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  1. Why do you hate mother earth?
  2. The Bachen's sauce is available at Costco.I love the stuff.
  3. Mamadou you think they'll like this song.
  4. Did someone have a close call.
  5. Wayne Alarm in Lynn .Great people and service.
  6. Hickory shad?
  7. The Witcher sucks.
  8. Great movie.I enjoyed it. Gary Tanguay should be up for an Oscar nod.Don't listen to Riddler.
  9. What the hell are those things in the cooler?
  10. This guy is good.
  11. Just go for the Sportsman model with the hatch.The lack of storage on the Salty is an issue.Other than that it is a good kayak.
  12. What a great pic.
  13. Here are a couple of pics of the bottom of an Old Town Salty.