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  1. Hi Still available? And how much does it weigh again?
  2. Bell and saquon have that hesitation style running. That and a porous line your better off with a fullback
  3. Zach Wilson’s twitchy arm will pave the way for QB scouting for years to come. He’s got the Rogers flick’
  4. In lament terms can someone explain the severity to me? He played years at Ohio state and none of us knew about this . .
  5. This is the stuff that makes this site awesome.
  6. Double post
  7. Thanks Paul.
  8. Around $20 shipped. I Think that’s fair for $30 Brand new. Could that work?
  9. looking for a magic swimmer in white/ghost but open to other in fast sinking 3.5 oz. Used is good and canal outfitted is ideal! middle treble & barrel swivel Looking for sebile stick shad as well 3.5 oz
  10. Looking for these top water plugs to add to my canal bag - used condition works, ideally white - and sinking on the little neck
  11. wrong forum - use the Want to Sell
  12. Hey guys, happy easter. I guess i've been used to more moderate rods my entire fishing life - can anyone shed tips on how to cast a fast action rod? How much line to give the lure for the cast? Thanks guys ! (Using a 10'6" TFO)
  13. I know a member had an experience hearing cracking or "stress" in the new TFO tactical - just tested my TFO and had the same thing in the first few casts. After 2 or 3 casts, and even heavier weights - no more noises. Strange.
  14. Thanx fellas. I’m sure they’re open
  15. Yours is missing the candy purple finish??