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  1. HaHa. That's great. Better than the blowhard coaches going on and on with nuthin to say. Luv the jackoff coaches who only want to talk after a win. Very Cam Newton-esque.
  2. Between the announcers and the penalties and stoppages/ commercials,its getting tough. The celebrations bore me. Having said that,I still thought that game was fun to watch. Wonder when coaches in high school/college are going to push d backs to look back for balls. These pass int calls are free points for offenses.
  3. Guess u could put everything on and drive 90 minutes with your windows down too. Not sure why u would,but whatever works for ya.
  4. Im in the Tiderunner camp. With the prices of gear ,plugs, climbing over the years, Ive always felt this is one of the best bang for buck pieces of equipment out there. Wish he made waders.
  5. send me your address for shipping

  6. Any chance I can get 2 small for $20.00 cash? Thanks.
  7. Looking forward to the WSU-Wash game this week. WSU football is fun to watch every year. Someone pleeeze whip ND.
  8. I agree. FWIW,im not a bait guy. I don't have the patience for it. But once or twice a year ill bring a friend/in law that doesn't fish much. Spending a day chooting the chit with a couple heads soaking can be a good day. And I know a few serious bait guys that put a lot of fish on the beach.
  9. Hook in the water....fish on the hook....fish on the beach. Its fishing. Panic,...focused thruout fishing session? I just feel some guys are a little to serious. To each their own. Hope you guys are enjoyin yourselves. Sounds sometimes like you are at work.
  10. Being cold when fish show up because everything you have on is cold from sweat that built up driving 90 minutes,is worse.
  11. Or you could lob out a bunker head and grab a beer.
  12. Im on board w those going w Rat-L-Traps.
  13. Damn,PSU looks like chit. Apparently Barkley was their whole offense. Wide outs been dropping balls all season.I got more exercise walkin to the can than PSU safties/Dbacks all day. Enjoyed the couple high scoring shootouts yesterday. Someone please kick some ND azz for me. Congrats Yakdawg.