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  1. I'll always remember the first blitz I ever saw, about 10 years ago when I first started to fish the surf. It was at a popular jetty in the spring in monmouth county, and 30-40lb bass had bunker pinned to the jetty. I didn't have korkers and being a total newbie I didn't dare venture out into the lineup where guys were packed tight so I just observed for a little while before later trying from the sand. I saw more big bass walked off the beach that day than any other. It was like bowling balls were being dropped out of the sky - huge explosions. Never seen anything like it since, but it really got me hooked into the sport. Been in plenty of blitzes but never anything with the size of fish I saw that day.
  2. Here is an update to this thread with some time spent on the water with the pro tail eels. I haven't fished the paddle tails yet. So far I've caught 1 on the 7 inch size but it was my biggest bass of the fall around 26" (which isn't saying much - I know). Yesterday they were hitting Ava's but I could not get a fish to hit the pro tail which I thought was strange considering it's a more realistic presentation. Water was slightly stained so maybe they needed the flash to help find it. I fished the 4" size a bit too with no luck. I'll bring out the paddle tails next time I get out. The 1.25oz size is smaller than I was expecting. The pro tail eels cast nice for plastics so I'm guessing the paddle tails will do the same.
  3. Fished 5-8:30 this morning, OC. Been surf fishing for about 10 years now and got my first bass on a needlefish in the dark. There were some fish around at sunup and I caught 3 more on metal/teaser combo along with a few Shad. Nothing of size, low 20 inches. Felt good to put a bend in the rod and find some action. Others were catching as well and I saw one double header hit the sand. It died out around 8.
  4. What size are you using?
  5. Took the drive to OC today, fished 4-9. Was dead in the dark despite rotating through a few different presentations. At dawn there was some activity in tight with what looked to be sand eels. I was able to pick one fish around 26-27" on a sluggo. Had another on for a second that came off. Fish around for about 5 minutes then gone. What's strange to me is not finding anything in the dark with the sand eels around. Watched a blitz about 3/4 mile out for 15 minutes at 8:30 but never came in. May give it another go tomorrow.
  6. Thanks to everyone who posted feedback on water clarity. Will wait til early AM tomorrow.
  7. Was thinking to get out this afternoon into dark, do we think the water will have cleared up enough by then? Hard to tell on the cams and not local so any updates would be great. Was thinking to get out around 3pm
  8. Bucktails, Diamond Jig, Paddle tail, SP minnow, loaded redfin, metal lip and either a little neck popper or pencil popper.
  9. Fished 4am - 9am in monmouth county. When I started in the dark I saw a few adult bunker washed up on the shoreline and figured this could get interesting. Ended the day without a bump and did not see anyone else come tight. Like another poster mentioned, water looked great just nothing doing in the stretch I fished.
  10. Decided to change it up this morning from my normal haunts hoping for greener pastures. Made the drive down to OC. Fished 5-9, did not see one bass caught. No bait seen, few gannets in the distance about 300 yards out. Saw a few shad caught. Later in the morning had 2 bumps on a bucktail at a different location. Talked to a guy there who said he caught a few 12"ers, so guessing that is what it was. Not what you'd expect for this time of year.
  11. By the way, what size pro tail paddle tails are you guys using in the surf? I got 2 of the 1.25oz size. That or the 1oz seemed to be the way to go for our flat beaches.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. I originally just wanted the eels but ended up adding 2 paddle tails to my cart before ordering. Then I came on here and read a thread on the main forum that the paddle tails have no action unless you reel them very fast. Sounds like that is still the case but glad others have had success with them. Order shipped today so hope to be able to put them into action soon. Will report back after I've been able to fish them.
  13. The eels or the paddle tails?
  14. Unless there is a big NE or heavy sweep I personally like A007 or A17. Don't forget about T-Hex either, always have one in my bag on a sand eel bite.
  15. Anyone use these? I just ordered a few of the eels and paddle tails. Felt like trying something different than the Tsunami and Storm I currently have.