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    Skinny sking , bull fights on acid Danceing naked in front of my pets
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  1. Good for you Byron. I am glad you are happy.
  2. I tell them "Your mother has sour brest milk." I love messing with them.
  3. Tom that was neat.
  4. I enjoyed his company.
  5. Ok Hobobob whats going on?
  6. You might need to crisp it up if its only in the smoker.
  7. Birnie pinked me.
  8. Oh man is that for real?
  9. That is thick.
  10. I said there are nipples on it. Interesting.
  11. Ok not tender loins pork loin. I guess it would work but they are smaller. The tender loins are the filet from pork. Not the back strap. The tender loins should not need any trimming.
  12. Back to the op. I saw public defenders at the court. Basically you show up. They are there. They read your case. Then make a snap decision on what they are going to say in about 15 minutes. They just guide you through the court system with the mumbojumbo.
  13. I didnt even get a samich. I got home at 1am got drunk and went to work at dawn. It really sucked.
  14. This braud was drinking while I was sleeping off a fishing trip. The cops were laughing at her. They were braking my balls. Telling me I looked like some wrestler.