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  1. It might also "catch" the open end on each other. But it should be fine for temporary us
  2. I got a lot of my jigging stuff from and
  3. I got a couple you can have
  4. I got a couple you can have
  5. Other than that it's trial and error lol
  6. I usually leave out the tail hook unless I'm slow pitching deeper water from the boat. Tail hook tends to get fouled on the leader if you're not familiar with the jig action / rod work. As far as dressing bucktail on it, just be mindful on the amount of hair in it since it will add drag and may or may not impart the intended action of the jig.
  7. The right way to do it is to wrap it with thread like a fly and its a lot of work, but the method I used seems to work fine. I've had one failed when i used too thick of an assist cord on a thin hook because the spade end slipped off the knot. What I find interesting is that a free swinging double assist seems to have a better hook up rate. I'll post a video on making it one of these days.
  8. Here's another shore jigging with diff jig materials
  9. I've caught just about all the species on the island with these jigs. One thing though about these jigs, some are made of leads, some are zinc alloy and the expensive ones are tungsten. The diff type of metals affect on how fast or slow the jig itself sinks due to the specific gravity and of course also the shape of it. Zinc is the slowest to sink with tungsten the fastest.
  10. Thats where I got my jig but I tie my own assist as I dont trust any factory hooks. As for boat rod I recommend majorcraft crostage slow pitch rod its great for the price.
  11. Im using a rod with soft tip and moderate action. Fast tip wont work with slow jig...unfortunately a lot of the striper / plunging rod action is too fast and the bend isnt moderate enough. I found that the black hole suzuki was good for 20-40gr or the daiwa "surf special" i had posted on my YouTube video. I think the most crucial part of it all is line diameter, need to go as light as possible. I'm using majorcraft crosride 5g for inlet slow jigging 30 - 60gr and the daiwa for 10-30gr but the daiwa might be too light for inlet.
  12. I dont usually change parts on my reels but those rubber paddle knobs gets tacky after a while and it bothers me...
  13. Is this the knob itself or the screw? Or both? Lol
  14. I replaced my old tacky stella 4000XGFI handle with this and found out about the 5 different washer size. For those who have read the amazon reviews some are stating to loosen the screw if handle doesnt spin and some complains that there are slight play. I hope this helps those who plan on buying or have bought this knob You need to mix and match the washers until you find the perfect fit with the screw tightened without any gap/play in the handle knob but yet it still spins freely. Made a video for this I hope this helps.