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  1. Keep it up clown and I'm gonna get my fillet knife and cut you so bad you're gonna wish I didn't cut you so bad. You are old.
  2. I was 7 months old.
  3. Breaking news! Some stuff happened somewhere.
  4. A car crash dinghy. It right in the title.
  5. Dont forget your jetty helmet!
  6. Found my first one on me about 3 weeks ago.
  7. Maybe if he shakes it really hard it will cut it's way out.
  8. SUP

    Get out of here with that tomfoolery. This is a serious thread
  9. SUP

    The elusive redheaded quacker
  10. SUP

    Yeah looks real cool.
  11. SUP

    Sounds like weed needs a float tube.
  12. Would work nicely as counterbalance for that head....
  13. X2
  14. SUP