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  1. No thank You on those. I’m in Ma 02780.
  2. I have a brand new Avid model AVC90HF2, I took as part of trade thinking I would use it however I never have sitting in the rod rack, I’m open to trades depending what you have, I’m open to quality freshwater reels or inshore size reels. Or will sell for 125 plus actual shipping cost. If your interested let me know
  3. No problem no rush on my part. Thank you Tim
  4. The reel is in much better shape than I remembered, never used it since I got it on trade just became backup.
  5. I have a Lexa hd 300xs p in really great shape, loaded with braid I took on trade I’m not using it I would be interested in trading you for the 4000 Stratic. I’m in Ma 02780. I can post pictures tomorrow if your interested Tim.
  6. I will take this
  7. Closed, will look elsewhere.
  8. I’m looking to buy a Blackhole Challenger UL 691 in Spinning.. only model I’m interested in to add to my collection. Thank you Tim.
  9. Closed Moving elsewhere.
  10. Received rack system just as described Thank You Phil.
  11. Bump price drop 350 shipped
  12. Yes now that we agreed on selling price in this open thread we can move to private message so you can send me your Paypal information and I can give you my shipping address, I can pay you once I get your PayPal... I will send you a PM. Thank you Tim