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  1. 1000 meters is insane. Might be time for the piping plovers to go the way of the dodo if they need 1000 meters to procreate.
  2. what a joke. They couldn't find another location? I read that the cops hate these events because of all the drinking and they loved the excuse to cancel.
  3. This parking plan will be a total disaster.
  4. You should sell tickets!
  5. You guys will like this story about school kids raising trout. We should get these kids to raise some bass
  6. Agree, lots of issue and i understand why they do it. But in the long run they are killing their own businesses as well as our hobby.
  7. Would be nice if the headboats stressed to the customers that they should only keep the fish they are definitely going to eat. My experience is they automatically keep everything and half the people on the boat never had any intention of keeping.
  8. Got out for a couple hrs last night out back. Picked up two mid twenties in length. Was happy with that because there wasn't much activity in the area i was.
  9. FYI for those that are thinking of taking a long drive, the wind is really kicking up. Very gusty.
  10. That's f ing ridiculous. I had a neighbor once that put out pounds of bird seed every day in a tiny yard. Pigeons every where all day.
  11. It's like End Of Days over there. I feel like they no something we don't Every type of seabird, crows, hawks, vultures, ospreys all circling together.
  12. I live near where there was a big fish kill about a week ago. Birds have been over it non stop. A flock of 500-1000 birds circled above all afternoon yesterday. I've lived here 15 yrs and haven't seen anything like that before.
  13. Saw bass swirling in multiple places around high tide this morning from NJ transit! That's the closest i've got to fishing this year but it looked encouraging.
  14. A few weeks after Hurricane Sandy i had a telephone pole take me out from behind in a few feet of water. never saw it coming. Got flipped completely under water. Luckily i wasn't that far out so i only got wet and cold. Scared the crap out of me.
  15. Love the burple. Never saw that.