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  1. Have a large wood deck (approx 900 sq ft) with trex floor that wraps around sunroom and has an outdoor kitchen. The support and trex floor is fine. The wood railings/trim are approx 15 yrs old (I bought this house 9 yrs ago) and despite staining every 2-3 years are succumbing to rot in certain areas and need replacement. Looking for recommendations re carpentry/deck specialists to address wood railings pending total replacement to stainless steel railings. thx. PM if necessary. John
  2. Thanks Kil. Will send you a PM
  3. Kil, I asked a specific question re the 701L foregrip 4 posts above and need some feedback as I am looking to purchase the 701L from you as well as the 731M. I know you may have been distracted as that was an off-topic rude reply re the honey glass but am requesting your advice on the 701L foregrip. I purchased previous black hole rods from you re tuna awhile back and your advice did not steer me wrong. Let me know and will order as soon as I hear back. thanks John D
  4. Kil and others, thanks. I noticed the 701L comes with two different size foregrips and was wondering why? It’s hard to know which to order for NJ charter fluking without seeing pics as can’t get to a store and see for myself. thanks.
  5. Thanks Kil. It sounds like the MH would be overkill for my intended uses and the M would be good for tog and deep water fluke and seabass off NJ. Thx
  6. Been awhile since I have posted here. Hope all are well. Looking into the black hole challenger conventional rods for fluke. All of my fishing is on charter boats. Thinking of definitely getting the 701L as I know Kil loves them even for deeper water. Would be out of NJ for June-Aug fishing buck tails, as well as June inshore sea bass, with an accurate twin drag 300 valiant. I am assuming this rod can handle bucktails up 6oz? Where I am torn is getting the 731M or MH as the second rod for deepwater fluke and could also serve as a tog rod and nov/dec deepwater sea bass rod? any and all thoughts welcome. thanks, John D.
  7. ok, so my Carrier Infinity unit died. Circuit breaker kept tripping, went through 2 compressors in 2 years and now out of warranty as the unit is 13 years old. I am looking to get the Carrier Infinity 17 SEER ANB7 2-stage (5 ton) installed. I believe the 2 indoor infinity control panels need to be replaced too. HVAC guy quoted me $7000. This seems very high, as online the unit looks like it cost $3500. I have a follow-up call/decision tomorrow, as looking to install this week and not looking to be frugal but don't want to get ripped off. PM me if you wish or have any referrals for HVAC familiar with this unit and experience/qualified HVAC installers. Thanks, John
  8. No recommendations for a good roofing company servicing Monmouth county NJ?
  9. Thanks, I would actually prefer not to roof over, but it seems all of my neighbors did on the advice of their roofers as they had no existing leaks. I want to do this smart, but not do a tear down for the sake of doing so if I don't have to. Town code allows one layer to add a roof to, but don't understand the factors to consider even if town code allows it. Thanks for any honest advice....much appreciated. John
  10. 20 year old house and think I am close to needing a new roof. Question--can you roof over an exiting roof (only original roof, one existing layer)? Are there any factors where this is not recommended even if only one existing layer? Any recommendations for a roofing company? I am in Monmouth County Thanks
  11. I just had something come up for the 9th and now don't know I if can commit to this so my spot is now open.
  12. Mike (KOQ) Do you remember the time the gang was up at Bor's place in Montauk and Vinny and I conspired to convince you that Vinny and I got in a fight? Lol. This was the type of guy Vinny was. We were up at Montauk by 7pm and already well into our card games and a few in the tank. Vinny, not to miss out, drove like a maniac to join us by 10pm. As is well known, the more some of us drink, the greater our poker playing prowess . Vinny got fleeced. In fact, I dare say that I saw Hugh throw Vinny a pity hand as he was getting fleeced so bad. I showed no such mercy. Vinnyhad a habit of meticulously stacking his chips in perfect symmetrical order, and I would always find a way to "alter his art" when the time arose. He would feign anger, but he knew I was jusst messing with him and I knew he was aware of that. Anyway, Vinny did not make a comeback that night and decide to sleep sprawled out on the middle of the floor...... A beer bottle was placed next to his head and a picture taken (it should be on a SOL thread somewhere). Never to miss out on a good ruse, Vinny thought we should devise a story where I accused him of cheating and toss the bottle at his head, knowing KOQ would buy it Mike/KOQ, I think you may remember this one. John
  13. Still coming to grips with this, but have found myself thinking back on some of the good (ie, crazy times) many of us shared with him. For starters, it has been been awhile since I posted here, but I remember the look on Vinny's face (it must have been almost 10 years ago), when I leaned over at a poker game and whispered "I am the Shadow [on SOL]". (Hugh, not not sure if I ever told you that one). Vinny's eyes bugged out and he tried hard not to lose it while playing a big hand that night (of course I was trying to rattle him, but it was true). Vinny was trying to process what I told him while not laughing and still trying to play a very serious hand of cards (I think he had believed Hugh was The Shadow). Sadly, its one of those events that now seems like it was yesterday, while it was over a decade ago. In addition to The Shadow, I have been taking a stroll down memory lane recalling some of Vinny's finest work and thoughts about him on the board:
  14. One of the nicest guys I have ever met, I always looked forward to the times the guys would all get together, whether in Montauk or cards. A big loss for all who knew him