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  1. Took the boat out in the river yesterday. Great day on the water but not a single tap. I knew it would take time to develop spots and what not but the growing pains are tough. Launching/loading and putting the boat in the driveway is routine now though at least. Based on the blues showing up and horny cows being caught in Fortescue, I think the dirty D game is about over. Hopefully next year I can dial it in a bit.
  2. Someone on another site offered $60 which is what I'll probably take. If you'll do $60 I will see if I'm in the area soon
  3. Left dock a boy and returned a man today. Fish weren't caught but conditions weren't something I should of been involved in. No harm no foul, came out the other side a stronger man lol
  4. I might be asking too much and I apologise in advance. I plan on taking my boat out in the Delaware River tomorrow (winds been horrible so that could change once I scope out the situation lol). Due to weather up in Maine, bloodworms are difficult to come by right now. Due to the wind, bunker is hard to come by as well. Never really fished without bait from a boat for stripers, especially in a freshwater river. I have plugs but I really have no idea where to begin. In the salt I'm sure you can just work sod banks and whatnot but that doesn't really apply here. I'll probably just LMB fish a creek butI I'dlike to give it a go for stripers as well in the river. I'm sure tossing out an SP minnow into 40' of water is not the way to go. If someone wiser than me can help, I would appreciate it!
  5. Mojo Salt 10' is sold (without the reel) $80 for the Penn Battle II 5000. Make an offer on the 4000 if you want.
  6. I will let you know. I'm going to give it a week and so and try to sell things together first but if not I'll post back here.
  7. Gloucester county. Which battle? The 4000 or 5000?
  8. Any interest in a trade on some of the fishing stuff I have listed up?
  9. Bunch of things for sale here in South Jersey. Penn Fierce II LL 6000 (year or two old) with new 30 lb braid never used - $75 St Croix Mojo Surf 10' M 1-4 Oz (2 piece, 3 years old still under warranty with Penn Battle 5000 and 30 lb braid) - $250 Okuma Surf 11' 3-8 Oz (2 piece, 2-3 years old) with Penn Fierce II LL 6000 - $150 St Croix Triumph 8' 1/2-2 Oz (need to check if it is 1 or 2 piece, 5-6 years old with 1-2 year old reel) with Penn Battle 4000 and 20 lb braid - $150 Beach Wagon (3 years old or so) with 3 rod holders on the back and two sand spikes - $75 Everything is in good condition. Would prefer to sell rods with reels but may end up selling separate. Pictures below.
  10. Boated the big D. Marked a lot of fish in the middle of the column and a fair number on the bottom but only caught catfish. That's how she goes I spose
  11. My buddy did it last year and the etching is pretty important. If you just follow the instructions and take your time it'll turn out good.
  12. I assume you are concerned for your own health and to that I have no idea but one would think if the fish there are getting killed then the fishing itself isn't going to be worth much lol
  13. Thanks for the feed back. I did start using a bait caster for certain LMB fishing last year so I am familiar with the tension knobs. I look forward to trying again!