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  1. That would not fit the modern U.S. business model. Everything is built with planned obsolescence. If it be shimano changing/upgrading reels and not providing long term parts or st. croix's now limited warranty. We buy them, we fuel them, its our fault........
  2. Its all I use. All applications. I do have braid on 2 spinners but I don't use spinning. Standardized on buying Big Game in bulk but have been experimenting with Maxima and like it a lot. I'm an odd duck to today's world. I use old stuff, old reels and wood plugs mostly. Texas rigging with bigger soft plastics is tougher but I learned to use a stinger hook, Swedish style. I'm happy not needing extra tools to cut braid. I'm happier with better abrasion resistance of mono. I'm happier with line that doesn't get caught in high winds and float away from the intended target. I'm very happy sticking to easier knots that I can do in the dark, in the wind, eyes closed.
  3. I like a pistol grip for throwing topwaters. Nothing better for walkin the dog. You are going to get a lot of advice for long handles and long rods. I hate them. Maybe when you are standing two men at the tip of the bow like the bassers on t.v. while the rest of the boat is empty, it works. Lots of room between your feet and the surface. They always have their rod tips pointing toward the moon. Then they have to high stick and jerk the rod behind them to set the hook. Walking the bank I don't find a long stick much use either with tall weeds at my feet catching the rod tip and line. I use a straight grip for most things anymore since fashion has put the pistol grip in prison. 6.5ft. is perfect for me, 7ft. gets left at home. It all depends on you, your height, the environment you fish in. Nobody's advice is really going to fit what you need in just general terms.
  4. That's the entire purpose of the thread. Just like utuber videos. It's the same in the area of firearms too. Companies have discovered we are more involved on these social medias things and they have developed of ghost army of sponsored drones. Sometimes it only takes a freebie reel and some smuck develops a whole army of misplaced brand loyalists. It's a vague form of industrial espionage.
  5. 1/4oz. on that 5000 you talked about before? Good luck unless you have installed some BB's that are higher end than the OEM. Try 3/8 or better yet 1/2oz. You are playing a game of momentum with a 5000 spool and 1/4oz.
  6. Wow. I've got a decade old KHS fat tire single speed doing nothing in my shed. You inspire me to move my fat old kiester........
  7. Funny you mentioned Go2glue. I just discovered it for making thunder creek flies. Have you by chance used it to coat knots to help them slip through rod guides? I'm thinking of trying it since Piobond has become so scarce.
  8. He got caught about 2 months ago doing it again according to local news. They said it would violate his bail guidelines and nothing was done. How did they catch him this time? He was brazen enough to put it on youtube again! Now we have a bunch of copy cats video taping themselves killing gulls and terns that land on their boats.
  9. Theres a tutorial on ****** in the Abu sub forum that walks you through changing the A/R bearing on your 5500's. Aren't the Ming Yangs a copy of the Abu 7000/7500? My Omoto was 4500 was a Abu 7000 in drag, I always figured Ming Yang was too. I cannibalized it for parts and would think you could use Abu parts in it.
  10. I bet they will, that show is nothing but a **** convention of outdoorsy socialists. His release will give Liam a bigger soapbox to fight the Constitution of a country not his own!
  11. At least $75 down here, except when the snowbirds come down then they jack it up to $150.
  12. At least $75 down here, except when the snowbirds come down then they jack it up to $150.
  13. O.P.'s reel is a International 975. Retails for $300. By the his list the parts replaced for free, he got quite a deal for his severely abused reel!
  14. That would depend on what state you live in. In my state there is thanks to our last duufus Gov. and they require all companies no matter their location to collect Fl. state tax for out of state purchases and services.
  15. From the second pic you posted they replaced a crap load of parts such as the levelwind shield, worm and many others......... with no charge! Sounds like you sent in a heavily abused reel. Yeah you'll fit right in buying those Stella's and such, good luck!