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  1. I'm sure he is totally innocent.He looks like a man who has strong ties to the community.
  2. I'm starting to think that maybe there might not be any treasure at all on that God forsaken rock called Oak Island.
  3. Tiny Torpedo at sundown.Or a grub jig at sunrise.
  4. It's much more available these days.I see that and Eagle Rare all the time now.
  5. 3.5 cu. ft. Commercial-Grade Residential Agitator Washer MVWP575GW
  6. It's good stuff.I'll send yous some.
  7. Billy can skillfully remove a bra and panties with that backhoe.Thats how good he is.Ask Mirium.
  8. Looks good .The girlie is cute.When does it come out on dvd?
  9. Don't listen to Mokes,You're not a jerk.You are a humble tyrant that we all respect.Happy Bday.
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