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  1. Hey buddy, so sorry to hear about your 4 legged friend.
  2. To the Chu rats I think I might have asked this before does anyone know what this is used for? I'm sure it must be part of the DCR but I'm baffled. BTW I was around the corner the other night and landed another Laker
  3. As I've said many times here I'm not a bait guy BUT I did catch my second laker on a shiner and you are absolutely correct. The bait was maybe 15 feet max from sure since I couldn't get it out further I'm thinking maybe 2-4 feet deep max
  4. BillZ, Agree with everything you said, so far I wipe down the window before I use the suction piece. If I can find the yakama boat loader it looks like the best option but so far this will work. BTW love the DIY fix.
  5. The skuck is finally gone. Got there at around 5 am perfect conditions got 2 very nice Lakers one on a silver spoon the other on a shiner both of them were above the "normal" chu size. Left at around 830 the wind really picked up and the bite died. No pictures just unhooked them both and pointed them back to open water.
  6. BTW that's what I ended up buying since the Yakama roller system is sold out everywhere and so far I've used it twice works really well.
  7. Got there at around 6 (23 deg) and left around 7, it's a little tough to cast when line and eyelets are frozen! Plan on going back either later in the day or later in the week. God luck out there
  8. I'm not a live bait guy I'm always walking and tossing Kastmaster and crankbaits. Has anyone ever tried Trout magnets with a bobber out there. I was thinking of giving it a go Saturday morning for a change of pace, any thoughts?
  9. Frezzy mind if I PM you as well? I'm down there often and truthfully I have a love /hate relationship with the place. I can't tell you how many miles I've hiked around fishing with very few fish to talk about. I'll be down there for sure either Sat or Sun, either way lets hook up sometime.
  10. As the title says just purchased a new RAV4 and can't figure out the best kayak rack system for me to load the yak on by myself. Between the height, the rear plastic flair in the back and the antenna I'm kind of stumped. What do you guys use?? Thanks for your inputs.
  11. RedGreen If I take my freshwater rod and reel any places around to pick up freshwater bass they have to be bigger down your way then up here It needs to be shore fishing unless I grab a charter
  12. MA guy here and heading to Clearwater FL in February, looking for info on fishing and hoping you guys could help. Any suggestions on either a fresh water or saltwater charter? Is the fresh water bass fishing good this time of year and what's running in the salt. Thanks and if your interested in taking a MA out just IM me. Looking forward to some warmer weather.
  13. WorcBoy, Congrats!!
  14. Was there last night for about 2.5 hrs and the only thing I seen was the Ranger and a nice Sunset. I swear to god that place drives me crazy!!
  15. It's starting to get a little cold out and looking for a solution to keep my ass warm and dry as the temperatures slowing get colder. What do you Kayak's wear to keep dry and warm? Thanks and YES I always wear a life vest