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    I like to fish. I try to do it as much as possible.
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    Fishing on my sea doo fish pro 155, fishing on my hobie outback, fishing on my dad's well craft 180 fisherman, and fishing.
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    Hvac in a really bad neighborhood

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  1. The garmin does the job but the stock maps are useless. I found areas I wanted to hit on navionics and manually put them into the garmin. Also I've noticed my gps is off a bit but it doesnt bother me. I installed a bilge pump last season. Wasnt too difficult and never used it in an emergency yet. I havent had to do anything to it yet mechanically. I'd like to add a second battery at some point. I used saltaway after most uses. I put about 70 hours on it last season. I dont push it going offshore because I mainly fish alone. I've taken it 7 miles out to get to Martha's vineyard on calm days. I would sign up for one of the boat tow agencies in your area no matter what (just in case).
  2. What's up bud? I fish off of a 2019 fish pro. I absolutely love the machine. I started on an outback and thought it was perfect for me but the sea doo brought me to another level. Last season I caught different types of fish I never had caught before and I went to a bunch of new fishing spots out of range of the outback. Hit me up if you want to know anything specific!
  3. I like to try different varieties. I enjoy the different terpenes smells and tastes. Sometimes I go for high thc and other times I may like the look or smell of a plant that isn't as high thc. Options are always nice.
  4. The best thing about the dispensaries to me is the variety of cannabis to choose from. I'm hoping prices come way down considering you pay more than 2x the amount for comparable smoke from local growers. I've already seen a huge drop off in lines of people since I now have 3 rec dispensaries near me. It seems funny to me that they all sell for the same inflated price as everyone else. I guess they have to so they can support having 15 staff members to open doors and greet people.
  5. I'm going for sure sunday and monday. I figure I'll buy some green crabs for tog but bring my albie rod in case they pop up.
  6. I went to my usual spot today and saw a small pod of Spanish but they were gone in seconds. It was pretty rough where I was and I was limited to where I could get to. I decided to head back in before i got sick.
  7. Yeah mine also had the same thing in the hull and I was trying to figure out where it came from. Mine probably had about 40 hours on it at that point. I guess mine would be from blowing out the jet after flushing. I have hit some waves for sure but not extreme so I would hope my engine hasn't shifted. Hopefully I can get another season out of it then I will rebuild all the driveline parts that wear over the winter. I wonder what percentage of sea doos have that streak like in the picture?
  8. Lol I just saw the same thing on my door and was wondering what they were.
  9. I cruised all the spots I was getting action last week and it was a ghost town. No birds, no splashes, no funny fish. Got bored and it was so nice out i zipped over to vineyard sound watching the whole way and still nothing. Skunked today. I'm sure they showed up as soon as I left.
  10. I've been fishing my fish pro pretty hard all summer. I've got just under 60 hours on the engine and atleast double that in the seat. So far no troubles. The worst thing I've done on it so far was suck my anchor rope into the intake. Luckily I was on the beach getting ready to put it on the trailer. Just my pride damaged and some time spent unwrapping the mess when I got home. I did end up installing a manual bilge pump which hopefully I will never need. The only other mod I've done was make a "kayak crate" with 3 more rod holders. Now I keep all my tackle and misc. equipment in the crate which I tie down between the rear seat and the cooler. It also keeps my reels more towards the center and more out of the spray.
  11. Albie by jet ski. Saw lots but could only hook two.
  12. Nice fish captain! I love fishing the area. If you see a crazy mf fishing on a jet ski it's probably me.
  13. This is what I tell myself when fishing on my jet ski or kayak
  14. Congratulations on the purchase! I think your going to like it. Remember neutral is your friend when docking and trailering/untrailering. I think most of my early mistakes was because I'd panic and hit the gas too much. Backing up around obstacles takes a little practice. It steers the opposite as what you would think.
  15. Maybe I got old supply. The juice looked brown in the packs I ordered online. The new package it was clear.