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  1. Lol, no wonder I've been peeing blood! When I first got it I was going out in any conditions. Now I'm trying to pick my days better. But yeah in 2-4 foot chop I feel it later in the day.
  2. I couldn't find any literature saying the fish pro had the auto bilges so I decided to wire a pump in. I wired it as on-off because I didn't want a float kicking it on everytime I jump a wave. Next i am going to add a second battery as soon as I locate all the parts I need. Sea doo wants too much for their kit. I think this thing comes pretty well equipped. I added a crate with 3 more rod holders to keep my rods more towards the center and out of the spray and to hold my tackle. As far as fuel use it really sips. If I stay close to shore and shut it off while fishing a 6 hour trip might use as little as a quarter tank. The one thing I wish it came with is the garmin nav chip. I just use my phone with navionics to find gps coordinates (wrecks, structure) and manually enter them into the chartplotter. *edit- I just charted the route I went this morning and it was 20 miles each way and I was going between 35-50mph. Then about another 5 miles of checking spots close to shore. I burned a half tank of fuel. Not too bad considering i was hammering.
  3. Caught this fluke on the morning of the 4th in 30' of water. It measured 28" and weighted a c hair under 10 lbs. I'm up to 32 hours on the ski now and really getting used to fishing on it. I just ordered a crate setup I'll strap down in between the seat and cooler for all my tackle. I also ordered a bilge pump set up for it. Not looking forward to drilling into this thing but I think I should have a bilge since I mostly fish alone.
  4. I only have 20 hours on mine so far but no sea weed problems (knock on wood). I have sucked up a rock that got stuck in the jet but it cleared itself after a few minutes. That scared me though I thought I really messed it up. It was my own fault and luckily no damage. I only use the CC if I'm bringing family out for a day of fishing. I've had lots of problems with it so I dont have much confidence in it (currently not running). Kayak fishing is where I've started and I enjoy being out buy myself getting in places boats cant. However, my kayak hasn't been touched yet this season and I honestly haven't missed it. The sea doo has been killing it.
  5. I'm in Ma also. I wish it was legal to use them at night but I still have my kayak for that. I had the Environmental Police pull up to me last Saturday in buzzards bay because it was very foggy and I didn't have any lights on. I told him I'd bring my kayak 360 degree stern light and stick it in a rod holder next time. He was ok with that and motored off.
  6. Same idea. Find some structure and drop a jig with or without soft plastic. Bounce it on the bottom. Always has worked well for me.
  7. I didn't look when I left the ramp but when I came back in I didn't see anyone. That big net is back this year off the jetty too.
  8. Slow fishing for tog this morning but conditions were great. Only saw two boats out near sakonnet point. Managed to keep two 18"s for dinner tomorrow night.
  9. I think it was for a quart. Probably around 15 or so.
  10. I paid $4.00 at the bait shop. Didn't have enough time to find them myself last week.
  11. Slimed mine for the first time this morning. I caught a few tog while scoping out a few spots I couldn't get to on my kayak. I'm up to 8hrs on the machine mostly exploring a tidal river near my house. No regrets, cant wait for better weather to really play.
  12. They're out there now. Caught three fishing off my jet ski this morning in two hours. Nothing huge but kept one fat Male for lunch.
  13. I was thinking of watching it from the bay. I heard rain for Saturday morning. Will that postpone the destruction?
  14. I just bought one from ketcham supply. They build commercial and recreational traps of all kind. I haven't got a chance to give it a good try it but it's very well built.