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  1. You are such a pile of
  2. Why are Oniel and Cone giving CC a reach around 67 pitches through 3 ?. Down 4 zip real good work by the fat kid .
  3. It would have been great if CC had to sit today . It's easy to see we will get nothing out of him going forward .
  4. The Sig 365 is such an awesome pistol I'm a little jealous of all you boys who own them
  5. Paxton has no grit this guy sucks Yankee starters are a disgrace
  6. How long was she being abused ? if she waited for any period of time she put her self in harms way knowingly . Its her right to leave and find safety , a shelter is better than dead .
  7. Just put the game on and i see it's mute time again . I wish Kay took the season off he stinks plain and simple . Just wasted air time and he never shuts up .
  8. Can renaming this bridge be considered anti Native American by today's left ? The Tappan Zee is named for an American Indian tribe from the area called "Tappan"; and zee being the Dutch word for "sea". In 1994, the name of Malcolm Wilson was added to the bridge's name upon the 20th anniversary of his leaving the governor's office in December 1974.