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  1. Keep your powder dry guys. Good night.
  2. Yeah stone cats.
  3. Like shooting a ground hog holding an apple and poping the apple first. The round would frag before it hit it. lol
  4. It would definetly put you back in to the 5th grade for the rest of your life.
  5. If you hit a person in the hand or wrist knee or face with one of those things they will stop looting. Pop the molitive cocktail in his hand would be funny.
  6. In Israel they have snipers with 22's and they kneecap the rock throwers.
  7. AC is basically a ghetto so what are they going to steal?
  8. One guy on a roof with a 308 can cause a lot of problems.
  9. It might get ugly. You know the cops are nonexistent there. I would bet if people came and started smashing stuff and torching cars there they will kill them.
  10. I should be sleeping but I am sitting here being worried.
  11. I hope he has the metal doors on the front of his shop.
  12. Yes.
  13. Honestly I dont trust cops right now. They have to be trigger happy and nervous. If I get pulled over I dont want to roll my window down more that a few inches. I dont want a guy with body armor a stick a knife a taser and a gun to have the drop on me. And I definitely dont want him standing on my neck. I got in trouble a few years ago and they were cool with me but some just arent cool.
  14. In the city the cops are out numbered by an unruly mob that throw bricks and play with matches. Around here it is a different game.
  15. The lines at the gun shops have been there for 10 years now here. I really think if this noncence spreads in to my area people will die.