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    100% humanbeing.
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    Skinny sking , bull fights on acid Danceing naked in front of my pets
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  1. Get more Voles.
  2. yes
  3. For the deep drop.
  4. Whose painting the house?
  5. You have the nicest robes.
  6. Im watchin the Game cops show. They pulled over some redneck in a cold pick up truck. They searched his truck. He said he had a meth pipe in there. The cop said in the bible? He hollered in the console next to my bible. Dont do meth. Or at least drive around with it.
  7. She can do what ever she wants. Just ask her.
  8. I need that dog in a skiff on opening day with me. My nostril twitches like that too.
  9. Give me some more of that!
  10. Some kind of pipe dream I am sure.
  11. Is everything ok there bro?
  12. It had babies in its pouch. They ride on her back too. When theres Coons on my Mommas porch she chases them off with a broom. Some guys feed them granola bars...
  13. Its not hard to understand.
  14. Its not deer season.