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  1. Theres always jacks around too.
  2. Well guys, unfortunately/ fortunately it is that time again. I am in need of 3 new light conventional high speed reels ostensibly for use on sailfish and other common species down here in south east FL. While I am sure this topic has been beaten to death over the years I just had to get your opinions. So any suggestions as to a reliable and well made reel for under say, $600? Preferably a reel suggestion which you have used yourselves and found suitable but all suggestions are welcome. Thanks a lot. Tight lines, Bob
  3. The inlets are starting to hold bait really well and the snook are beginning to get interested. Not sure about the morning but you should do well if you perservere. Good luck.
  4. There's been big jacks and still a few spinner sharks around the beaches after mullet. A few bluefish too. Kinda tough with this rough weather though.
  5. Cool. I live in delray beach. Love this area.
  6. Damn man you get into some serious fish. Good job. Where do you go out of?
  7. A man's wife is lost at sea off the coast of Alaska. After several days of searching a coast guardsman shows up at the man's house and knocks on the door. When the man answers the door, the guardsman says." Well sir, I have bad news, good news, and really good news." " The bad news is we found your wife drowned at the bottom of the ocean." The man gasps and says "thats terrible, what could the good news be?!" The guardsman replies," When we brought her up, there were 8 keeper King crab attached to her corpse." He then smiles and says," The really good news is we're putting her back down tomorrow."
  8. I guess I'm the only one.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by GaffAndRelease Nah. Just realized i have better stuff to do w my time than carry on on this thread. It will never end if i continue so ill just dissapear into the darkness and allow u guys to continue the convo. I tried. Just dont have it in me. Good luck on the thread. Lol You know that saying that goes something like ,"Its' better to keep your mouth closed and have people suspect you're an idiot, then to open it up and remove all doubt"? Well I think you might want to remember that one more often.
  10. At times they will eat just about anything.
  11. Wow those are some great photos. I've been looking forward to these. It makes me want to buy a nice camera so I can start documenting my own wildlife encounters.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by respiro I'm from Boston and my father lives in Fort Lauderdale... What are Jack Fish? Also all my father catches are red snapper. He states this being a tastey fish. All he does it dock fishing; what other kind of fish could he target from a dock that would be the equivalent of our northern stripers? Your father is probably catching Mangrove snapper off the dock. They can look pretty similar but Red snapper get much bigger and are generally in much deeper water. The Snook is definitely the fish most similar to a striper.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by albacized Actually these were 10 to 15 lb fish...I recall a couple years ago we were getting them in excess of 20 lbs (I only landed two, but that was quite Wow that's pretty cool. You don't see those large schools of big jacks as often as years gone by.
  14. With the year winding down and most of the bait runs gone I'd thought I would ask everyone how they think this year stacks up to last year in terms of fishing. In my area (between Boynton and Boca inlets) it was slower than last year. The run of pilchards showed up WAY later than last year and didn't stick around for very long. The snook showed up late as well and there didn't seem to be as many. The mullet came on pretty strong at first but again, the bigger schools have been pretty few. All in all, caught some good fish this year but was pretty sparse at times. How did you guys do?