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  1. Hope u didn't think I was throwing doubt at u or your kids fish. Was joking about the OPs video and the Jersey 20 lbers. Congrats on your catch.
  2. With all the shorts around where I fish the last few years. Ive gone to clipping off one hook on each treble. I throw 5 in redfins a lot. Front and belly cut to two, rear hook removed. Mashed barbs. Seems to have cut down on side hooked fish. On full sized plugs, ive tried the inline singles and didn't like them.
  3. Lotta good info in this thread. Some guys seem to enjoy the whole lease/buy process. The art of the deal. Not me.
  4. Great in that shallow water. No where to go but up. In Jersey, every one of those fish are called 20 lbers.
  5. Kil, please don't shake hands. The drama queens have decided that this might possibly pass on this bug they r whining about. I just read that high fiving is ok. Fish on Cowboy.
  6. 72!!! U don't look a day over 70. In all that time u must have accrued years of wisdom beyond what most of us can even dream of. Please share your golden advice w these ignorant 20 somethings that think rules and irresponsible acts of self satisfaction, like bouncing around state to state to fish,during a highly contagious health episode,should b doing. I think if a guy like yourself,the Tom Brady of rockhoppers, could spare a sec to point them in the right direction, this will all b in the rear window no later than Easter. God bless u my son.
  7. Damn. Hes gonna b heartbroken. If all goes well, youll b in the area during the next pandemic. Dare to dream, Glad to no April is the cut off. I have a rental lined up down the OBX and now I no I can send out the down payment. Stay strong Bro.
  8. Don't let these nay sayers get to u King Kil.. If u get a chance to roll back thru Fla, my brother works respiratory in Ft Myers. They r a little short on masks right now, but when they get some, he would love to have u stop in and autograph a few. Blackhole! Blackhole! Blackhole!
  9. I hear the rooster bite is taking off around Baja. U should probly head that way. Just call ahead and letem no The K Man is comin so none of those pesky border guard jag offs slow u down on your quest. Go for it Bro! We r all living thru your courageous escapades. Your selfless willingness to put yourself in danger to hawk a product sets a high bar for the rest of us mere mortals. God Speed Kil. God Speed.
  10. Whew! Thank god youre ok and were able to accomplish your mission! What state are you bouncing to next? If you make it to Pa please stop in. Id like you to help design my Blackhole tattoo. Keep fighting Bro!!
  11. Yeah, its not much, but its close. Ill kill a few hours a handful of times each year there. Walking and tossing small twister tails will get u white and yellow perch,crappie and once in a while a decent lm. If your kids r still young, mine enjoyed hauling on cats up to 36" on chicken livers. unfortunately, u will also hook a few turtles.
  12. Killing some time the last couple days and saw hundreds of dead sunfish floating. Just wondered if anyone has seen this anywhere else locally.
  13. Is there a difference between alewives and herring ?
  14. Kil ! U r hardcore dude! The sacrifices u r willing to endure in order to catch is awe inspiring. I was on the edge of my seat when u were having trouble keeping those pomps honest. PM your address so I can send u some masks I will try and lift from some dopey ambulance that forgets to lock their door. Stay safe Lil Buddy!!
  15. Knew when to fold em.