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  1. Both
  2. I can get them from black dog tackle in the uk but dang shipping is high! Someone in japan makes one with a bearing in it but I can't remember who???? If I find some I will let you know
  3. Thanx jimmy
  4. Is there anyone in usa that sales speed bullets? I have several reels that I have converted to ct's and all I need to do is get rid of cog gear & replace with longer bullets. Thanx
  5. Lol, I like the 8000 for looks & feel only. Is there any in way to make it castable?
  6. Wow, thanx! Any info on the 8000?
  7. Thanx guys for all the pointers!
  8. Those brakes are highly sought after in my local.
  9. You don't push these brakes, they slide freely, if your trying for distance, remove 1, use lighter brakes, replace bearings w/ hybrid ceramic, no oil, just clean. The bb2 was a very fast reel, I had a tough time casting one.
  10. The speed bullet, stabilizes spool shaft I believe, imo the spools w/ bearings inside spool cast further
  11. Can't go wrong with the rocket.
  12. Do you have to prime the lead before painting?
  13. Well all my penns except the 180
  14. All of my.penns look like that, but with heavier magnets. Are there any other spools same as 180?