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  1. Selling a NIB SOM spool and SOM handle. These items have never been used or been on a reel. People that have handled these parts know they are the ultimate refinement in saltwater reel customization. The machine work is exquisite and it’s a true form of art ! Spool has 500 yards of power pro 80 lbs braid . Asking $350 for both shipped with tracking and insurance.
  2. Hi guys. Selling an excellent condition Shimano Stella 20.000. Only marks I can see are on top of the spool ( pictured) , small marks from a jig as we were going out to the fishing spot. the reel had been mostly a closet queen, works flawlessly without any issues. asking $675 shipped in the USA with tracking and insurance.
  3. $625 shipped to your door! every penny will be donated to the “Savannah oncology children’s hospital “. Let’s help these little angels get some Christmas gifts and make the little time they have on this world a little better . I believe if you can make a donation to a charity / hospital that it can be deduced when doing your taxes ! Guys that have experience with charity and donations are welcomed to offer suggestions. I’ll work with people, just want the money to go to this cause ( there are some cases right now in the children’s hospital that really touched my heart ).
  4. It’s spinning Chief .
  5. Payment sent !
  6. I’ll take the temple reef rod
  7. Already bought some . Thank you very much
  8. Last bump. & $625 shipped with tracking and insurance!
  9. I’ll take them if available. Thank you
  10. 625 shipped with tracking and insurance. You will be hard pressed to find another OG “giant slayer” in this condition and fully custom like this one! there are several videos with fish up 101” caught on this rod model ( RP 250) and the bend it’s beautiful!
  11. Did you scrape that area where it has the serial number or you bought it like that ?
  12. Payment received. Thank you very much . Rod sold to Bow3022
  13. Guys who love their stuff or want to take good care of their stuff will install them on higher end reels. They were pretty popular in Japan , especially guys fishing in rocky or from hard environments ( concrete walls , harbors etc )