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  1. I would do that. Thanks for the deal . PM on the way.
  2. Ive watched shows that targeted golden dorado that have always interested me. Look like a tough catch. Being that they seem most likely to be caughtin or around Argentina, probably not gonna happen. Like many others, the surf rooster trips to Cabo,is in the planning stage.
  3. I you would be willing to drop to $130.00 cash for the 2-6, im in NE Philly and could meet up. Thanks.
  4. Definitely make the investment in a pair w carbide spikes. Not the place to cut corners. Maybe a used pair off the BST forum ?
  5. Seems obvious to me also. Anybody giving out the "its been done forever" fable, is missing the point. No kidding. Bugs have been used for bait before. Post up the threads from the past about the bug fishing here on SOL. U really dont see the difference in what has taken off here in the last few years? Ask Grumpy how many rakes he sold 5 seasons ago.
  6. Can u at least let me no what this supposed DB of a guide caught the redfish on? At least that would b useful info. Preciate the help.
  7. Most overrated? All tuna,mahi and salmon. Gimme those reef, bottom dwellers. Crab, shrimp eaters. Bait fish eaters taste like the bait they eat.
  8. Ill b heading down on the 13th. Can anybody help me out with an update on conditions? Any other advice on beach fishing would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, i dont keep anything. Ill be in the Lovers Key area. Thanks.
  9. Just trying to enhance the island experience. With 1 rule i have knocked u down to 2 days! Think how much better i would b able to nap stretched out in my lounge chair if all u gulp groupies would stop bombing the hole next to me, 2 minutes after the last guy just left. All that gas for a handfull of 13 in. fluke.
  10. Two rules. No trucks allowed to access beach between 7am to 4pm. No fires. Crowds gone.
  11. Two rules. No trucks allowed to access beach after 7am. No fires. Crowds gone.
  12. Thats way too much like work. U need to think about going decaf.
  13. Wow. That looks awkward to me. Ill give it a shot. Thx
  14. Its a legitimate bitch. If u dont think checking trucks at access points wont create a bottleneck problem, u dont fish there much.
  15. Thanks for the info. The reason i asked is because i use a lot of 5in redfins and small bombers. Upgrading hardware on them seems to take away too much action to make it worthwhile to me. I have settled on light drag when throwing them.