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  1. That's awesome.
  2. I dealt with the son, he told me his dad is still involved but not nearly as much . I just happen to stumble across them at the twin lights in NJ . The collection was from 1976 . He made a display for the bicentennial that had 3 decoys .I asked if i could buy the display and they laughed at me . I took a picture and looked the builder up . I emailed him and he told me he still had some for sale so i picked that one in the picture.
  3. The lefty swirl isn't too bad, only 4 in the world. . Perkins will make you one i'm sure. Very nice people too.
  4. None of them are for sale . But thanks for the offer.
  5. About 12 new plugs added since the last group shot .
  6. Do they wave a little white flag when a fish approaches ?
  7. STONES!!
  8. only 4,000,000,000,000,00, BJ's to go and shes caught up with her promise to Clinton voters.
  9. After 116 years of captivity no way will they survive in the wild ! If you look at the old box only the back of the cage had bars. The animals must have liked living there or they would have left .
  11. F THE NFL !! DROP THE PUCK !!!!!
  12. ALWAYS!
  13. Very cool !!!
  14. 4 Day Peach Festival in P.A. just 9 days away !!