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  1. David Price once again . Sanchez smacked him around pretty good to the tune of 2 HR 5 rbi
  2. LGR's since 67 warmed up to Espo just fine , and i cried when Eddie came back a Red wing .# 4 was a amazing player all time great 50 years later nothings changed . Awesome goal Bobby we'll never forget it
  3. Rangers need to pick it up Q450 who you trading and to who are you trading
  4. And the one's who teach thinks this is a leader Oh boy we got a problem
  5. RIP Pete it's not easy knowing your gone
  6. Major League Baseball has 7.7% of black players and they're pushing an agenda in the league for a group of men who no longer have interest in playing the sport.
  7. Spot on Zac
  8. Don't sweat it Hook they have come to my town 4 times on LI . Everytime it got more white and younger and they where ignored the last 3 times . They posed no threat to anyone and very little stuff got broken. They stopped traffic for a few hours and moved on .
  9. Picked up 2000 small pistol primers 1000 large pistol primers at $36 a box at my Local shop . Tommorow i will meet my other local shop owner for 1000 .45 230 grain berry's and 147 grain 9mm berrys .Componants are scarce also get what you can when you can .
  10. Dad did real good iwill say a prayer for him Billy
  11. I feel ya i am about the same