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  1. Nice!!
  2. I've got the itch!
  3. I need one of Pauls bananas and im done! I picked up a couple of CAPESAMS beautiful work .
  4. AWESOME !! Im just about done collecting. Im happy with what i have . I need 1 more and im done.
  5. Ill take exile over sticky ..
  6. YEP!!!
  7. He mention anything about his taxes ??
  8. 0 for last 6 !!!!
  9. I agree Tom but hes not fooling me. He has to go end of this year. Its funny how hes better this year but sucked the last two before this year. Fountain of youth ??
  10. RANGERSBABY!!!!!! BIG SECOND HALF COMING UP HERE!! Dump 13 / 36 / 18 / 42 / 30 get younger and faster .
  11. They should be ok in the later years.. The Rolling Stones Are Worth A Combined $900 Million.
  12. EFFFFFFFFFFF EDDY !!!!! RANGERSBABY!!!!! doing better then i thought they would. A rebuild takes time..... they need to move 42/18/30/36. But other then that they are skating and thats something they didnt do much of last year. I dont expect much out of them this season but still watch every game. I hope all you men here in the HOCKEY thread are all doing well.
  13. Hung with TAMPA pretty good till the parade to the box killed us .
  14. He was right at least 60,000 times a show SOME shows 80,000. Let me know how you liked TAYLOR SWIFT lol
  15. Longer live KEEF!!!! Great song by them also LIES ..