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  1. I like circles, through "nose" of the bunker. They have some tough cartilage there which keeps the hook up, and I'm told bass attack the head first. It's always worked for me. Blues bite from the backside of the baitfish.
  2. Got first decent bass since July this weekend over off norwalk. A modest fish at 31 inches, took a 7 inch spook. A lot more little guys, and little blues. A few larger blues mid sound too.
  3. No albies in western sound from norwalk to fairfield. Got fooled by some bluefish mid sound, some big ones tailing and eating small bait. Made for some exciting fishing to keep the crew awake.
  4. How far west are you guys getting reports of alberts or seeing them/catching them yourself?
  5. Good advice. For context, I got $1k for a 1997 115 HP Merc with controls. Good compression and perfectly working condition, some corrosion but not inside cowling. No decals, faded cover. Could've gotten more but I was in a hurry and needed old engine gone.
  6. I'm convinced anything with a paddletail works better than those with zoom fluke style tails. You don't have to impart any action beyond retrieving it (not that I'm lazy), and I'm convinced fish love that vibration of the paddle. Should I think otherwise? I also have trouble because I fish shallow areas, need that light weight, yet need distance. On the other hand, I love those albie snax with a weighted screw on style hook. Something about how they are so small and basically weightless in the water, and I have done well basically dead drifting them, or super slow retreive. ...Also killing time about work thinking about fish.
  7. I don't, but I will get one this weekend when I'm home.
  8. What do you guys think about the steady East wind we have coming for the next week or so? Positive or negative? Generally speaking I think we all subscribe to the "west is best, east is the least" mantra. But in this case in early fall I think it could help things. Whose fishing/planning to go out, and what has past experience taught you? I haven't been out in a few weeks but its really just been snapper blues and schoolie bass in western sound. Tho a few decent surface feeds of dinky fish.
  9. September 15th-November. Sept 15th is when they show up in stratford ish area. around until november in norwalk area.
  10. Good to know. thanks
  11. Do you still have the issue? I had that engine for 6 years. My money is it's a gas delivery or venting issue of some sort. What's happening when you lose power? Is the primer bulb sucked in? Does it cut out completely eventually.
  12. Cool. Glad we have multiple reports of blues around. Ive always heard of a nice summer blue bite in the back bays and shallows but never really experienced it, till mid to late sept at least.
  13. Any marsh at low tide at night. I've seen guys walking around with lights near my marina. Good luck catching your daughter some crabs.
  14. 13 year old boat, looks like its in great shape, trailer. I think it should fetch about 17k.
  15. $30 for Krok pliers. Replaceable cutters, no rust at all, comes with sheath and cord so they cannot fall in the water. You'd think I'd never need to replace them but somehow I did lose a pair when on a shore mission and I didnt have a belt : /