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  1. Who is the NJ state manager? Id like to google him to see what his actual job description is.
  2. Rod sold to Bdawk2020. Thanks SOL.
  3. Not my thing, but im glad u enjoyed them. Ive actually had a different type of mullet, striped i believe, in Florida, that were very good. Probably about 3 lbs. Meat looked completely different from the finger mullet in Jersey. Bon appetit !
  4. Whoa. Mullet? No chit?
  5. Hey Tim. For whatever reason, it cleared itself up. Wish i had some advice on how i cleaned it out, but it went away on its own. Thanks.
  6. Socks. Zip ties.
  7. Pretty sure youre gonna make the problem worse feeding it fish youve caught. Maybe let the neighbors dog off its leash.
  8. Whats the difference between reeling a bead or the swivel to your eye tip? Cant imagine having an extra bead.
  9. Rod is the CTS-CB902-2.Rated 1-3. Wrapped concept by Pony Tail Mikes at Grumpys.Weighs 9.7oz. Its the Surf/Jetty Plug and Jig rod series. Per CTS: Progressive taper w moderate action.
  10. I used to use 12" pieces of pipe insulation on the parts of the rod that i would pinch between the slider. Spent a decent amount of time chasing those pieces down the beach.
  11. I would go the 120 you were looking to spend. So you know. This is 2 pc. There are no specs on the rod because i had the reel moved down to 19" to reel stem. Work was done at Grumpys so there is a Grumpy emblem where the rod specs got covered. Great deal for someone. Only reason i will go this low is I dont want to ship so a meetup where someone can handle it is best. Looking to deal because I have enough 9's and want to put funds toward an 11 im having built. Thx.
  12. I have a 9 ft cts looking for a home. Im in Southampton/ NE Philly area. Let me know if you want to take a look at it.
  13. Did this for years. The rain,cold and bugs getting thru that slider sucked. Suv, racks on top for whatever i cant fit inside. Id never go back.
  14. Thats nice!! I like bone and the bunker pattern. Its weird,i throw lots of black plugs but for whatever reason the black Tattoo ml doesnt produce well for me. U would think it would b a sure thing. Like to get my hands on a smokey joe paint job.