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  1. Only BP going up was yours during your man gush of TB. Far and away GOAT. Classy? I just called him out on a dik move. Wipe your chin.
  2. Wow. If I was consistently losing 10 bts a night id have to do something different.
  3. Thanks for proving my point.
  4. Im not a Brady hater. Last year after the superbowl he left the field without congratulating Foles I believe. Easy to be a good winner.
  5. Reid had a sleepless night after the game, thinking about next year and how he can coach Mahomes into a mediocre career. Thanks to Pats for sending his over rated azz home.
  6. Nice. Good luck with it. If I run into you at the pocket I might ask u to let me take a peek inside.
  7. What year is that? Happen to no the ground clearance height? Thanks.
  8. Favored. again. At home. again. Guess whos goin golfing. again. See ya andy. Ya fuq.
  9. Jealous of u. Love fishing both those places. Are the no seeums bad in D.D. this time of year?
  10. What lb mono do u spool on your jetty/plugging winches? Thanks
  11. I have the 1083 w a 5000 stradic,10 lb braid. Factory wrap. Ive used this more than any other set up the last few years and like it a lot. Had big bluefish show up this spring and it handled them better than I thought. I also agree w others that 2oz is as high as it throws comfortably. Never owned the GSB.
  12. Pretty sure there is other things this Zimmerman clown puts in his mouth that also isn't going into mine.