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  1. Have motor problems so went on a buddies boat and ended up with motor problems and got towed in, twice in a week. The joys of boating. Anyways, looked for tiles and found silks instead so need to try again. Found YFT but wouldn't cooperate. Unsure of future offshore trips so might hit the beach for pompano or something soon, we'll see.
  2. Cedar plug and is used for trolling. They come pre rigged with the heavy line. Shockingly good for mahi, tuna, etc. Maybe washed up from elsewhere maybe??
  3. Blue runner. Good cut bait for sharks or trolled offshore
  4. Well charter cap changed his mind and said it's a baby greater AJ. Seems like those can have white too based off what I'm seeing here https://ncfishes.com/amberjack-identification/ I give up, it's some sort of jack and a cool catch for up there
  5. I didn't think it was but I just asked a charter cap and he's leaning towards banded runner so I'll change my mind to that, he'd know better than me
  6. It's not an almaco jack which looks reasonably different especially once you've seen one in person. It is not a banded rudderfish I would say since there's seemingly zero striping. It's probably a greater amberjack. We never seem to catch lesser amberjacks or banded rudderfish here in the Gulf, just almaco and greater amberjack.
  7. I'm coming up in a couple weeks. Might fish but the fishings been so good all year down where I live now that I might just skip it while I'm up. I'm curious if these rediculous limits have reduced the number of anglers though and maybe improved the fishing further. I feel bad for folks trying to run a business around fishing these days. The limits are toughhhhhh. I have no idea what the public reception is about them though
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