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  1. Please be true
  2. James Dolan's ownership of the Knicks and Rangers
  3. You really can't call him a catcher !
  4. Sanchez let us down big time twice today its getting old fast. Cant argue with you MNJ they are bad pitchers right now
  5. I can do the $245 i live close to your town i can pick it up tonight
  6. Sanchez is a HS backup at best right now
  7. #24 really giving it his all with 2 in scoring position .
  8. CC ya later what a solid down the streach performance, don't be late for cake
  9. As far as iam concerned he can Lie ,Cheat and Steal as long as America keeps getting great again like it has been for almost 2 years now .
  10. He has blems for $39 which is fine by me others not so much . What color if you don't mind i have 2 leeks love them Olive drab and black .
  11. Mitchell you ever use kershawguy .com great deals on leeks at your door in 2 days $49 bucks flat . Lots to chose from
  12. Kershaw Scallion in my pocket and A buck in the truck at all times
  13. Easy big fella ASrod is from MD and nobody can catch fish like he does that's a fact.