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  1. How many is a “last cast”?
  2. Do we think this was a propeller or shark?
  3. Hey guys! Fished a little bit behind our hotel in Dennis port (edgewater.. the one with the little canal) no luck. BUT stumbled upon this guy great trip all around. Even met with a coyote on the island outside Chatham! Much love for this beautiful state -charles
  4. Thanks guys ! Will post updates
  5. Hey guys.. Heading to Dennis Port this weekend for fathers day, I was wondering if there is beach access near by - to wet a line with my father. Well really just be targeting schoolies and it'd be more casual than a dedicated fishing day. Thanks a lot guys and stay healthy -Charles
  6. I don't like people who litter sea robbins
  7. Bump
  8. missed it
  9. Looking to buy a Daiwa 2500 in new or very good condition.
  10. Yellow one is sexy
  11. Hey guys.. I'm gonna be targeting schoolies and fluke with the 7' M inshore Mojo. From my kayak as well. I want to go as little as possible on the BG but don't want to get too cute... Would you go 2500 or 3000 on the Daiwa BG reel size? Ill be pairing it with 15 lb braid. Thanks all!
  12. Would you be willing to do $75? Can meet later this evening or the AM
  13. Do you mind adding pics? Also what’s the length from butt to reel seat? I like a shorter butt for the kayak
  14. Long shot but looking to find this rod... GLSP701M 8-14 lb (1/4-3/4) Spinning rod If not this guy interested in something similar , something with good sensitivity and good for kayak fluke and school jigging. Located in Westchester NY