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  1. I stay away from them when im knocked up.
  2. Great vid. Great fishing conditions. I realize this is a Hogy vid, but, I walk up on that im digging out a metal lip.
  3. CNR's show up,im done throwing. Have watched bait guys rigs take off like bottle rockets outta sand spikes when a big school goes thru. When I fish Florida , I enjoy jacks,while most locals will walk away. Consider them trash. At least I get them on topwaters. One mans trash...…..
  4. I have found that a small popper w no hooks w 2 ft leader to a pink streamer will work at times. Think casting egg,but I don't own any. Sometimes nothing will work it seems. I agree,frustrating.
  5. Spotburn reported.
  6. What area? Are you still having any alge/red tide issues? Nice fish.
  7. Told them to S-S-S-swing. Genius. MB.
  8. That jetty was about the easiest to walk and to get to, but as a kid I hardly ever remember it being crowded until after maybe 9 am. Only problem was they would chase you off of there a lot at night. Used to call the area around the concrete battery "the Nunnery",
  9. Hats off to LIsurf for hanging in here w/out losing his chit. Don't no how u were able to catch . Your set up looks like it might be .002 oz outta balance.
  10. The wood bulkhead at the base of the N Jetty all the way round back before the stooped sock was installed.
  11. The Cove.
  12. Just put them on the field in a game that counts. How many guys look good in pre season games turn out to b no shows when it counts anyhow. Eagles had the greatest tight end in football for years, L J Smith, if the regular season was played in August.
  13. Between dik heads like this guy,refs,replays and the overall game itself, nfl is becoming a hard watch. Im not done yet,but its getting close. Bring on college football.
  14. Been hoping for a concerted effort of a group who are actually looking to work on fish populations. Hope ASGA takes off and gains momentum. Thanks to those putting in the work.