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  1. nothin lower than a kid toucher ever but yes this is about the girl and a dog
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Bass Ackwards Like I said before, " all big dog must be correctly owned and trained by their owners or these attacks will happen". Small dogs too. for shure what you put in is what yuo get out just like anything in life i was at a frends house and he had a pit dog in a cage it was flipin out so his mom sez o dont worry he is a babiedoll after that we would meet some place else that dog was nuts
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Bass Ackwards Heres a link to a much better list from the Centers for Desease Control CDC Your list isn't quite right. While Pit Bull or " Pit Bull Types" may have led the list, any big dog is capable of killing. I am no fan of Pit Bulls by any means but any and all big dog must be correctly owned and trained by their owners or these attacks will happen. well yea you gota train yr pet ya know like dont poop on the carpet dont eat out of trash dont chew on the baybes face just the reguler stuff nothin big hu
  4. you can get big alow stalks at an asian market keep it in the fridge for extra relife my skin on my arm cracked from a miss with spray on sunscreen i got a staf infection on it from the bay water
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by TLDig what eebs was saying is that although he and i both have boobs.... i'm supposed to. ok thank you miss
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by big popper not mine but look close... nice!! it looks like a jackrussel doxi mix love the paint job
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by gobigblue i got a weiner, when hes not killing small animals with my other mutt, he can be found lounging on the couch, laying next to the vent or trying to find the sun. sheamus:love: yea mine likes the vent too she hears the heater come on and runs to it
  8. yes still learnin did not mean to but in i will go back to my weiner dog thread and stay there till i figger it out
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mako20ft Please note your concerns, apply 2 stamps and raise the red flag out front. Outside of not call attention to the obvious and otherwise happily noted oops you know how them new guys can be
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JimW I'm with you. I think the beer can makes a convenient fat catcher and it seems to do no harm. yea or help i had a rack that would hold a bird upright like a can the bird cooked fast and was jucie but not laying in the gerase it was a neat thing
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by AndreSchwartz I agree with most of what you said except what I quoted. That dog damn knew that it was a human child and knew what it was doing. Pits are just a **** ty breed to be pets. There are definitely exceptions. But for the most part, it's a defective breed for a pet. agreed
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by EBHarvey my 6 pound fashion accessory of a dog with a brain the size of a grape knows my baby is a human baby, how the **** is it that a pitbull can't figure out that a smaller version of a human is also a human? if they're that dumb to begin with then, yeah, what kneel said, into the woodchipper. i gues i was trying to say the dog may have seen the child as compititon some how
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by nal
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by BradleyBeachMan be weary of the people you take advice from. the bait shop owners might just tell you anything to make a sale. lures are made to catch fishermen not fish
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Homerisadope And the outfit, Pete - what kind of man does that to a dog???? the kinda man that could gay up a fishing website
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by Homerisadope I think this is the "gaying up" that Mister Pete was warning you all about. yea i am new here but i am allready usedto it i knew youz would'nt let me down
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Bass Ackwards That must piss ya off when the dog can get into the wifes undies and you can't. NICE BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Billybob What did the ground hog do to piss her off? it was under my cannoe spreabing fleas
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by squidlips That's hot. NO YOU ARE!!! you sound cool catch ya on the gardening thred later
  20. cool video ! yea she grabed that garter snake and shook it and she was coverd in ookie snake juice so bass ak. i donot do that kinda stuff she is a family pet we live in a wooded area so there is plenty of time for her to play outdoors i take her fresh water fishing but never had her on a boat not a real water dog i gota put up a pik or 2 for yuz
  21. AAARRRGGGH first time on this thred i was ooing and aaahhing more here than the bewb thred i must be geting old
  22. ^^^^^ how long have you been on my planet?
  23. talkin about dik capies once a me and a pall booked and sent the money to the hellen h and they stayed in main to whale watch that weekend and sent our money back we both took time off work for that trip that was laime in my book
  24. what u mean our contry ? where u from?
  25. i understand tog love em put a few on a hook and soak em let me know how you dooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111