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  1. Hard to believe any numbers anymore. Seems they can be bought and skewed . Not good for the fish populations.
  2. Youre still fishin. Youre still killin fish. Don't pat yourself on the back to hard.
  3. I agree. Pitching still worries me. Would love to see Herrera gone. (not happening). Hope goofy azzed Kapler dosent get in his own way. Trout could b 30 before he is even an option. Interesting team going into season. Looking forward to the season.
  4. Im not gonna stop bailing schoolies. Its pretty much all ive found consistently the last 2 years. I justify it by telling myself that with single hook shads and mashed barbs I do little damage. Might not be true, but ive learned to live with it.
  5. I don't understand. You see nothing wrong with the existing practice that lots use,but admit that with education it should and will change?
  6. If they passed laws to stop fishing, I personally, would break the law. Repeatedly. I don't think the bass population could care zip about who is making the money.There is no economic importance to a dead fishery. Right now, as much as it sux, it sure looks like us recs are the most wasteful. Now that they have come out with these numbers that are showing that handling fish is way more impactful than previously ,for the most part,practiced and believed. Do we ban the photos of the breadcrumbed dinks? When u find that "unified voice that has a positive direction and refuses to be ignored", lemme no. I'll join.
  7. This is your post I somewhat disagree with. NO COMMS! NO BIGS FOR CHARTERS! Except for the comms and charters, who r u saying that they so economically important too? The few and far between mom n pop tackle shops left? Ecologically,if the bass weren't there,wouldnt that mean there would b so many bunker,mullet,sand eels etc..to keep the seals fed? After seeing the kill numbers of c n r bass, its beginning to look like we're the biggest offenders. No?
  8. Id love to see a left side power hitter in this line up, but this money,length of contract is just nuts. Not hard to remember how much it stopped changing over the roster because of Howards contract toward the end. But I want to win now, and this gives us the best chance.
  9. Enlighten me. What is it?
  10. What is a Barney?
  11. Does a "No hero pic" rule on SOL get fish unhooked,not dragged in the sand,back in the water quicker?
  12. Sorry, I misread your question and realize you r talking about tags for kept fish. Not the tagging program I was referring to.
  13. With these new numbers of mortality being so high, maybe these bass are more fragile than we think. How many bass u think die because of the extra handling during tagging?
  14. "Economically important" is why stocks are in trouble. "Way more" means nothing to a dead fish. Supporting catch and release makes us feel better, but if these released bass mortality numbers are correct aren't we killing big numbers that are completely wasted. No money,no food, just dead.
  15. Jeeez. That's a big question. You might wanna google smb fishing and go from there.
  16. How do u feel about no rec fishing?
  17. 6 or 7 years ago I spent a weekend in the Strathmere area and caught some kingfish. I rarely get that far south and was wondering if guys down that way had good success this past season? Thanks
  18. What did u catch?
  19. The inmates are running the asylum in all sports. Coaches are hamstrung...prima donnas...drugs... slappin they b#$$#^s around...lazy on the field.. but im still going out today to watch the flyers and check out an AAF game. I still enjoy the games enough to ignore the horsechit.
  20. My bad FL. I wasn't clear. I was trying to ask if u guys use as small of a piece of real BW as I do FB'S. Besides catching as well as they do, the best thing about the FB's is how long they last and as hard as they try, the kids cant cast them off.
  21. I use the fishbites for the kids on our OBX vacation and catch lots. I use tiny pieces, 1/4 in. Do u use tiny pieces of the bw's also.? Don't u just have little washed out skins after a couple of minutes? Just leave them soak?
  22. Good stuff! Thanks all.
  23. You just did.
  24. Thanks for taking the time to translate info into laymen terms and posting all the fishery management updates. It needs to be dumbed down for me to a certain extent or I start to glaze over.
  25. If I understand correctly, this group isn't involved in bass, bluefish ,weakfish management? Id like to try the "too conservative" approach on these species for a while.