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  1. 13 hours ago, Popasilov said:

    Talking to my daughter tonight, before the bed.

    Me:" I'll tell you something scary to me. You look more and more like your mother"

    Her:" Oh my God. That is terrifying"

    Smart kid.

    Damn, I fill sorry for my future son in law.




    Why was she ugly?

  2. 2 mins ago, cleatis said:

    I was making onion rings outside last night and had the pan about a half inch or so of oil on the crab burner waiting to fire it up.  Came out 5 minutes later and the dog drank all the oil out of the pan!!

    That dog is going to crap up the wall. lol


  3. 8 mins ago, Tom T said:

    Imagine being these guys walking around the after party with their wangs hanging out.


    " boat proved the class of the tournament.  The “Seven” out of Jupiter, Florida netted the top blue marlin (worth $1,100,000) and the top tuna, (good for $1,220,000) with a total winnings of just under $2,400,000.  In addition to their final achievements, it needs to be added that, until the final hour of the event, they also held the 3rd place white marlin."



    May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text


    His name is Cash. lol

  4. 20 mins ago, MikeMc said:

    I just saw them again, doeless. I've seen doe there. I've seen buck there. I've seen three fawns about 10 times over two years now and always alone. I find it fascinating. 

    The does are letting them wander. They are weening. Deer behavior is fascinating. 2 years ago I had a bunch of deer under my stand. There has been a bully spike for 3 years now. The first year I had him around a tiny fawn tried to nurse on him. He wailed that tiny thing. It was weak. It went flying. There were 10 deer there. No one cared. I shot the tiny one to put it out of its misery. It took 2 steps and layed down. None of them cared. That little thing stank. It was only about 10 lbs in late September.

    That bully was big body last year. But he has a scrub rack. He hasnt had a descent 6 yet in 3/4 years. This year I will shoot him if he has 3 on one side.


  5. On 8/6/2021 at 7:40 PM, squidder 329 said:

    My neighbors husband was a fire fighter and perished in one of the towers. She has spoken of him and from what she said I could easily been friends with him. I won't watch because it will make me angry for days.




    I only know one person that was affected by the attack personally. He is a good friend of mine from here. I have met a few other 9/11 responders at a gathering at another friends house from here. One guy has one lung now. They are crazy guys. Good men.