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  1. I love P FUNK !! Got to see them at the Trade Wins in Sea Bright about 18 years a go . Also at Star-land ball room. Excellent shows!!!
  2. Why would you care if i can grow one or not ? And the reason they cant change the light bulb is BECAUSE THEY HAVE 26 RINGS AND A WATCH ON !!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHA 18 MORE TO TIE HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!
  3. I dont get it ?
  4. you like mens beards ? I mean it dont make you a bad guy just asking .
  5. And dont let those 26 rings and one watch get lost !!!!
  6. I still dont understand why we cut off the time line? so its only this century that counts??? Never mind a coworker just told me why .. The red sux sucked the other 19 centuries HAHAHAHHAHAHA NOW I SEE WHY THE CUTOFF ON THE TIME LINE hahahahahahahahahah 18 TO TIE !!!!!
  7. ill pass on the beard for championships.. 18 more to tie !!!! nuf said !
  8. I'm not sure of the 27 championships what ring i like the most. The 5 parades i went to were great !!! no such thing as current history .Its an oxymoron. Yesterday is history get over it and move on . YANKEESBABY!!! 2019 !!! 18 more to tie not even pass us just to tie us !!! ..
  9. I say we toss out all the WS wins since 2010 ok ? 18 MORE TO GO HAHAHAHAHAHHA !! 18 !!!!!
  10. So we only count the ones you say ?? 18 more just to tie us HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!!!!
  11. If they suck why are the Red Sux 18 W.S. WINS behind them ?? Thats right 18 !!! The best part is at my age i will never see the Red Sux pass them . YANKEESBABY!!!
  12. Not bad Red Sox ONLY 19 more W.S. WINS and you tie the NY YANKEES !!!!
  13. I start every fishing trip with Billy's swimmer. His plug is always first to be cast even if for only one cast. Just my own little tribute to Billy.
  14. He was a great guy no doubt!
  15. I fought tooth and nail to get them to come out to my house and fix my big screen TV that was 2 years old and covered under warranty . They didn't work on Saturdays so that was out. I had to have someone sit at my house for 8 hours and they never showed up when my sister in law waited. . I tried calling and calling and kept getting the same two ladies that told me this was the end of the line when i reach them . I was told to Email the corporate office. I sent a few Emails as did my wife and we got no where with them. I had already spent over 800 on extended warranties for TV washer dryer snow blower . I told them to give me back my extended warranty money and kiss my *ss ! I did mention to them right before i hung up that they would be out of business in a year or less. They were great back in the day but little by little they started not caring as much and well here we are . BYE-BYE SEARS!