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  1. Also, I don't recall the striper fishing being this hot still while fluking was underway. Is that normal or am I just imaging this
  2. Fluked on my brother's boat. I had some shorts, couple keepers were caught. Took forever to find them, they were not where the crowds were.
  3. I don't care how people fish. If I had more money and had some actual knowledge, I'd rather buy a boat and go on the troll because it has a better chance of producing a nice bass.
  4. Wish I lived near the shore and could go flukin today. Love flat fishing
  5. What's this water going to look like after east winds for the next week?
  6. I tried in the Delaware Bay and nothing but horseshoe crabs so I lost interest
  7. I have a tundra but I've driven both trucks and the frontier just wasn't comfortable. I didn't say anything and rental company apologized they had to give me the frontier one time lol
  8. Located in South Jersey. Can meet down here, in PHL or maybe somewhere like Bordentown. Looking for the one rated 1/2-1 1/4.
  9. Soaked clam, trash fish only. Small rant, hopefully I don't sound annoying but I have to air my grievance. I've only been in this game for two years or so and I've plugged not very well but I've chunked even worse. But here's the thing, I've soaked bait probably 50 times and I've caught a handful of shorts and the rest trash fish (one nice one on a bloodworm). But like, I've literally seen one keeper caught by someone else around me. Does everyone around me also just suck or are the odds of actually chunking up something nice just real narrow or what? I've chunked in the Delaware river, the Delaware Bay, ocean City, point pleasant, LBI, seaside, deal, etc etc. I've chunked everywhere, and I never see squat in terms of stripers caught by anyone and it's always the same bull**** excuses by everyone too. Trash fish are always plenty though lol.
  10. I have no idea what is a good/normal price honestly, it just amazes me how fast they sell out for $40 a pop so obviously it's an amazing price!
  11. I saw this today and had to come back lol. So for the record, here are the April 14-May 13 highlights for Philadelphia: Temperatures, 6 degrees below normal; below-normal daily average temperatures on 24 of the 30 days; and wind gusts of 25 mph or better on 20 days. And you think it has not been windy lol
  12. Being serious, I like Grumpy's as they are always open and reliable, but why do these things cost nearly $40 and why are they only sold there? They are "hand made" but Scabelly makes so many that he must be a millionaire already.
  13. Buoy data just made me mad. 20-30 mph for about a 6 hour window today, switching to SSE of course too. Lesson here boys is don't take half days off, just take the whole day. If I took the whole day I'd of been in and out before noon! Always a morning shift kind of guy anyways
  14. Can you share where you get buoy data? I'm AWFULLY curious about what the hell happened today. I specifically took off work because it was finally supposed to be a "normal" day with winds around 5-10mph. It was already 18 mph off the weather app but once I moved out front it was basically unfishable where I was at. There's no way the wind was WSW, it was in your face and casting distance was an issue. Tide was already going out and with the the breakers you couldn't cast far enough with anything but tins. Total clown show. I would guess it was 25mph SSE or so
  15. Gave it the old college try. Out back, out front, hard plastics, soft plastics, don't matter no bass anywhere