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  1. I dont know but the equipment to process it aint cheap either.
  2. That equipment is not some thing just anyone has. I thought places pay to get rid of that stuff.
  3. Female dog urine is very acidic.
  4. Oh Terri I am sorry your head looks like a potato.
  5. I had the laser for glaucoma. They said I could drive but I was very light sencitive. You will be fine.
  6. More like the iron sausage.
  7. I have been hitting a bunch of local lakes in nj by my girls place. There is more water there. Got a snake head Sunday.
  8. There are 2 lakes there isnt there? Im in centeral bucks. I hunt with mericanwit when he can get out.
  9. Its not over till the fat lady sings. Well guess what.
  10. 4 people were shot in front of some chineese restaurant yesterday and peopleare ODing in the streets and every one is all excited because I didnt kill that snake head I caught. Some fat lady sang a song 90 years ago 90****ING YEARS AGO! I caught 2 with in 200 yds of each other. And tripped over litter the entire time I was there. And every one is all pissy about some fat bitch singing a song. 90 ****ing years ago.
  11. They put cammel **** in the clay too.
  12. Yeah that was funny.
  13. Ill be Sargent at arms. First thing we do is deport frank to some 3rd world **** hole.
  14. What word? rancidcurrystinkingmuzzy
  15. There was plenty of shootings in philly yesterday. What some fat woman sang about 90 years ago is the least of their problems there. Its funny all of the black on black crime doesnt seem to bother any one there. People ODing in the streets. No big deal right?