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  1. Thanx fellas. I’m sure they’re open
  2. Is Red Top sporting goods Open tommorow? Good Friday ?
  3. Yours is missing the candy purple finish??
  4. I did cut a rod butt too short, however
  5. Interested in the name of that app too
  6. Was looking to make the trip from Boston before they opened
  7. bastads told me it was identical
  8. im in
  9. thank you tho @Turkeybacn
  10. gonna pick up the newer stick - found a sale also seems like the grips and eyes were upgraded , blank remains the same
  11. Got a $60 jug of optimum nutrition, used it twice. Doesn’t agree with my stomach. Located in the Westchester area if anyone wants to swap for a few few plugs? Pair of pliers?
  12. I'd love to hear additional personal accounts of the GIS Tactical Series Surf Rod.
  13. Just to clarify, the GIS model (electric blue color)
  14. Thanks guys. Will call in the a.m.
  15. Direct message Josh on instagram.. great guy, gets back to you quick
  16. How many is a “last cast”?
  17. Hey guys.. Heading to Dennis Port this weekend for fathers day, I was wondering if there is beach access near by - to wet a line with my father. Well really just be targeting schoolies and it'd be more casual than a dedicated fishing day. Thanks a lot guys and stay healthy -Charles
  18. Do we think this was a propeller or shark?
  19. Hey guys! Fished a little bit behind our hotel in Dennis port (edgewater.. the one with the little canal) no luck. BUT stumbled upon this guy great trip all around. Even met with a coyote on the island outside Chatham! Much love for this beautiful state -charles
  20. Thanks guys ! Will post updates
  21. I don't like people who litter sea robbins
  22. Bump
  23. Looking to buy a Daiwa 2500 in new or very good condition.
  24. missed it
  25. Hey guys.. I'm gonna be targeting schoolies and fluke with the 7' M inshore Mojo. From my kayak as well. I want to go as little as possible on the BG but don't want to get too cute... Would you go 2500 or 3000 on the Daiwa BG reel size? Ill be pairing it with 15 lb braid. Thanks all!