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  1. Murhy is a f'ing clown. WMA's should be closed to only those who voted for him.
  2. Head south for starfish Nam!
  3. Bobbers are underrated
  4. I think its well past time to start referring to drifting bugs as MC55ing. If we can name a lure after him why not a technique. Ha.
  5. I had a guy do that while I was reeling in a plug. I just kept reeling it in. Can't believe someone was stupid enough to deliberately get in the way of a fishing hook. I sometimes swim late in the day with my kids and stay as far away from the fisherman as possible. Wouldn't want someone to get hooked.
  6. Thought you guys might like this:
  7. I didn't even watch the video. It's not a good look but those angles could be deceiving.
  8. dropper loop is pretty easy to learn as well. Lots of videos out there to teach you. Effective and makes it easy to change the teaser without any extra tackle.
  9. out front 6:30-8:30 am. Surf was rougher than I expected, very little wind. Very fishable, lots of whitewater. Slightly stained in spots. Great bucktail weather! Skunk. Didn't see bait, fish or any other fisherman. Just me and a lot of sad, hungry birds.
  10. Hit the beach at sunrise for a couple hours. Conditions were good (not dirty) but not much going on. Saw no bait at all. Lot's of guys out, only saw one bent rod.
  11. When i first started using braid i had a lot of problems. thanks to this site i tried the following and it eliminated 90% of the issues: 1. Don't overfill the spool. 2. Flip the bail over manually after you cast (don't know why but make a big diff) 3. Check for knots in the line before each cast (or very frequently). If you catch the knot in the spool you save yourself a lot of trouble. Nice fish!
  12. Went golfing today. It was great.
  13. Fish were not biting last night. That's all.
  14. Wow this board is quiet. Anyone having any luck out front? Might have a small window today to fish. Any tide/timing advice?
  15. Out front Moco. Perfect day. Rivers of mullet with nothing on them. Caught a few angry blues. Didn't see anyone else catch.
  16. Tried Ship Bottom recently. Lager and Hop Hazy IPA were great.
  17. Second that. One of the best meals I've ever had was fresh caught spanish macs.
  18. 1000 meters is insane. Might be time for the piping plovers to go the way of the dodo if they need 1000 meters to procreate.
  19. what a joke. They couldn't find another location? I read that the cops hate these events because of all the drinking and they loved the excuse to cancel.
  20. This parking plan will be a total disaster.
  21. You should sell tickets!
  22. You guys will like this story about school kids raising trout. We should get these kids to raise some bass
  23. Agree, lots of issue and i understand why they do it. But in the long run they are killing their own businesses as well as our hobby.