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  1. Weed fish more not less.
  2. The 10,000 gal oil truck one was nice. That needs a big crew to man that thing.
  3. Did I shut down this thread? Have fun guys. i was just talkin smack.
  4. Daniel Carver said "Its a win win. One nore black in jail or he goes and kills more white whores.".
  5. I saw one years ago in the bargan cave at cabellas with a banged up box. Mekkk. if you are interested in putting in all of the effort its good. The guys love it here and I have eaten plenty of their stuff. Very nice. My electric one broke for the second time. The guys love my stuff too. i gotta get a new one. Havent smoked a chicken in way to long.
  6. Uggghh they get bigger tan that. One thing i dont like. The deer dont eat those/
  7. Beets?
  8. Juan are you doing the 4th this year?
  9. we are having the bambi cubes from when we hooked up to butcher last year. Getting to the bottom of the freezer.
  10. WSM was $300 at homies the other day.
  11. I am thinking he used it to death.
  12. Good for you guys. Glad you had a nice day.
  13. Its gonna be another good year. We saw a buck next door where the neighbor feeds them. It had big stumps higher than its ears.
  14. Ortega crispy fish taco seasoning. Good luck finding it. I had to get it on line and pay shipping. we got 2 boxes one for her place and one for mine.
  15. LOL Did her fella carry it in for her or did she just handle it her self? Hows his lip doing any how?