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  1. I'm in
  2. Sage has a great repair program. Last year I broke a tip section on a GSP 260-3 Graphite III blank. This is a 6ft 3pc spin blank that I built a number of years ago. I broke a tip section and called Sage hoping they had one laying around, after all they have not made a spin rod for probably 50 years. The guy I spoke to told me they would make a replacement for $75 shipped. They provided a ship (unfortunately Fed Ex) label. I had to send the complete rod so they could examine all sections and replace anything questionable. All for $75 inclusive- one price for tip and any other section. $75 complete. They do this for any rod they or blank they have made except for the very oldest as the raw material is no longer made. aneary complained that he paid for broken tip and a cork grip replacement on an early sage rod. Worn out grips and broken tips are not warranty items but either user error as my tip was or just plain old wear. Not manufacturing errors under warranty. As far as speedy goes Sage received my blank in the AM and sent the new tip out the same afternoon. FED EX took 15 days round trip. Tough to beat one day service
  3. I would get him a short rod - more in line with his physical size - with a reel sized accordingly - 1000 ? Make it easier for him to use. What he has in his hands now is harder for him than a 13' surf stick is for you. No matter what you pick I think, from what you have written, that the most important thing you can do is use it yourself in front of him for a while so that when he grabs it he thinks it is daddy's - not a toy. Good luck, Bob
  4. If the sole is as clean as the uppers [pull tab aside] and includes shipping to 10532 [ Hawthorne, N.Y. ] I'll take them.
  5. The hole in the spool was to put your mono line through when the reel was in storage so that the line did not spring off the spool. Soft mono did not exist back then. The top of the line back then were Luxor, Thomen Record which was sold to a machine tool outfit in White Plains, NY, produced for a few years by them, and discontinued. They lost quality control going from Swiss Production to White Plains, especially in their pressure casting. We used the same outfit for a while but the breakage, lack of proper trimming, etc was so bad we had to switch. No doubt Record got the same treatment even though they were across the street from each other. DAM Quick was the other top of line reel from the late 50's and early 60's. Mitchell would not take very rough handling and their Bail springs not long lasting. Penn would take a beating but were not in the same class quality wise. If you need guides PM me the sizes and I might have some still on hand.
  6. What "stinky stuff" did you use?
  7. Early last year Sage made a tip section for a 6-6 Spinning rod blank I had made many years ago. The gentleman I spoke to told me they could make sections for all their rods but for some very early ones that the raw materials were no longer available for. The charge was $75.00 and included shipping both ways. The turn around was at arrive Sage in the morning out the same afternoon. Shipping via FedEx 8 days out 10 days back. Same day turn around on a tip section of a blank that had not been made in 30 or so years is beyond belief. Shame they stopped making spin blanks as they were excellent.
  8. I believe that reel to be at the latest around 52 by the fact that the 300 is not engraved on the side plate and the handle is round. I was given my first in 53 or 54 as a birthday gift and it came with 2 spools, large capacity and large arbor, with a screw top canister for the extra spool and a velvet bag for the reel. The handle was a paddle type.
  9. Manhattan

    Tried to send you a PM, but you do not yet meet the requirements, so please meet them or post your E-Mail or phone #. There a whole lot of of spots around, but they would be ruined if posted on a forum by overcrowding, disrespect of private property, careless parking,trespassing, just plain rudeness to local folks, etc. Bob
  10. 40wt embroidery thread is slightly smaller than A nylon thread. Remember that most of these are made for machine use and are treated with a lubricant. Do not use Rayon as they do not like the chemicals we use for finishing.
  11. Make, model and year of vehicle might help get an educated responce
  12. Any masonry supply has it, and yes it is in powder form also tombstone companies have it and are sometimes willing to part with some. They use it for cleaning stone markers in cemeteries. Do not believe wood bleach is nearly as concentrated as water and acid mix. If the stain on the bluestone is caused by residue laying on it from your brick cleaning efforts you may not be able to entirely remove it. This is the reason for working from the bottom up when cleaning the brick, the drips running down the surface onto the uncleaned surface will cause lots of streaks.
  13. You might want to try White Vinegar on the non brick surfaces. Oxalic Acid will make the brick look like new, just remember to scrub from the bottom up to avoid streaks. Proper hand protection and respiratory protection should be used. Vinegar will cut the buildup on smooth metal (stove pipe, etc). Try on small spot on painted surfaces to see if it will harm it before going hog wild. Oxalic will clean up stone, brick and most other masonry surfaces to a like new condition.
  14. RJ, you are mistaken. NY only honors CT & RI Marine permits. All others, including NJ, must have the proper NY permit. It is free and will keep you legal.