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  1. Mine was a paramedic in Boston for 35 years. Retired now living in Florida. He is having open heart surgery today. My lady is a mess over it.
  2. That pork roll is shorterthan terries forehead.
  3. Facts are facts. Marty=dewch
  4. There has been studies to see if men find boobs distracting
  5. Buck nailed it. "The dog eff up the house then we leave him alone" Don't leave the dog alone. Crate it. You're setting the dog up to fail
  6. I have a couple of friends that give or have given CBD to their dogs. One like yours and another to help manage pain. My buddies Lab at a tumor in his ear. The dog would grab the bottle of the end table and bring it to him when he was hurting.
  7. CBD treats for dogs are a thing. Probably would have helped with that dog.
  8. Name names or shut the hellup. Any Marty I've ever met was a dewch
  9. That's a furry version of you profile pic
  10. Don't bother. Let me know when you stop hitting the dog for chewing on the wall.
  11. Was it at least funny?
  12. Well that's an interesting point
  13. A dog is a reflection of their owner
  14. Yes on both accounts