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  1. I gave it a quick hit this morning and had just one decent size bluefish. I'm finding bluefish REALLY like the white hydrominnow. The bass I had yesterday have moved out. I did see some terns diving on something inside the bar I was fishing here and there but nothing came from it. After sun up all the googans showed up fishing the remainder of the good spots I was at. I mean it is a holiday weekend and I was expecting this and it's ok. I actually find the choices made on rigging, bait or lures used to be widely entertaining. The winner this morning was a 'fisherman' with a high low rig and on each dropper there was no bait but instead two fresh water lures. One was a frog lure and the other looked to be a spinner bait with the spinner blade taken off. I left the beach with a smile on my face. I didn't get skunked and I seen something amazing.
  2. Out front early this morning before work. 1 blue on a hydro minnow and then I found a sweet spot with white water rolling off the bar that held a dozen fish that only wanted to bucktail way out end end of the cast.. I dropped a nice bass right at my feet and also had a big black drum on too. I struggled today keeping the fish buttoned. I lost way more than I hooked.
  3. I have no interest in making my own. Making plugs and bucktail is where I spend my fishing time off the water. Good for you and how you do your one offs it's how it should be done. I waited for my "custom" plugging rod built for me, to my specs, with the intended reel, with the kinds of plugs and lures I used. Everything was planned and designed around "me" and the way I fish. I'm happy as can be and have no regrets at all in who built the rod or how long it took. To each their own. All the best to you.
  4. He's saying that top tier rob builders. People doing this day in and day out and doing it at the top of their game and have rod building down to a science generally have this lead time and then some. The time frame is this far out because the quality is above board and true works of art - they can prove it too. You are not getting a 'custom' piece of sh*t. So you are ordering today for a rod for next season. Some food for thought - I engaged two local builders that was recommended and received praise - in person I found the wraps, eye placement and alignment, fit, finish of the rods to be subpar and honestly a joke. I wouldn't have paid $100 for these rods let alone a grand they were asking. You get what you pay for and for the kind of money a real custom surf rod costs it had dam well be perfect and to my specifics desires exactly or you are just wasting your money. I'd rather wait to get what I want from someone I trust will do the job then have something thrown together and not worthy to be fished at all.
  5. Literally a last cast catch saved a skunk in RB. The ocean like others reported was filthy with trash and in general I've seen no real signs of any significant population of bait hanging around in a week. This has been a spring for the record books in a number of ways.
  6. I understood there was going to be some east wind today but near the top of the tide it was blowing. Way more than I remember seeing forecasted. It created one heck of a nice looking surf but the only problem is the amount of human trash it blew into the surf zone was shocking. It was fishable for a bit and then once the tide kicked in ..not because of it If it wasn't for a bluefish I would have taken a skunk. Btw this little 6 pounder I guess it is is the biggest bluefish of the season so far for me. That's not saying much honestly. I've yet to see or catch a single gator size bluefish.
  7. I had a funeral this morning and afterwards was so emotionally drained that I went to my place of zen... the water. Out front, outgoing tide and the bucktail fooled a 24 inch bass that races well up the lip on the hit. I didn't care if I caught anything to be quite honest - I just needed to be alone to process the day. And PLEASE hug your loved ones folks and if you can do that call them. Life is short... today was hard.
  8. no @Chief2 it 100% wasn't. @Lou T nailed it - bay anchovy. I seen them all grown up before just never in a very very juvenile state. You always learn something new in this sport.
  9. I hit up the same spot last night that I blitzed fish the night before that and the bay anchovies by the millions were gone. Bunker were there instead. If hooking a bunker perfectly by the mouth means I wasn't skunked then I'll take it otherwise I was skunked. A few hundred feet away a guy was having success with clams pretty actively.
  10. Though it pains me with how much I love photography butI take far fewer photos now. The ones I do take and show have a story around them that I think others might find interesting and that is my motivation in sharing. I don't post images here - not anywhere near social media. F social media. I don't spot burn with them and I only do it when I know I can do it while having the best interest of the fish in mind... always. Photos also serve as a record or log of my catches year to year. I plot that on a map and can see what fish were caught where at what time of year at what location. It's no secret they show at different places at certain times a year and I use that to my advantage seasonally.
  11. That's an old brass or bronze harpoon head. Mostly used on Tuna but other species as well. That's a cool find.
  12. Yeah - I've seen bay anchovy just never seen them at the size I was looking at. New experience. Thanks for this.
  13. THIS! I was in this exact situation last night. Millions of little 2 inch bait. The large wood plugs swam slow as slow can go produced without having to match the hatch at all. It's not for every situation but worked this time.
  14. The lack of bluefish is not at all a surprise to me. The last 3 years I've taken my daughter snapper fishing when it was time. 4 years ago I could have gone to any of my usual spots and caught as many as we wanted. The following year they were still around but not nearly as many. The last two years the usually bay / backwater spots that usually had so many had next to none. Last year for the first time in my life I had to travel to try and find some snappers. That has never happened... ever. From this non scientific observation I can very easily correlate the downturn of the next years bluefish run. Not only has the size decreased but also the quantity. One of the things that has stuck out in my mind during this time was a charter fishing trip that was a part of my bachelor party - 8 years ago. It was just me and 3 other really close friends and family. We were targeting the end of the bass run and bluefish. I come from a point of view of take one if you want to eat and put the rest back. Well the captain had other ideas. He kept nearly every fish until I told him - "this is not the kind of trip we were looking for". As a steward of the water I was bothered by this. I had to actually threaten to without hold money or tip if he didn't stop. He said he had people who wanted fish - I told him that's great and they should book their own charter. I was really annoyed. I look back on that day and thank about the countless other trips he took and probably did the same thing. Plus party boats for blue fish and people using snappers as bait and yeah.... it's easy to see much how like striped bass how the bluefish stocks have been raped and pillaged to the point of collapse. This is the next fishery we're going to see sweeping changes on limits if not a full on closure.
  15. First it's camouflage for ambush predator fish like striped bass. They will use the white water as cover. Stripers are able to effortlessly navigate that water as they look for smaller baitfish that are getting tossed about. Second it churns up the bottom and makes baitfish easy targets as the smaller fish cannot navigate that kind of water so well. I would say that he only time rolling white water is not a good thing to see is if it makes dirty water be that clarity, full of weed, grass or garbage which can be a thing when the rolling water is a bit too much (think storms!)