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  1. Respectfully would like to make an offer on part of the lot if you care to sell it separately i'd like to offer 85 for both bm cowboys and and the bm pearl jr. from the top. Thanks and really nice pics .
  2. i must say the pic posted by sea of atlas really made my day today ... i hope they catch the cowards, so sad to hear they got away... must suck to have the feeling of the next time you go fishing to be so uneasy , i think i would have been so pissed them coming at me when i had a fish on the line , they deserve to have gotten stabbed ... definitely gonna be more alert now when am out fishing at night , nvr really put much thought in getting robbed when am out fishing . Kinda sucks , i usually go fishing to relax, this is like when terrorist fcked up traveling ... what is this world coming to ??? why cant we all just get along... john lennon imagine all the people living life in peace . guess am a dreamer too . safe fishing guys .
  3. my surf king... words on it , let see ... on a budget i must say it is really decent , the first rod i bought with my money not my dads lol ... i think it is a good rod for piers and casting baited jigs , i dont particularly recommend it if you are planning to cast lures weighing less than 2.5 oz . I use it only when am planing to cast with bait now, its not as fast as my ron arra . but never the less i think for what you pay for its decent.
  4. more like piranhas lol !! i've been fishing and seen that before but never had a camera ready to film ... i should consider getting a head cam never know when nessy might pop up lmao . nice video .
  5. I have used this eel on several occasions , i dont know if storm still makes em but i think its one of the best eels ive used ... definitely goes far on a cast due to the metal lip on the front . its durable too . the lip might need a touch up of paint once in a while, if you use it on the rocks but other than that it hold up well .
  6. oh yeah , zeebaas is zeebest lol ... you can interchange em , you just have to order the rotor assemblies . They offer i believe 6 rotors but you only really need 2 because unless you want the bail or the double arm for a quicker pick up it really doesnt make sense ... See the options work like this , they have the standard rotor which has one arm the original so to speak . then theres the double arm and bailed option which i really dont like but hey to each his own right . so lets say u want to have the 20 , 22, 25, and 27 inch spools all you need is 2 rotors . the smaller accommodates the 20 and 22 spool and the larger is for the 25 and 27 spool . I would post pictures to show just how it works but the thread is old i dont know if anyone is interested ... if so let me know , i own the 22 spool and 25 so i had to get the spare rotor ... well, i just got back from vacation and havent been up to date with the forum here , hope this info helps anyone out there .
  7. Is the thread opened or closed ? are there any cowgirls still available?
  8. J44 is the lure taken yet i am interested , if i pick up would u do $28 ?
  9. are you still selling both blurple and yellow slim or relisting them individually ? my offer still stands if you are willing to sell . thanks.
  10. thanks for the info desmo , i want to make an offer but its far lower than what you are asking but it doesn't hurt to put it out there i guess ,i personally have never fished nor seen someone fish with gary2 .and since i don't plan on collecting the lures... i plan on fishing them . The highest i can pay if you are interested of course is 250 for both 3 and 4 or i'd do 130 for just the woody-o ... thanks again and wish you luck if i don't get em .
  11. Talk about die hard striped fisher men . You guys are f-ing crazy ... NIce jobs on the ink though . i thought the thread was about tattoo lures painted like striped bass lol .
  12. Hi desmo , i would like to know what number 3 and 4 , are in length and weight , thanks .
  13. hi , i so want to see these lures in action , i've rarely see them up for sale , been on the forum reading and everyone talks wonders of gary hull . Would you please consider $140. shipped for the remaining 2 . how long and how much do the lures weight by the way ?
  14. hi lockbox, would you consider the sale of 17 , 19 , and 20 for $135 shipped . I wouldn't mind waiting a bit just in case someone meets your price.