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    retired...luv to sling lead
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    surf fishing,crabbing,chasing mallard bucks
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  1. I carry mine to the field occasionally, just to hear her sing! Would be hell of a reel if it had faster gears
  2. Hey,hey,hey! Nuttin wrong wid a hot rodded squidder!
  3. Yea, 12lb test on that set up is more for the pro's, like surf bomber said, go to bigger mono will help tremendously.
  4. I have a 146 squidder with custom end plates, frame, ss internals, n a 5 drag washer setup that is one nice reel
  5. Love the "scream" of a squidder! But I have never used the old spools w/ fins! I bet they really scream.
  6. Thanx za, making sure I wasn't missing something here.
  7. Where do you get speed bullets for the abu 7000?
  8. Yea, abu's do that especially with larger weights or oversized handles. You can cut a notch In side plate where release button is to keep it disengage during cast.
  9. That's what I'm looking for! Thanx za, what rod is this?
  10. Who makes a good 10-12' parabolic surf rod? For up to 8oz.
  11. Hi big dave! What is your opinion of 11' Ben doerr hvy.conv.? Is it a might stiff?  I really just want to throw 6 n  mullet head, say total 8-9 oz.?


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    2. Big Dave

      Big Dave

      Sorry i do not, The only AFAW rod I still have is the 13foot 3-5  Surf  

      Its been in the rack for quite a while. the rod is actually new  

      I just have no need for 13 foot rods. Those types of rods just are not needed where I fish



    3. fishhawkxxx


      Anything in the 10-12' range w/ good parabolic bend?

      For 4-6+ oz.?

    4. Big Dave

      Big Dave

      Let me look down in the shop  I see if I can find something. 

  12. Quite the tease you are! Lol, thanx bob, just a little wider than a 6500?
  13. Just what is a "666"? Size wise relating to abu's.
  14. Those bushings ( bronze?) Are supposed to be run wet, but I don't, prolly cuz I don't fish it much, but yes it is fast! Thanx jimmy
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