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  1. Pound Pummel and Punish your opponent into submission that's what we do . I can easily deal with it if he keeps clobbering Zac . Have fun you stood by him strong
  2. here is another point of view ,the street cop lays it out for you about skid row . GO Dems you done good
  3. You made your point many times now it's getting played out . We know he is and are all happy to see him back to what he is supposed to be .
  4. Not very smart on his part , he has options and must get over it . If he doesn't show it's time for him to go . I hope he wises up quick .
  5. Snell didn't have it today gone after 39 pitches in the first, nice to see .
  6. A good kid right here with some common sense
  7. Very diverse crowd looks amped up and ready to Keep America great again .
  8. Tanaka 8 pitch 8th inning 9 shutout innings to boot Yankee pitching performance of the year so far
  9. Tanaka dealing 7 strong tonight and looking for more .
  10. # 38 it was nice to know ya but you have to go at the end of the week, ya did good
  11. With Stanton coming back tomorrow and Judge by weeks end it just may be the end of Brett's run with the Yanks . Then what happens he signs elsewhere and Red is next in line . That would be pretty sour end for a solid lifelong Yankee and one of my favorite ballplayers . But i do like Red and want him on the squad at some point .