the top section but not really a crack.
  3. I've barely been salt water fishing this year. I haven't been able to fish as much period as I've had some stuff going on, but I went bass fishing last night and conditions were iffy, but still caught. I guess I see why dudes panfish. Catching just beats not catching.
  4. I am going to re-check the rod tip for nicks. I am using 15 lb braid.
  5. So like, I'll make the cast and during the cast you can see and feel the rod tip shake. I don't really know how else to describe it. I'm fairly certain I used this lure before on it. The rod is a little older and was bought used but I don't recall feeling this before.
  6. Hey all, Bought a used rod off of CL and have been having no issues. Last night I caught a few bass but then noticed the rod was kind of shaking when I was casting a lipless crank. I don't recall noticing that before and it was annoying. It doesn't seem like the guides have any issues or anything is broke. 6'6" St Croix Premier Baitcaster w/ Revo X reel for reference. I actually have the same set up almost as a spinning set up, except the rod was 6' and I bought that one brand new. Anyone ever experience this?
  7. Well my car was totaled too so...time for a tundra? Hobie maybe???????
  8. Was supposed to go out today but the recent flood pretty much ended any fishing I wanted to do for a bit. Best of luck boys
  9. I don't fish out front for fluke really but it doesn't seem to have really gotten going that great out back. It's been a wet month. I can only imagine that is a big factor. I know the killies are hard to come by when it rains this much.
  10. Tried out back Friday but it was grass city. Had one stretch where it was decent and hit it hard but no takes.
  11. I have heard not to mess with spro from land but it is all I have used and have caught. I do think there are better options out there though. Do you find that the bucktail is even necessary honestly? Straight jighead is what they use down south.
  12. Green pumpkin and pumpkin are my go-to colors. Motor oil doesn't seem to catch as often but seems to catch the bigger ones. The bright neon type colors never seem to work for me. Stained or clear, I seem to always go back to the same two colors. I've tried a ton as well. I don't really love the two-tone ones either.
  13. I can't speak for the Triumph, but I have a 6' St Croix Premiere, medium, fast action. 1/4-5/8 ounce I think. I use it for senkos, 1/4 oz football jigs, light rapalas, etc. It's a little outside of your price range but I have caught 4-5 pound bass on it. You can't "muscle" the fish in like you see some guys doing with these 7'6" MH or H rods with 30-40 pound braid but it just makes the fight way funner, even on 1-2 pounders. I just scored a 6'6" St Croix Premier MH fast action baitcaster on Craigslist for $40 yesterday. It's a little older based on the logo but I caught a few bass on it yesterday already, so maybe check out the used market? I was learning on a cheap combo that was technically the same rating but way stiffer. I can see why I was casting straight down a lot, the tip just isn't sensitive like the St Croix. Was able to bomb lures out a mile with that thing yesterday, can't recommend St Croix enough.
  14. Hit my local creek and caught 4 LMB. Missed a few, including a couple that followed the lure all the way up to the bank I suppose then just didn't bite. I was using a floating crank and stopped my retrieve but no good. Typically not a fan of wind with an E in it but it was good. 4 in 3 hours not great but should of been 7. Not a lot of access in this spot and even though the water is public, the spot itself is private off some land at my buddies Dad's house, so I usually take that result all day. Realize why this holographic bluegill lure for Dick's is $3, because the design is iffy. The treble hook can get caught on the lure and turns out when that happens, you won't hook the fish! Seen something noteworthy though which really is why I am reporting. A snakehead jumped out of the water onto the bridge. Unreal, never seen something like this before. The bridge floods over and I have seen a fish or two swim across but this was not the case yesterday. Snakehead literally jumped out of the water and onto the bridge and snaked across.
  15. Went out the Sunday after it opened up and rented a skiff. There was zero wind and the fishing was trash. There was a channel where people were catching shorts but I'll just let you imagine what that scenario looked like.