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  1. Targeting sharks and had our bunker chewed to bits by crabs.. do you guys use those floats?
  2. fishaholic finback shad.. if it ain’t broke don’t break it..
  3. I’ve always wondered about this. Let’s say I ~needed~ to cast an 4 ounce jig on 15 pound braid and lay into it.. am I at risk of snap off? How about a 5 ounce sinker with 30 pound?
  4. Yea that’s be awesome
  5. Less about looks I was nervous about repeated scrapes and what it could do to the integrity of the hull
  6. How should I attack this thing? Don’t have Dacron, only 40-50 lb braid
  7. This was an awesome post.
  8. assuming it hasnt been dunked and works the way it should - ill take it. pm sent
  9. Hi guys ~ looking for a 2500-4000 sized spinning reel that would pair up good to a 9’ rod rated 1/2-3 oz. Bonus points if it has braid already on; let’s see what ya got! also looking to spend $80 or less
  10. I’ll do that - pm sent
  11. i'm afraid the bail - less will scare him off. Would you let the rod go for $40?