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  1. No you are not alone freedom is not free ,blood is the cost and if it comes to that mine will spill for the cause not one inch. I have no kids I'll be fighting for your future if there's anything worth living for when it's over
  2. If he signs this the country will be toast . Buy ammo boys
  3. He has no choice but to be on board and he needs to protect the ball better. As far as JuJu's other side the Steelers have a way of always finding a guy . Two solid TE's could pick up some slack . I for one will not miss #84 and #26 just may be franchised again that should be fun . Realisticly they arent winning unless they get some take aways on D and the kicker gets back to doing what he was paid for .JMO
  4. It's for the betterment of the team WR is becoming just like RB dime a dozen . Brown leaving is a blessing someone will step up to the # 2 behind JuJu and it's strait forward . How many teams would like to build around JuJu and Conner ? . LB and CB in the draft is a need the way i see it . Bye Bye Brown
  5. Skip the ladies and i am in .
  6. Ellsberry set back no show till march planters acted up again who cares . Bird say's he's healty and ready. The human passed ball say's he is ready to make a diffrence ? only time will tell . Sevy is battling late season fatiuge with a new diet and exercise program , and no Stupid contracts signed lets get ready boys The Yanks are comming in hot
  7. I was just thinking the same Joe . Was going to see if Hook and Zac wanted to bring back the old wood or start a fresh one .
  8. Fail safe Soylent green They drive by night
  9. Large crowd being interviewed right now click and see what the locals have to say
  10. You know Detroit needs some representation so here you go Big Mama is strong and quiet happy in this one . Smiling and laughing right to the end
  11. Can't deny this is a very strong contender
  12. No to Harper please dear Hal listen to Joey Z