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  1. And yes this piece of s*** gives up a grand slam it's time for him to be released
  2. 1 in the morning Domingo gives you a solid seven and what does Chad green do he loads the bases in the 8th with no outs he's about to blow a six-run lead
  3. The Flyers didn't even exist until 1967 so it shouldn't be a issue
  4. Bongino destroys the moron Bernie today on this subject .
  5. 4 innings deep and Domingo is dealing strikes . Young hungry and selective lineup is fun to watch + Gardy is getting good wood on the ball . Ford goes deep 4 zip yanks
  6. Nathan out 4-6 bone chips in elbow Ouch
  7. Win in the 14th is a win . Nathan E out 4-6 weeks bone chips in elbow as Boston reels away early with injuries of there own, this younger Yankee squad has grit 4 strait wins
  8. I can go $85 for the reel if you'll ship it to Long Island
  9. Good to see Matt Harvey still serves up taters Voit goes deep