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  1. I wanted to update this for anyone who actually spends hard earned money on this fishing pole. I had a rough go fishing in Corpus the past few days. The weather was terrible and all my spinning gear crapped out due to sand. Countless bail issues and even the 704z died. I wasn't even thrilled with my new 200 dollar paraflex spinning rod because my kids kept knocking it around and it got scratched really easily despite my efforts to baby it. Needless to say, I had a few hours to fish after house hunting and grabbed the beach-master 155 sitting in the truck. I drove down to Roy's on Black Friday of all days and just grabbed the ugly stik. I didn't even consider anything else because I was sick of gear failing. I drove out to the island surf and started fishing this combo from 1630 until around 2200. Probably not the best time to learn to fish a non-level wind caster! After a few professional over-spins, 1 large whiting, and 15 or so catfish, here are my honest thoughts on this pole. The pole is heavy in the hand, but not a killer if you're used to big ugly stiks. To be honest, it feels just as heavy as at the MH Penn Battalion I picked up on a previous day. I really wanted to buy the penn prevail, but it felt like it would break around the reel seat. Just too much flex I guess? More perception than reality, but the ugly was just tougher and cheaper. The butt of this particular rod just feels too long for me. Maybe 2-3 inches too long. I may try to trim it. Foam grips are foam grips. I am not sure if I can replace it with a heat shrink. I think that would make it better. It actually casts 5 oz egg weights and a live shrimp rather well with little to no issues. Yes, I shouldn't fish live shrimp with it but it works. It would be great casting out a piece of crab or something like that into the gut. I can't estimate distance because I couldn't see much at night and didn't have my lantern, but the combo worked and I had no issues. The rod was much more sensitive than I thought and rather shocking. I could feel bites from countless trash fish and caught catfish in less than a pound range. Obviously, these little fish couldn't put up much of a fight with the rod when hooked. I was however impressed I could feel them bite and expected not to at all. There was no noodle tip like the other models. It was pretty stout. The guides worked perfectly with mono as well. They seem tough so far and didn't rust. I would not want to throw lures with this pole at all, but its great for bait. I don't fish lures with large poles anyway. Overall, you can't get much better for 60-65 bucks out the door. I could probably land a great white and proceed to beat it to death with this pole if I wanted, but it still worked for small fish as well. It would be a killer throwing large chunks and crabs. I believe if they made a mh version it would be outstanding and would buy it tomorrow. I hope this helps someone out. I can buy just about any pole I want, but I keep coming back to ugly stiks because they work. Good luck fishing guys and let me know if you have any questions. I plan to fish this pretty hard going forward just to see what I can do with it.
  2. Went to Roy's tackle shop. They had quite a selection. I did get to feel both the battalion 10ft and the 10ft ugly stik. I was impressed with both and surprised that the ugly didn't feel much heavier in the hand. Still couldn't decide which to grab. I believe the beachmaster 155 will match up better with the Penn but my penn 350 will match better with the ugly. Just my initial feeling. Saw some Tica and breakaway poles also that look interesting as well. Does anyone know if they come with a decent warranty? I will most likely bring the reel in with me when I make the purchase. Thanks.
  3. Drumbum, thanks for the post. I've found I either love or hate different models of ugly stiks. It's hit or miss. I wish more places had all the models in stock. I have no complaints with the 10ft spinning Rod. I have caught quite a few fish. The 11 ft is just a little much in the weight department. The 9' I have is ok also but one guide is crooked haha. I have enjoyed using all the tiger series I own. They are great casting rods for a good price.
  4. Old hunter, I was looking at those the other day when I stopped by a bass pro. They just didn't have the casting models I was interested. They look pretty good though. Those brawlers look tough also, but I'd like something in the 10ft range. I'm in Corpus this week, so I will check out the local bait and tackle places. I also like star rods, but didn't see any casting rods that weren't 200 plus. The star rod I got is a paraflex spinning version. I purchased it over the phone from a tackle place in Connecticut. Black hall outfitters, pretty nice people. I will try it out this week if I can and maybe post a review.
  5. Sytheteacher, you are 100 pct correct. They catch fish period. I primarily fished fresh water my entire life. I got onto ugly stiks because I kept breaking st Croix and gloomis rods wading for smallmouth in the mountains of va. I still have the first one I bought in a Lexington Walmart. I was so mad that my 80 buck st Croix broke catching trout that I grabbed one and figured what the heck. 19 years later nothing is wrong with it haha. I went through three spirex shimanos in that amount of time!
