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  1. By the way, free shipping and final total was $129.00.
  2. Ran into this Malaysian sports shop while looking for a deal on stormr jackets on the! The prices are to low to believe. I wanted to get some opinions of this site, real thing or a hoax.
  3. I have the x- heavy 7ft tsunami slow pitch casting rod and love it! I have it paired up with a seigler sgn, great set up. Used it last year on a blackfish trip with with Capt. Mark “kidchochiese” out on the sound. It handled 8ounces with no problem, and even used it for jigging, no problem or stress. It handle monster blackfish like nothing.
  4. Happy new year
  5. I’m in
  6. Ok, just had a power knob installed on my quantum 50 ptsd handle, wow! What a difference. Quantum made a great reel but the knob they originally had was extremely too small. I’m not to sure if I can mention the folks that installed the knob, but they are located in north jersey and they did a fantastic job. It’s a 45mm knob for those who may be interested. I have this reel matched up with a 9ft FSC rod for plugging.
  7. I'd like to sell this tsunami air wave elite surf spinning rod rated 10'6 mh with this American made penn 560 slammer. I removed the part that triggers the bail when casting, but I will include the part with the selling of this combo. The reel is loaded with 40lb power pro. Everything is mechanically sound. The combo is selling for $160.00. I can meet the buyer at the rite aid parking lot off of shrewsbury ave in Tinton falls, New Jersey.
  8. Caught some really big ones last year just north of the Earle navel pier, just outside the perimeter.
  9. I was down at Earle navel pier tonight and started out using a 7" pearl tsunami and started walking along the pier with the lure trailing behind me. I usually do pretty well, but no bites. Ran into a guy that was using a 9" tsunami and catching stripers left and right. I pulled out my 9" tsunami out of my bag, I was hesitant to use it because I was using a spinning outfit, But there was know need for me to cast just drop the line down and start walking. Well, I starting getting hits and landed a keeper. Looks like big tsunami's are the ticket.
  10. 5-10 pounds.
  11. Down at the pier this afternoon, one or two folks around due to the rain. Monster blackfish caught last weekend as well as stripers and blues on bunker heads. Hope to post some pictures next time when I get off the property due to security reasons.
  12. Just approved to fish the pier this year. Missed last year because I applied to late in the year. I made my self a pier cart out of a kids cart. I hear that they've been catching some nice size bass on Tsunami pearl white shads. Looking forward to some great fishing this year. I caught some monsters in the past.
  13. Thanks for the great advice. Glad to see that the reel will work.
  14. Hey, just got my hands on a calcutta 400s. Like to know if I can use this reel for bottom fishing for blackfish from local party boats.
  15. Thanks to all that served. Desert storm '91 Big Red One.