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  1. Im on a family vaca rental the week of June 15th. Looks like im pretty close to IRI. Do I need to bring korkers in order to fish that inlet? Can u fish both jetties? Looks like Rehobeth bay is down the block. Fishable? Weakies?. Also any advice on a family crabbing outing? Thanks
  2. Wow. That is one squared away, clean truck. U must have been a boyscout.
  3. Man, u eat a lot of smoked trout.!
  4. Hang your head in shame. How can u possibly expect to land a fish on those relics. Not even rated to stop elephant attacks.
  5. Headhunters Ball! The Hebrew Hammer needs to retaliate tonite! This spineless Phils team better turn it up or Im getting a Mookie Wilson tattoo.
  6. Do u have problems w bees going to H bird feeders?
  7. Friggin train wreck. Dammit.
  8. Jerry Mrazek Go Leafs.
  9. Hopefully the offense can carry us. Decent defensive team. Seems like every pitcher on the team is capable of throwing a good game or coming unglued and getting shelled at any second. Be great if they could find some consistency. We shall see. MB
  10. Go Leafs.
  11. Missed it.
  12. Fun game to watch from the outside. Id probly b pissed if I were a Bs fan. Should b up a couple.
  13. Is Pasternak a Bs draft pick? Come up thru their system?
  14. Hope your right. Let us no how u make out.
  15. Kids havin a ball! Nice job Dad.