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  1. Ok. Send me your PayPal Info as well
  2. Payment sent. Thank you
  3. I’ll cover the PayPal . You can send as military/ diplomatic mail since it’s going to an Armed Services Postal Office. USPS has a program with the military - its regional fees, like sending within your own state
  4. If interested I’ll go $150 shipped for the rod. I will donate it to a military fishing club for Veterans Day or an active duty member. I will send you pictures or letter from the person receiving it or I can post them here.
  5. Hi guys. Checking to see what’s out there. I’m looking for a new or like new Shimano Stradic FL C3000XG reel . Let me know what you have . Thank you
  6. If you like tuna jigging move to the 6500. Size. The 5000 is a 6500 with a smaller spool. It was always a weird size as it denied the line capacity of a reel of that had good power and size for chasing tuna
  7. I would go $500 for the Dogfight. I would go higher if it was a newer version and I could find parts. Parts for those models are very rare
  8. They do not make them but shimano is still selling parts for these reeels including spools and the handles. They cost a little more but they can still be purchased
  9. Interested in any trades?
  10. The dogfight is the first version ever made, not the previous one. Still a great reel
  11. Please close. Back to the store it goes!!!
  12. Last bump $500 shipped If not sold by Tuesday it goes back to the store