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  1. Bit out of my price range fish, thanks for sharing tho. Gonna close this thread down - Thanks guys + SOL
  2. Thanks for the response Fish. Thoughts on Price? On a tight budget don't want to make you take pics if its out of my range.
  3. You're a good man Plum.. PM sent
  4. Looking for a used plug bag, not looking to hold a ton of plugs. Just something thats easy to use while wading. Anyone have a functional one they no longer use?
  5. How much were you thinking Plum? Ideally looking more for a beat up factory surf bag good strap velcro etc, no need to buy pretty given my circumstances. gonna repost this in general BST
  6. Gonna shut this down.
  7. Bump $220 selling at dicks rn for $550
  8. Awesome.. thanks for sharing
  9. Awesome ! @R.R. Bridge Fisher
  10. Don’t travel too often - gonna shut this down and hand these off to my uncle. Thanks SOL
  11. Have a couple kayaks I'm looking to get rid of. Both are fully functional and have had there use, perfect for a beginner or someone who's looking to get into kayak fishing. Vessel's only , unfortunately I don't have paddles for either. Ocean Kayak Mysto $60 West Marine Bahama 125 $160
  12. Sounds good to me
  13. Westchester NY
  14. Hey guys, was gifted a bare eagle talon 12 kayak in that awesome blue camo. Came with nothing but the plastic yak itself , not even seat. watched a few vids on YouTube about modifications Any eagle talon owners who can recommend what helped for you and or just any tips in general?
  15. Up and out.. makes sense, gotcha nice blue!
  16. Awesome.. Im loving the idea of the trolling scotty. On the ET12 the scotty base is a bit further which is a common complaint (you'd have to reach for it) do you think re mounting it closer would impede rowing motion?
  17. Thanks Jeff.. gonna check out the seat and also an upgraded paddle to start
  18. Hey guys I’m taking a road trip down to rocky point Mexico tomorow but have 2 out-standing speeding tickets on my record from last March and July. anyone have any knowledge on if I’m gonna have an issue at the border upon entry/exit? Thanks guys
  19. Geeze you guys are ruthless.. posted as a hypothetical - friend is the one with the tickets No she’s not the brightest of the bunch haha
  20. Thanks guys - Y’all are awesome. Just came back from Gila River arena.. Blue Jackets gave it to em
  21. Killing time at goodwill and picked up a stitched Patrick Kane Jersey, noticed a signature on the back that is clearly not his. Any hockey heads recognize this name from either Chicago or the Coyotes? yotes cuz I'm in AZ. Thanks guys
  22. Brand new ugly stik tiger lite still has tags on it- $50 6’6” jig stick Can meet in the lower Westchester Bronx area