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  1. Yellow one is sexy
  2. Long shot but looking to find this rod... GLSP701M 8-14 lb (1/4-3/4) Spinning rod If not this guy interested in something similar , something with good sensitivity and good for kayak fluke and school jigging. Located in Westchester NY
  3. Would you be willing to do $75? Can meet later this evening or the AM
  4. Do you mind adding pics? Also what’s the length from butt to reel seat? I like a shorter butt for the kayak
  5. Graham that rod might be a bit on the heavier side of what he likes to do but I will certainly let you know in the coming days thanks
  6. Looking to buy a rod for my father who primarily chunks with 2 or 2.5 oz weights. 8 foot ugly stick would be perfect. Doesn't have to be immaculate, he's more of a casual fisherman. Can be super beat up but must be functional. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg either. He is located in providence RI.. or I can meet up in Westchester NY. Anyone got an extra lying around?
  7. Beautifully written, may she look down upon you and the beautiful gifts that you guys share.
  8. I hope you get it back.
  9. Split the difference PP its yours
  10. Have the 1.5 , 1 and 3/4 oz one with about 50 mustad hooks $35?
  11. man those hooks are tiny... Neat!
  12. Love that Plato quote. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Have the 9 foot model and can attest to its durability after using it for 5+ years, however I did notice the top half of the section tends to get loose especially with heavier plugs (donated one to the cape cod canal gods). Quick and easy on replacement tho!
  14. Sorry to hear Chitala. Rest in Peace.
  15. genius
  16. Hey guys. Used an anchor once on my kayak (rope and 10 or 20 pound plate, can’t remember) are there perks of using using a real anchor? Only times I anchor up is when it blackfishing in relatively shallow water. Thanks man advance guys, charlie
  17. How well do drift bags stop you in the current? Considering there called drift bags I assume you aren’t stationary , really trying to stay put for blackfish
  18. Hey guys, looking to sell my Eagle Talon 120 Kayak. Comes with front rubber hatch, Ocean kayak seat, Scotty rod holder, and back storage net cover. Unfortunately I don't have an extra paddle to throw in. Asking $240 Located in lower Westchester Sorry for sub par pictures, if any interest I can take more in depth photos. Not entirely sure on "link" policy but the link shows the video - Best wishes and stay safe guys 2_-_xeJaSBM.mp4 (Video link)
  19. Hey you're referring to the 10 foot 1.5-5 oz Medium? Any idea how this matches up to the 10'6" 2-6 medium- heavy?
  20. Anyone familiar with the work of Peter Max? Gifted a Signed photo/poster with 89 Statue of Liberties on it - awesome piece of art Anything to it?
  21. Looking for a used plug bag, not looking to hold a ton of plugs. Just something thats easy to use while wading. Anyone have a functional one they no longer use? Thanks guys