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  1. Our elected representatives are so far off the mark statements/misinformation like this is commonplace. I have been working in a local gun shop since November 2018. I worked all through the pandemic restrictions, so don't even ask. The biggest issue of misinformation starts with the internet. I constantly am confronted with individuals who begin the conversation with-" I am a new gun owner, first time buyer, never owned or shot a gun in my life BUT, I have done a lot of RESEARCH, so I know what to look for". Then they ask for a Glock- UGH!! Doing research is only beneficial when you have some actual experience in the subject matter you are researching. If you have absolutely no practical knowledge or experience in the subject matter you are "researching" then ALL of you decision making paradigms are based on conjecture, fantasy and pure personal opinion, NOT FACT! This type of research is exactly what our elected officials rely upon in order to make statements like the one above, or my favorite-" a fully automatic semi-automatic assault rifle and/or handgun". More worser 'dan 'dat (as we my Father use to say, may he rest in peace) is when these elected politicians go to the ATF and ask the ATF for their opinion. What I never see any politician doing is proposing legislation that will actually be beneficial to the American people. That would take initiative, intelligence, presentation skills, selling skills, full knowledge of the Constitution, etc., etc., etc. They just want to jump on the bandwagon of whatever popular chant will get them re-elected. Where's the aspirin??
  2. Please confirm which reel model? The Vr75? Or, the Vr50? Thanks
  3. Jeff, I was taught to do this only one way; it’s tedious and very time consuming. The final product will last about 2-3 yrs before the finish starts to chip off, if the rod spends a lot of time in the salt air and surf. I rebuild 10-12 rods a year for the Members of my fishing club only because it’s my contribution. My suggestion; replace the broken guide, remove the loose reel seat and put cork tape on the butt of the rod and tape your reel to the cork tape. Then go buy a news rod, just in case.
  4. I've purchased from Pete and his team for years. They treat you like your standing in front of them instead of on the other side of the internet.
  5. Give Tony's in Manahawkin a phone call.
  6. I have a complete Hummer H3 OEMroof rack for sale: 1-Flat cross bar bars (qty-2) 2- snow board racks w/locks (qty-2) This set up was use on my 2008 H3. Will only fit the H-3 factory roof track. one of the plastic arms is broken(see photo). price $110.00 for the whole set up, keys included. I’m in DelCo(Pa) but frequent LBI & IBSP. meet up, no shipping. (they are dusty, but in great shape).
  7. I have a complete Yakima roof rack for sale: 1- 58” round bars (qty-2) 2- Q towers with locks(qty-2) 3- Yakima snow board racks w/locks (qty-2) the rack was used on my Isuzu Trooper you may have to buy an adapter for your vehicle. price $150.00 for the whole set up, keys included. I’m in DelCo(Pa) but frequent LBI & IBSP. meet up, no shipping. (they are dusty, but in great shape).
  8. If the Lamiglas GSB 114 7F is still available I will take it for the asking. I can p/u this Monday if you pick a meeting place.
  9. Colt began to manufacture their 357 mag handgun sometime in the mid 1930's. The gun had a scroll mark on the barrel that labeled it as the Colt 357 magnum cartridge. That original frame appeared to be based on the original Officer's Model Match with the old Colt adjustable sights. After WWII Colt resumed manufacture of this gun until the mid 1950's when Colt decided to offer the super sexed-up version (aka Python). The Colt Python was hand fitted and had a high polished Colt royal blue finish. Colt also manufactured a "service" grade handgun that was labeled the Colt Trooper. The Colt Trooper was built on the same frame as the Python, but it had no top barrel rib or under lug and it was finished in a flat blue finish (the finish differentiation the same as the difference between the S&W model 27 & 28). The handgun that is pictured appears to have a modified/customized original pre-Python Colt 357 magnum barrel; Even if the frame serial number refers you to a Colt Python. Remember, the Colt 357 Magnum, the Colt Python, and the Colt Trooper manufactured up until the change from the Colt "E" frame to the modern Colt "I"frame ( sometime in the mid to late sixties) were apparently built the based on the same design. Be careful when you look up Colt serial numbers. When I have used the Colt website to determine date of manufacture I have seen multiple manufacture dates based on the model gun I was researching. Might I suggest that you check the Colt website and see if the list of guns the website gives you based on a serial number search includes the original Colt 357 Magnum model. Also be advised that the Colt MKIII guns, any model, employ a completely different design regardless of the model name (ie; Trooper MKIII, Metropolitan MKIII, Official Police MKIII, Lawmen MKIII- these are all 'J' frame guns).
  10. I’ll have to pass. Thank you for your time
  11. Hi Matt, I can offer you $200 for both shipped. Payment will be by paypal immediately. If your not interested in my offer thank you for your time. Best Regards
  12. Seals shutdown the fishing on Nantucket, they shutdown the fishing at Race Point, and they will (after being conditioned over time) shutdown the fishing wherever they ( the seals) decide to settle/colonize; Montauk, the Cape Cod Canal, or New Jersey. As long as there is a sustainable food source for them you will see seals at that location. I’m waiting for them to start biting when you try to land a fish that they want.