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  1. Cool, I just ordered one that's bail-less. It looks like they came out with a newer version also and that's why they are on sale. I usually like my old war horse reels, but figured I'd try something different. I will look into aqua shield and coat the reel as well. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am seriously considering one. They are half off at Penn.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I had to scrape a lot of crap off the spool with my knife. I look forward to using it soon. Just ordered a 10' penn battalion MH for it. Take Care.
  4. Hello, I saw that Penn has a pretty big sale on these reels on their website. I've read good things about them in online reviews and on this website. I primarily fish 706's, 704's, and old Mitchells 302s etc. I have been thinking of trying one of these new style reels. What size compares to the 706/302? Also, do they make a manual pickup kit for these? I primarily fish mono, but I'll probably try some braid with this. Thanks for your time! S/F, Bill
  5. Thanks Bud, I was in artillery. I certainly miss the Corps. Way less drama haha. Semper Fi
  6. I had Kabar's in the Marines and they are a great knives also, but limited on the abuse scale because of the thin tang. The SP-1 Combat is full tang version with a Kraton handle, so you can really thump on it. I usually pick them up on sale from MidwayUSA for about 30 bucks. The sheaths aren't great, but I have battoned with that knife and beaten on it in the woods repeatedly without a failure. For the price they can't be beaten.
  7. Cool thread! My SP-1 Marine Combat Ontario knife, SP-10 bowie, and ESEE Junglas have to be my absolute favorites. I will say the SP-53 is a heck of a chopper too. After years of testing anything and everything, these are the absolute best camping, combat, and field knives. I bought knives costing 10 times the amount of the SP-1 and I can honestly tell you it will hold up to anything you can throw at it. If I had just one, this would be it. I have literally put all these knives through constant abuse and they continue to stand up, time and time again.
  8. Hello, I just picked up a 706 penn. It was barely used and I cleaned it up relatively quickly. The only bad thing is someone left crusty line on the green spool for probably over a few decades. I managed to scrape the white residue off the spool after removing the old mono and whatever backing was on it. I was surprised to find the backing on the spool in the first place. I run straight mono on my 706z with no issues, but now the paint's removed from the crusty 706 spool and I wondered if new backing would work out better? I'm new to all braids, but just got Dacron 30lb to back a few penn casting reels. Its worked out pretty well. On a side note, fishing here was slow today. First time I got skunked on the beach! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the model number. I will check it out. The other Tica rod I looked at in the store had a para-cord grip, I am not a fan of that stuff because it always gets slimy. I know you said you were fishing for pompano in NC, have you tried fish bites? Man, I thought that stuff was a gimmick but you can really catch a lot of fish on it. All my pomps were caught with the pink shrimp bite.
  10. Local B&T's will stay in business if they keep employees who know and understand local fishing. People go to local establishments for the knowledge. That's why you pay the premium price. It's no different in the heavy equipment industry. If the people selling/servicing the equipment have no knowledge, why even go? I hate going to local B&T's here in Corpus that don't care about your business. Customer service goes a long way.
  11. Thanks for the input. I have been leaning towards a battalion. They are pretty nice. I was thinking the medium action 10' because I'm primarily throwing 3-4 ounces.
  12. Here is a pic of about half the whiting we caught. Maybe less than half. I still have all the pompano in Tupperware in the fridge too.
  13. Thanks for the reply Waydown. I will check it out on their website. Your setup sounds good. I fish all vintage reels. I just like them. I will look at the casting models they have on the website. We are actually eating all the whiting right now haha. Fried them for some fish tacos. Now I probably jinxed myself and won't catch anything! I was just surprised how many fish I was catching this past weekend right off the beach. I'm pretty new to surf fishing in general, tried the jetty down here, fell once on the rocks getting my son's line untangled and that was enough for me. Headed to the beach from that point forward. I'd like to go back to NC and fish there sometime. I buy a lot of vintage gear from a real good guy in Cape Carteret.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I was a little skeptical looking at them in the shop. Never heard of them and only read a few things on here about Tica in general. They felt nice in hand though. If it's not reasonably tough, I won't buy it. I had an Okuma blow up on me once while fishing for sheepshead near some rock piles. Got hung up and splinters went everywhere. Never again. I've actually considered taking a spinning ugly stik 10' or 11' and just having them put casting guides on it. I am mostly fishing small baits in the surf. I am so used to that "whippy" tip in salt water its hard to fish with anything else. Just doesn't feel natural to fish with something super nice haha.
  15. Good point, I just want to get the hang of conventional reels and a rod that fits my Beach-master and Surf-master a little better. I'm always trying to learn to do something new. Fishing conventional reels without a level wind was something I want to try this year. Fishing with different types of rods/reels is more of a hobby to me. I don't care if I catch much just like trying new ways to do things. Now that I work near the coast, its easy to try all kinds of stuff haha.