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  1. Great information and comments - I like the simplicity of the newer, smaller, Li batteries for sure - wish they didn't bite so hard in the pocketbook though. I fish hard in the summer in RI, but then it drops off dramatically for rest of year - fish maybe once a month vs 4-5 times a week - (I teach at a University in TX that is 4 hours from salt water)...Will the Li batteries do well with extended down time?
  2. Glad I asked. Thanks for the advice.
  3. New to marine electronics and could use some advice...I bought a Lowrance Hook 5 a few months back when they were moving to the new version and have finally found some time to get it installed - and am looking at different battery options. I don't want the weight of a full size battery, but want a dependable AGM unit that I can use for 4-5 hours without concern, as well as run lights/charge phone. I plan to keep it in the front hatch area of my Outback to balence weight. I subscribe to some fishing channels on youtube and came across this review from MDLR fishing. - the size is 8AU1H with 32Ah capacity and 200CCA. Reserve capacity is 48. I am not the sharpest hook on the plug when it comes to understanding battery numbers. Weight is far less than the optima I was going to use. Does anyone have experience with DEKA or East Penn Industries? Price for a comparable battery at Autozone is 120 bucks. Worth it? What does everyone else use? Any advice on how to create simple power connection would be very helpful as well. Do people wire battery to a plug on a battery box, then plug FF into box when fishing? Sorry for all the questions.
  4. not unusual I guess, but I always carry an extra knife - folding opinel version fits easily into the side pocket of the outback. Emergency tupperware has orienteering compass, 20 bucks cash, and emergency mylar blanket that can double as signalling device if stranded. Extra set of dry clothes in small drybag also.
  5. Man that sucks. Sorry to hear.
  6. I have a few Penn Battle II 2500's and a buddy let me use his Penn Clash 2500. Knob is so much more comfortable. You might check into that...
  7. Solo skiffs are cool. I live in Texas most of the year and have really wanted one for the gulf coast flats. Would be a little worried in bigger water with one though. I also considered building this *
  8. I started out fishing in a cheap used tandem ocean kayak from a rental place - It is lightweight and was beat up so I didn't worry about bottom rash etc. I put an anchor trolley on each side because I also struggled with being blown all over the place. No rudder. I used the heck out that boat, and still have it as a play boat in the surf but I recently found a used Outback with the reverse 180 mirage drive and really love the fact that I can drink a coffee, change out gear, or cast while moving. The rudder adds so much to the package as well. The benefits are a stable platform to stand, lots of storage options and a well thought out design while the cons are weight, shallow water issues with drive and rudder, cost of accessories, and for me, flare ups of sciatica when using the peddles for long range trips. Luckily the vantage seat is totally adjustable so I can move it around to get comfortable. All in all, I enjoy fishing (and catching) more with the Outback, especially in wind or strong current.