  6. Intothewild, I have to agree on the old ten foot spinning. Mine is probably 20 years old. It's a great Rod and just catches fish. Even the new 11 isn't that bad. I have no issues with the new guides so far. Then again, I fish vintage reels with mono. I wish the casting version was similar, but I think they are a lot different. I bought one years ago and retuned it. I just can't remember why? I picked up a 12ft today at basspro and it was a little ridiculous haha. I would like to find something for my surf master 200 and old penn 155. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Roddy, sounds good. I am going to check it out and I'm leaning that direction. I don't throw a ton of weight right at the moment because I just happen to have a lot of 3 oz sinkers haha. That's the stuff I was using in the rivers for catfish. Thanks.
  8. I will check out Roy's this week. I am getting transferred there for work, so I will be able to fish a lot more often. Thanks for the input.
  9. Cabelas is a tough place to get the equipment you actually want. I had the same dilemma with gift cards a while back. They are either ridiculously overpriced or just don't carry what you want. I live within driving distance to a couple and I never see any surf gear. One of them is the big giant store in Ft. Worth. Has everything, but what I ever want. I was cruising their website today looking for surf rods. Its a little higher priced than what you're looking for, but I'd probably spend the 50 bucks out of pocket and get this. They look pretty nice. https://www.cabelas.com/product/PENN-CARNAGE-II-SURF-CASTING-ROD/2138479.uts?slotId=1 https://www.cabelas.com/product/PENN-CARNAGE-II-SURF-SPINNING-ROD/2138478.uts?slotId=14 Just read you got the airwave, I was looking at those too. Hope it works out for you.
  10. Hunter, I will definitely take a look at the battalion. I have a 10 pct discount from Penn's website also. I was going to get one, but they are out of stock. The prevail is in and looks good, but I bet its worth the 15 bucks for Fuji reel seat. Since the one was out of stock, I started thinking about Ugly Stiks again. Every time I break a high end rod like a GLoomis, I end up just fishing Ugly Stiks again. My kids haven't been able to break one of those yet haha. If you like your 7 foot ones, give a tiger rod a shot. I have really liked mine and used them for a few years cat fishing. They are great.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I guess that one Okuma put a bad taste in my mouth and I won't buy another. It was a longitude surf or something like that? Just really got me mad when it blew up on me and I had to pick blank out of my arm. Some Ugly Stiks are a heck of a lot better than others. The 11' is just ok and would be great with a big giant chunk of bait, but the 10' I have is great at most things and never ceases to impress me. I saw they had a 10ft medium casting listed and wish I could put it in my hands before buying it. I really like every tiger and the older catfish version rods I own as well. I may just bite the bullet and get something more high end. I actually just got a paraflex spinning 10ft spinning rod and will take it out this week. If I like it, I may get the casting version also. Take care and tight lines.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm originally from VA and know MD very well. I had one of those Okuma spinning rods and it literally blew up on me the first day I used it. I got snagged in the rocks fishing for sheepshead and it shattered. Pieces went everywhere like a grenade lol. Maybe I had a bad one? Thats when I started using the 10' spinning ugly more often. The pole is probably 25 plus years old. I agree with your assessment on the action, they aren't the best and noodle is a good description. I'm also looking at the penn prevail or battalion, just figured I'd see if anyone used the Ugly 10' casting rod. Some uglies are great and others are terrible! Take Care and tight lines!
  13. Hello, I hope everyone is doing well and catching a lot of fish! I've tried the search function, but couldn't find much info on this specific pole. Does anyone have experience fishing with these conventional ugly stiks from the beach? I primarily throw 3 ounces and live shrimp in Corpus Christie. I have fished quite a lot with the spinning versions and tigers both convention/spinning. I caught a ton of fish with all of them, but have not used the 10' or larger casting versions. I would like to pair this with a beach master 155 or a surfmaster 200 for bait fishing. I have the 11 ft spinning rod as well and just find that one unwieldy. It does really pull in large drum from the surf though lol. I don't have a surf casting stik yet and figured I'd give it a shot with my non-level wind penns. Any info on this specific rod is appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  14. I thought so too, but I took it apart and the reel is clean as a whistle. I can also see the spring in the right spot. In fact its a brand new spring! Can't figure this out for the life of me! I will more than likely send it to the gentlemen who I buy and get reels repaired from. I enjoy working on them myself, but this one's puzzling! Thanks
  15. Hello fellow fisherman, I am wondering if anyone else has a Surfmaster 200 that doesn't engage the anti-reverse at a high angle? I've taken it apart several times, replaced the spring, and put the dog in the correct spot. I haven't fished with one of these before, so I wasn't sure if it just doesn't engage when the front of the reel is at or around 90 deg. Thanks