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  1. I have rented all over that area. I purposely search out properties that the docks have lights. The amount of bait and life they attract thru the night is unbelievable. Unfortunately, bugs like em too.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the help. If u don't mind... What do u spool for main line, and what lb leader material? Thanks.
  4. Growing up I had 2 uncles with lighted docks. When my parents decided I was old enough to go out by myself on them at night was one of the best summers of my life. Im jealous of ya JZ.! Keep up the pics pleez!
  5. Havent heard of them being caught in the cold. You catch the 24 recently?
  6. Not sure, but I think it might b that fin on the rat l traps that make them throw a little better.
  7. I like that color but I don't think its a Rat-L-Trap.
  8. That twitchbait looks nice. Going to track one down. I like the Rat l Traps also. Any one else find the original Rat L Traps throw better than the other company mimics?
  9. What exactly is quota? Pounds caught? How can they possibly come up with a number for pounds caught by recs? I can see a pretty accurate number for comms as their catch is regulated.
  10. 4th game of season. DJ - "Why u not throwin me the ball"? Wentz- "You're not open" DJ to press-"Wentz is a racist" Wentz has mental breakdown. Sudfeld wins superbowl!
  11. There are thousands of acres of 20lb blues that stay offshore. They hang with the endless schools of bass that just don't run the beaches anymore. Theyre everywhere. A guy in a boat told me.
  12. HaHaHa. Drink on.
  13. Drinkin on a work nite?
  14. Thanks again for narrowing them down by name.
  15. Everyone selling stuff for money is a rec group pushing for greater harvest. Thanks.