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  1. I noticed it will come to the surface with any pace on the retrieve. I tried quick sweeps today with my rod pointed down to keep it under the water but all that did was snag peanut bunker. I also tried the very slow methodical retrieve but neither seemed to work. Will keep at it. I did snag one peanut and it was a perfect match size wise.
  2. I’ve heard they swim into the wind so west or northwest will typically put them on the beach if they are around.
  3. I picked up an RM Smith peanut waverer this summer. I’ve tossed it a bit this fall but haven’t connected yet. I typically use a slow steady retrieve and throw in a couple quick cranks here and there. Another thing I wasn’t sure of is whether it’s more of a night bait or if it produces both day and night. How are you guys fishing your gliders?
  4. Another skunk for me today. Saw bird and boat activity this morning about 300 yards off but they never came in. Lots of cormorants around but no visible bait. Had one very light tap on a small metal lip. Pondering whether I should give the night shift a shot since the daytime bite has been very sporadic and frustrating.
  5. Fished 6am - 11:30am this morning. I was throwing a pencil at dawn and when it got about 30 yards from me, I thought I saw a bulge behind it, but convinced myself I imagined it. Well 10 yards from shore a nice fish blew up on it and didn’t get the hooks I fished for 5 more hours and took the skunk. The surf zone was lifeless except for some small rainbait in one area. Not sure if I’ll get back out tomorrow morning or wait for Monday afternoon.
  6. How’s the water clarity? Thinking about giving it a go at first light.
  7. This times a thousand. All they need is one report of a 29" bass..."the fishing is on fire, fish all over the beach, they are here, get out because it's hot". Can't blame them but I always take it with a grain of salt.
  8. Oh yea. Also encountered some nude beach goers.
  9. I ended up parking at Riis and walking south. Did not make it all the way. I reached a certain point where there was a private property no trespassing sign and turned back. Water was stained and weedy. Plenty of cocktail blues around but no fluke for me.
  10. Ok, If I can find parking in Fort Tilden though near the church/soccer fields, is that public parking? Do the gates open/close at a certain time?
  11. Live in and fish NJ, thinking about extending my fluke season for one more weekend (it ended 9/19 here) and trying Breezy/Fort Tilden. Never fished there before but pulled up google maps to try and figure out the parking situation. Can anyone provide some advice? From what I can tell there is free public parking in Fort Tilden near the soccer fields. I was thinking to park here and then walk to Beach 169th Street where I can make my way to the beach. I'm not seeing any parking closer to the tip. PM's welcome - thanks in advance.
  12. Buy passes for the DSR
  13. Fished yesterday, last hurrah for fluke for me. Came back empty handed. Out front was tough with big stained water so I made a move and fished the back. I ended up catching 5 fluke with the biggest being about 16”. At one point I about had the rod ripped out of my hands and promptly got bit off. Must have been a larger blue. Right before I left, a big school of bunker moved in close with what looked like small blues on them. Spoke to a few guys throughout the day complaining how slow it was. Now time to start the search for bass and blues. Mullet aside it’s good to see all the bait but it could be long gone by the time the main body of bass show up. Guess we’ll be relying on the sand eels to show again if that’s the case.
  14. It does cast far but not the easiest walking bait due to the wings, in my opinion. Personally I'd stick with standard pencil poppers. I'm a big fan of the Guppy's.
  15. I have a 3000 size Vanford that I've used for 3 months in the surf now fluke fishing. It's help up fine but I'm careful to keep it out of the sand and try to avoid spray if possible. I've also landed bluefish up to 10lbs with it. I don't think it would hold up to blues or stripers but it's just fine for fluke.