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  1. Blake's in construction for 20 years. I'd be willing to bet he spend most of that time looking for a left-handed screwdriver in a bucket of steam.
  2. The awnser to all your questions is. Yes,no, maybe.
  3. So don't like dirty cops but you dislike dirty cops that rat even more? Pick a side Nancy.
  4. Would it be kosher if he used a fillet knife?
  5. When did reed start making sandwiches for a living?
  6. Sandflee would turn rat in a heartbeat.
  7. I believe thats only if your in jail.
  8. The American dream!
  9. No chit Sherlock
  10. This^^^^ If it was a story of some random guy that went aroundtown robbing drug deals it would a Heart warming story.
  11. IsmailG gave me, my first thumbs down I feel this needs some splening.......
  12. Right, we should take the crooked cops word on that.
  13. This is why everyone needs an electrician buddy. Even if you don't really like him.
  14. Wrong forum noob.