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  1. Oh give me a home/ Where the big stripers roam/ And the blues and the albies all play/ Where seldom is heard a discouraging word/ And the seas are not rowdy all day.
  2. Years ago, I used to work for a company in Jersey, that delivered supplies to businesses along Kensington ave. That area now, looks like the land of the living dead.
  3. What would be in it for Iran, if they leaked a false statement like this. They must know it would be better to stay on our good side, with a new administration, that is more agreeable to lifting sanctions, than the Trump administration. They know their not going to divide the US, and Israel. To me it seems more plausible, that this is a story the Iranians wouldn't want getting out. Plus, why would you want to out someone who was helping you, by providing intel about your enemy. Even more so, someone who is still in a position to continue helping you.
  4. Its a trick they learned from the governor of Virginia.
  5. I had a pair of 6in VS pliers, that went overboard. I replaced them with the 7in Premio offshore pliers, and never looked back.
  6. Does anyone know, if you can bring your own electric trolling motor, to use on the rental boats?
  7. It seems like there are less side effects from the Pfizer shot, then there are with the Moderna shot. I didn't have any with the Pfizer, but know a few people who had mild to moderate flu like symptoms with the Moderna shot. But it only lasted for 24 to 48 hours.
  8. The thing I fear the most about turning into a zombie, is all the walking.
  9. i am going to celebrate earth day, by remembering all the dinosaurs that died, allowing me to fire up the diesel engine on my boat. Then I will prepare the instruments of death, that will help me kill as many giant tuna as I can.
  10. Cruising through YouTube, I came upon a video of a young woman who recently caught a 52" striper. In the video, she explained she has been surf fishing less than a year. As a father of a teenage daughter who loves fishing, its nice to see more women are taking an interest in fishing. Also the fish in the video is a bona fide pig, not a racer. Congrats to her, for catching a lifetime fish so early in her surf fishing career.
  11. Every time I see this photo of him, I think of Fire Marshall Bill.
  12. Its too early for the beach. Bring a light rod, there are plenty of stripers in Sesachacha pond. Also, you don't need a freshwater license to fish any of the ponds on island.
  13. I use them along with spark plugs, wooden skewers, and hog rings, when I’m yo-yoing bunker. I switched from metal joist hangers to wooden skewers, because I was trying to be more conservation minded.
  14. They grabbed my Ross Apollo 5 speed.