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  1. Nothing yet. I left it out for 48ish hours and went to check. Nothing even touched the bait. I was near a marshy area in a brackish river. I figure the water is still a bit too cold, but I'm just guessing.
  2. I bought a new trap this year so I'm itching to try it out. I put it near where I saw tons last year but nothing in a few hours. I left it out there and will check it after a day or two. I did find a few under rocks last week too.
  3. No crabs in my trap.
  4. I dropped a crab pot out this morning. I plan on checking it in about an hour. If there are enough green crabs I may race out to sakonnet point to poke around for tog.
  5. Yeah the mounting points for the cooler do push in flush with the deck. In that pic the ones on the platform are down and the ones closest to the seat are up. Also, incase anyone is interested I put 4 hours on it only shutting it off once. The whole time I was travelling between 20-50 mph sometimes in swells and used 8 gallons of gas. When I calculated it with miles it should be good for a little over 100 miles per tank. Unfortunately no fish yet. Not even any other fisherman out yet where I was lol. Air temp was about 60 deg and water temp was 45.
  6. Took a trip down the taunton river today from taunton to fall river. I saw an osprey in its nest and a bald eagle hovering way above me. Tried to get pictures but failed miserably.
  7. I took her out today for the first time. This thing is going to be fun! It's very stable. I weigh 235 and I could stand both feet in one gunnel. I stood on the back platform but didn't want to really test it because the water is around 45. It goes 0 to 54 very quickly, the acceleration caught me by surprise. Here are a few pics of it with the cooler and back seat off. I measured it and its 48 inches.
  8. It's a big space without the cooler. It's even bigger when you take the back seat off. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow.
  9. I actually already have a 18' center console. Unfortunately it doesn't get used much because it breaks constantly. The only time I use it is to bring family members out fishing. Most of the time I prefer fishing alone which will be on the sea doo or kayak. If I was going to replace the boat I would have figured out a way to finance a new parker 2520. So I feel I got off cheap with the sea doo lol.
  10. Trying mine out this weekend. I'm picking up a green crab trap to set up Saturday while I'm testing the ski. Hopefully I'll get some bait to fish for tautog on sunday.
  11. I hear you on the reasons to use a kayak for fishing. For me there were a few reasons to look for something else. One is it sometimes takes me hours to get to my fishing spots pedaling. I'll still keep the yak for the short trips. Also, I'm less than impressed with all the newer pedal kayaks out there.
  12. I just bought this ski. I'm not picking it up until April but I cant wait! I've fished out of a hobie kayak for years and was looking to get a new kayak but I bought this instead. I think this thing is going to be perfect for most of my fishing and I still have the old kayak to mix things up.
  13. I have the older style hobie seat and my back gets stiff after about 2 hrs. Then there are nights like two weeks ago when I went out at 9:30pm and didn't quit till 4am! I was slamming fish all night only looked at the time once, no pain.
  14. Hoppys landing on West island fairhaven is pretty decent. I think it's 8 bucks. Helps if you have a good depth finder because itshe shallow all around the channel.
  15. I tried wearing one when in my yak after getting severe sun burns one year. I don't care how they look because I'm alone out there but it made me way too hot. I do wear the spf shirts and pants though.