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  1. It's starting to get a little cold out and looking for a solution to keep my ass warm and dry as the temperatures slowing get colder. What do you Kayak's wear to keep dry and warm? Thanks and YES I always wear a life vest
  2. Married into the Belsito mob Kenny is a great guy and best Meatball and Eggplant subs in town, my humble opinion.
  3. The Kingdom is very much alive and doing OK. I've been supporting local restaurants form the beginning of this ****how. At least now we can sit inside or outside at most locations. Was at Wormtown just night night and had to order at least some type of food to have a bee,r but for me it was worth it.
  4. Now that's a GREAT story. Too Funny!!!!
  5. Gang, I purchased three packs of Gamakatsu single hooks size 4,6,8 to replace some treble hooks on my rapalas. The problem is that the eye of the hooks are to small for the rapala hook swivel to fit thru! Can someone tell me what hooks they use to replace single for treble in those sizes. BTW if someone from the group want the ones I purchased IM me and for $10 there yours cost me $15 thru cabelas.
  6. Thanks, that guy was really a very good teacher
  7. Thank you for all of your help, was out Sunday for about 5 hours and listen to some of your advice and it was a much better outcome then the last few times! The things I learned and hopefully to help the next baitcaster who is frustrated: After any lure change adjust the Tension knob (what I call the drop rate) it's the larger knob on the side Start off with the Brake adjustment on your reel maxed out, thats the smaller knob on the other side of your reel then lower it down until comfortable Make sure the rod is a baitcast type rod not a spinning rod. The baitcasting rods have the eyelets very close to the blank Of course use the proper line vz rod real I happen to be using 8 lb floro Get the line on tight to the reel when first putting on Start with heavier lures (for me that was the biggest mistake!) Trying to flick a very light plastic worm was just a disaster first lure to try, once I changed over to a kastmaster with some weight behind it everything became easier. It was a great day on the water yesterday, YES I had 2 or 3 rats nests throughout the days BUT it really was a great improvement. Last but not least if I saw that there was a possibility of another rats nest happening I'd drop the lure, free spool the reel paddle out until the loop was gone then reel in the line. At that point I knew the reel and I was good to go. BTW this is on the Charles river in MA Thanks again and tight lines, Bart
  8. I've never really tried shore fishing for Stripers it's either a buddies boat or freshwater fishing near the Worcester area from shore (mostly the Chu) or from my Kayak. Looking for anywhere relatively close by and NOT the Ditch. I'm not looking for a the dreaded "spot burn" but just a area that I could find and give it a go. BTW if anyone wants to meet somewhere I'm always up for that as well.
  9. I'm using 8lb mono and a spinning rod, I'm picking up a bait casting rod tonight since cabellas in Hudson MA is now open :). I was throwing worms and crankbaits
  10. The reel is a Garcia SilverMax
  11. Been fishing forever with a spinning reel decided I'd give baitcasting reels a try since it seems everyone loves them and it's been one rats nest after another. I've watched a ton of videos on set-up etc...... but still a mess. When putting the line on how much tension are you using when putting the line on. I'm thinking maybe the line is just on the reel to loosely. Thanks, and tight lines
  12. Bob, Stay Healthy out there and take care of yourself!
  13. NICE, looks great out there!
  14. I've been there plenty of times and never seen a drone, BUT then again there is plenty of shoreline so you guess is as good as mine