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  1. Hi frank, u still have the kits? if so, how much ur selling them?
  2. I bought a 1st generation in black today.
  3. Ahhh.... person's color is a joke? Okay captain america. thank you for clarifying!
  4. I put my leftover bait ( peanut bunkers) in our fridge. when i get back home from work days later... guess what?? my mother cooked it for dinner. YUMMY!!!
  5. what kind of question is that?
  6. websites sometimes do maintenance from time to time.
  7. called, wrote on their email, facebook and instagram. so far i didnt get in touch with anybody yet.
  8. hey frank, u still have this reel?
  9. Hoping to get one used Mint Condition. Anyone selling?
  10. My condolences.
  11. wow.
  12. I've seen people using small crabs.
  13. Im planning to buy the same reel and use it on my current 9' rod as well. hopefully i dont have to buy another rod coz i'll be out on budget.