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  1. But you hang out with plenty of them.
  2. and crack pipe
  3. I got my vices down pat. How are all of you finger prickers doing? I was studying for my blood work. I fell off the wagon with a few IPA's. I enjoyed some ice cream. But I nailed it. I am happy.
  4. Put your twat on a leash. I blame you.
  5. Now they are talking 90 for the weekend.
  6. Bears in Bucks county again. every year they show up. They are usually seen at schools. The dumpsters must attract them with the wasted food.
  7. There was an episode of Two and a half men she was in playing a teen ager she was very attractive there.
  8. Thanks for researching. There is no way you could shame me to my woman. Especially with a bitch post like that. And you say I am insulting to your "wife" you said she is bigger than me. I said yours is hairier. AGAIN leave my name out of your stupid. I didnt know there was a truce. Is there a truce?
  9. I cant spell the name of those things
  10. I never liked those kind of peppers. They have a flavor I just dont enjoy. I really like the pickled banana peppers. Looks good but I am off of the rolls.
  11. Are you new here? I was the only one drug in to this thread. I was participating until spaz drug my name in to his stupid. I will defend my self. Back to the OP. Megan Fox was attractive woman. In that pic she seems to be trying to look like a kardasian with the hair and nails. Her clothing looks stupid. We can discuss that if you are interested.
  12. That explains the giant head.
  13. Hey spaz you dont remember writing the letter to my girlfriend about me being mean to you? You must have been drunk.
  14. You post to my girl you basically wrote her a letter telling her I was being mean to you. You cryed to her about me being mean to you. I am not angry or drunk. All you have to do is leave my name out of your stupid. Leave my girl alone. What dont you understand?
  15. They are your friends.
  16. I dont care. You contacted my girl and you brought up your wife. Cry to tim call a cop I dont care.
  17. Not fighting just trying to get the point across to the twat that if he leaves my name out of his stupid he wont have a problem. The other day he posted crying to my girl friend I was being mean to him. The guy is a bitch and I am just not interested.
  18. Yeah ok water head.
  19. I am zero interested is speaking with you. The post shows she was expecting some looser rednecks to show up. She is as conceded as you are if not more. AGAIN leave my name out of your stupid and you wont have a problem.
  20. Not my fault you forget. like I said leave me out of your stupid and you wont have a problem you coincided cu nt. I can name call all day. You cant insult me because I have zero respect for you.
  21. I was in my 20's. Guys were talking about going there to get work.
  22. I bet the tree bends when you get in it.
  23. Truth hurts? We all saw what you said your wife said about Red. It seems everyone is beneath you. At least thats what you and your wife think any way. You aint **** to any one here. Just like me. But I aint looking for friends.
  24. No I dont want to. You **** off. I told you first. You posted my name. I show up. Leave me out of your stupid and you wont have a problem.