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  1. Row, Jimmy, row.
  2. I used to work in Midtown Manhattan and had a Peregrine that liked to hang out on ledge of my window. I could walk right over to the window and it wouldn't fly away. Would stay there for hours sometimes. Saw him dive bomb for pigeons a few times, but he took it somewhere else to eat.
  3. I went fully organic on my lawn 15 years ago for this reason. My soil is way healthier today, holds and filters more water and my grass is greener with much less maintenance. Takes some work at the beginning but what a difference for the better. I also notice the animals like my property much better than my neighbors. Synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are destroying our water and wildlife.
  4. They got 100 guys.
  5. There are a bunch of nests in the red bank area but most are on private lands. 10 years ago I started seeing them a couple times a year, but now you can see on almost every day. One place that I know of that is public is the reservoir on swimming river road in Lincroft. There is a nest and I've seen several hanging out on the spill way waiting for fish to wash over to their death. Ha.
  6. I know boat fish don't count but can't confirm some cows being caught. NY still seems better than NJ but things are starting to happen. Hopefully they head to the beach so we can all have some fun with the ultimate type of sportfishing., catching bass on the jersey shore!
  7. Never apologize to the mob.
  8. Plenty of false reports and real skunks around here.
  9. Out front MoCo 6-8am. Surf was big but fishable. Bait moving by consistently and lots of guys out but didn't see anyone hook up. Seemed like it would have been a good day. Wouldn't be surprised to see pick up at some point today. Smelled fishy.
  10. I found a simple but effective technique a few years ago. Marinate the filets in red wine vinagrette for 30 minutes, take them out and use paper towel to dry them completely. After that you can prepare them any way you want. Works great. I have only done this with fresh fish so not sure if it works beyond the first day or so.
  11. Those pics of all that equipment made me never want to get a fish tank.
  12. Monmouth County is going to get a lot worse as all the NYer's flee the city they destroyed.
  13. Murhy is a f'ing clown. WMA's should be closed to only those who voted for him.
  14. Head south for starfish Nam!