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  1. May be a Conolon, if its on the whippy side
  2. How long are they?
  3. Those jigs look like they were lifted right off Charlie Graves tins. J-7 0r J-8
  4. Sparky thanks for posting that video. I haven't gotten over the loss of Strummer I really felt that a great light had been snuffed out. Its funny how someone whom I never met could leave such a deep hole with their passing. The Clash was something very special and spoke to me like few other bands did. I have never seen a better live performance than their show at the Pallidium. It's been all these years and he still touches me. Thanks Sparky
  5. Brine may have not penetrated through the skin. Not many places if it was thigh and leg for meat to be saturated.
  6. In my USCG days I responded to a call of an overloaded boat disabled. there were 27 people on a 30 ft or so boat. Not anywhere near enough life jackets. We took off about 15 kids. The guy was just showing off the new(ancient) boat and didn't see anything wrong with that. There is no limit to folks stupidity and lack of respect for what the ocean can do
  7. I've fished it but had a few issues with paint cracking and peeling. but its a cool plug nevertheless.
  8. Reel Sharp thanks for posting that needle. I have the exact same one same color. I had forgotten who made it.
  9. My pretzel jug holds all my stinky bucktails so no critters will find them in my shed
  10. I must have had 15 or more tests for my job. Its really no big deal. just suck it up and get over it
  11. Lottery number 361 in my year of eligibility for Vietnam. Enlisted in CG in 77
  12. I remembered this was the only plug I ever threw in the garbage. Sorry to beat a dead horse but these plugs really pissed me off.
  13. Was the tape being used to take up slack due to the filed down seat? Thats my guess
  14. If its the one I'm thinking of popper didn't pop worth a hoot. Looked great, but were pretty much useless.
  15. The damage that covid causes is still a great unknown. My Mom who survived has enrolled in a program that is tracking older people who have had a severe case and barely survived They are examining all anomalies and are finding much hidden damage especially to the heart and brain not just the lungs. Please take care and don't overlook any and all "issues" this disease is insidious.