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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me the difference between the Prevail rods and the more expensive Torques? I am looking for a light duty surf setup using 2-3 oz and live/cut bait in the Gulf for whiting, slot reds, trout etc. I have 2 Ambassedeurs 6501 C4 that would balance nicely on this rod. (I took one to the store and mounted it on).. The one I was interested was the 10' 2 pc casting, rated 15-20 lbs 2-5 oz (medium power). I originally wanted to look at a Torque but the Prevails looked just as good .. yes, I forgot to say that there were no Torques on the shelf so I didnt really have a a chance to compare. Does this rod load ( flex) when a fish takes the bait??? Anyone have experience with this rod using it in the way I describe? Would the Torque at 30 more dollars be a better bet? Both rods are probably "low rent"gear . but I am not ready for high end kit.. . P.S I already have a "heaver" 10' OM rated for 4-8oz and am looking for a toned down rod for the bay and "calm" surf to round out my arsenal. Light line 14#, smaller hooks 3/0 rigged dropper style & 2-3 oz spider wt.. Thanks!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by scotmcpherson So far I have only been able to practice with it over the last couple days, but I really like my lamiglas surfking 11ft. It's also less expensive than the mojo. It's a very light rod, and it locks adequately with 1.5oz. Christ I flung that thing into the street 50 yards away with a gentle test cast. First cast 10ft just to get a feel of the action, then 25ft...Ok lets give this a small heave, ooops...glad I didn't bust that car window....I haven't had a chance to give it a good full heave at the beach yet, but it sure feels good pretending and stopping the lure in flight before I forget I am not really there. Lol! Been there. I once was on a football field testing out a surf setup and the shock leader disconnected on the 12th cast. Dont kow if the sinker 6 oz found a Lexus or god forbid someones head...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by NIGHT STRIKES Very Good Rod,, Steve Is this a latter generation graphite rod? -review was in 2004. Thanks.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by chunk that rod is a good rod. it will throw 2-3ozs well. What size Battle were you going to use? Not sure, I was hoping that some of you might give feedback. I want to go with 14#-17# Suffix mono & plan to use bait (maybe topwater) from thew rocks and sand. do not want a kitchen sink.. Thanks
  5. Is this rod any good for light beach and jetty work? Any one have experience with this rod? I fish in the Gulf and was looking for a rod with moderate tip action using 2-4 oz w/ live bait in the 1st gut for the trouts. Does this rod load ( flex ) when bait is taken? I like to team with a Penn Battle hopefully lighter than the standard heaver used for beach casting. What series would balance? Thanks!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by KOSS 6" is plenty long enough for the species we target up here, but keep in mind that you're targeting different species, and you tend to have cleaner water in the gulf than we do in the mid-atlantic (i'm assuming you're fishing the gulf, correct me if I'm wrong). The water in and around Gallveston alternates between very brown and weedy to green and clear. We all look forward to the green tide where fishing is optimal. Off and on. aWhich 10/0 gami are you referring to? hook Circle hook- nickel plated.The gauge wire is average (uncertain as to the exact thickness ) wondered if there were thinner wire hooks made of carbon not rustproof like nickel.that would secure shrimp better How are you hooking the shrimp? Thru the thorax out the back I use 50# ande as my shock leader so you should be OK there. You should let us know what you're targeting down there. We may not be the best crowd to answer some of these questions. Large Redfish and Speckled Seatrout-also King Mackerel, Sheepshed, Black Drum and last ,but not least, the lowly Whiting I sure miss the Striper & Bluefish of NE -stuff of dreams.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KOSS I caught a lot of fish this year using Hi-lo rigs. However, toward the end of the season I switched to all fishfinders for one simple reason; bait. It costs 2x as much to bait up a hi-lo rig as it does to bait up a fishfinder. When one is using peelers you can really see the difference in cost. I found the same thing with pieces of fishbite for black drum. I think you just get much more out of your bait with a fishfinder rig. Good point about cost of bait! What about a single loop as opposed to double loop? Try reducing the length of your leaders. If you have a helicopter problem that could be the cause. My fishfinder leaders, regardless of the species of interest, are no longer than 5 inches. I already do this mine are 6" good to know that short leaders arent necessarally putting fish off. The leaders are called "hooklinks" correct? If the bait is flying off of your fishfinder rig then the problem isn't the rig. It's the bait, or the way you're hooking the offering. If you tell us a little more about that we may be able to help. I was using large shrimp on a a 10/0 Gammy circle hook. I also downsized to a 6/0 Gammy. Do I need to find a lighter gauge wire hook?? I still cannot figure the proper way to bait up with shrimp.I am fixing to try cut mullet or possibly octopus , whiting. I need to be "schooled" on bait to hook sizing lol. I don't fish braid because I've gone to an all conventional arsenal. I use a simple albright knot as my shock to running line connection. Once I learned to tie it properly I discovered that it's bulletproof. There is no need (IMO) for a complicated knot. I agree I was using a blob knot which I think is unreliable - I had a crackoff the other day. I am experimenting with the Alberto knot. Not difficult to tie imo. I am using 50-60# Ande shock leader( mono) to Suffix Seige 17# mono in case your interested. Thanks!
  8. Can I be added to the list????
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by crick0234 cranking down on the brakes completely solves those problems in my opinion - mag not needed, but casting distance will be affected. Agreed,
  10. Thanks folks1 I picked up some Suffix Siege in tangerine color 17# I am going to see how it works, The general consensus from most of you seems to be that visibility is a plus /does not put off fish; Now i gotta put in a few days to get off work and drive to Galveston.
  11. Sorry for butting in. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people with years of experience giving you good advice. I am new to conventional reels as well and wanted to tell you that if you have limited experience w/ casting conventional- the mag reels will make the learning easier. It dont matter what brand The true conventionals can be temperamental and you really learn about thumbing the spool big time You learn the meaning of the "casters thumb" as well as adjusting the cast control knob. Good luck.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Juz1ish I been running 20Lbs His Vis Gold from Stren and does well in the surf. Since I prefer fishing at night than day. Other Anglers will know where my lines is when fishing elbow to elbow and also great in the day time as well. Likewise I use a clear mono as a leader. Thats what i used in the surf long time ago. Never really had a chance to fish with it and am suprised that it is still selling. Have you caught fish with it?? What kind of fishing reel conventional or spinning? Hooksetting? castability? (w / conv. reel/) When i used it 35 yrs ago in Massachustts (Crane Beach/ Emersons rocks) it seemed like a solid line (20# on a spinner but I did not know how to cast with it and the weights to use etc so the results were laughable. I love the gold and have used Stren gold braid with great results in fresh for big carp. However I just think that braid is overkill for me .
  13. Of course!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by oBxsurfish I use Sufix Tri Plus which is hi-vis yellow and i recently spooled a friends reel with the Siege in tangerine. I like using hi-vis lines in the surf, it helps you see how the current, waves, ect are affecting your bait. It also helps me to not walk into the line I that a mono or braid? How does your friend fish? does he/she like it?
  15. Sorry I forgot- I am fishing the surf with conventional reel and 10 foot rod (heavy 17#-20# lines 4-8 ozs bait only. Thanks!