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  1. These games have been great .The sox are just that dam good ,great catch last night to end it unreal .
  2. I'am accounted for , with over 500 views i would of thought there would be more of push from here
  3. I will send it out first thing in the AM Thanks
  4. You could have been spending my money by now i am still out there
  5. dam stros just got crushed
  6. Just spoke my piece it took 2 minutes it closes down 11/19/18 . Get on now and make your voice be heard or suffer in silence
  7. Ok i already have it so let me know if anything changes .
  8. Payment sent sorry for not posting it guys
  9. If its $50 for both i will take them if you will take a MO sent tomorrow
  10. Thats not true I've seen guys land fish with no tip at all a little tip twist to each side never hurt nobody
  11. Those freezers must be the size of a cigar box . This is the worst blue fish season I've had in over 10 years. But that's just me ,more power to everybody else who's getting them but I don't see anybody raving about it but you. For myself not one over 5# this season if you're banging them up I have to say I'm jealous. I wonder if ASrod will chime in he's pretty handy when it comes to Blue Fish
  12. Rest easy 1253 Bone has these sox right where he wants them .
  13. Send info and MO will be on its way thanks
  14. $20 for the bottom 2 in second picture shipped