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  1. Any police reports about the boat? I would agree with At great speed.
  2. Yeah mokes It travels well too. Smoke a bunch and take it to a gathering and just crisp it up reheat it on a gasser its a big hit. I spatchkock a whole bird and heat it up bottom first then the skin side. even sauce it on the grill. Wings are good for that too. After they are smoked they dont flare up. Keep them moving and hitting them with hot sauce so it cooks on.
  3. Its rubber to me bro. I have no problem with sausage. Not the deer around here man.
  4. Yeah Ted. It was 2am. I saw it from the road he wasnt moving. We missed the road closure by minutes.
  5. I crisp it up on the grill after its smoked.
  6. Chicken on a stick.
  7. Wow. I saw a guy that was run over by a car on the way home Saturday night. Even before the cops got there. Found out on the news he was dead the next morning. He looked dead when I saw him.
  8. He wants the meat from that deer. Mike that thing is basically only good for sausage if you ask me. You will get a lot too. Horse might be more palatable.
  9. *Good taking it down. Here in PA there is a disease with the black walnuts. Its called Thousand Cankers Disease. Its a fungus. The DCNR says the chips and wood have to stay on the property. What ever. There is a mulch making place where you can drop brush from the twp and there is a sign that says no black wallnut. Billybob what it run you? Under 2k? You dont want that root mass sticking up out of your yard if it fell over.*
  10. I have miles of that crinkly yarn for the egg things.
  11. I will make them bigger. You sew the big one I made. LOL I will make a Muskrat and you can send it ti shorty. My boss walked up to me with a huge dead rooster in a trash bag. He was telling me it was a dick and attacked every thing. His girl tryed to nutter it but its balls are on the indide. The thing was so big she couldnt get it out and she had to euthanize it. I didnt look at it I just shoved it in the freezer at work. He said it is beautiful and was sad it was such a dick. lol I will skin it out nice. Did you bring back some Polar Bear fur for your fly tieing friends?
  12. Tom where is the queen mary out of?
  13. What about the mouse flies? Did Shorty like them?
  14. He snagged her on the fore head close to her eye. So I heard. Dr on the boat taped it to her head.
  15. I heard some belligerent "latino" guy back casted and hooked a young girl on the Queen mary last week. They had to come in and the guy got stupid with the crew. A guy I met got a big Mahi blue fishing. He saw it and casted to it. I caught a 4 foot or so eel. It was ugly.
  16. I saw a woman hit a ball today and she hit herself with the ball in her own knee.
  17. We know you said he craps every where.
  18. I need a hair cut by the time I read all of that. And it will be more exciting than this thread.
  19. I caught an eel Saturday night. It was at least 4 feet long. Thats all I got.
  20. 7-15-21 One can only dream.
  21. The thing about letting it fall is you may have to deal with the root mass sticking up out of the yard. I had 2 of them fall last year. One hit my house.
  22. Slant carp.
  23. Herman.
  24. Hoochie momma